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Breast Reconstruction

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Typically, breast reconstruction is performed following mastectomy or lumpectomy surgery.

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Breast Reconstruction Reviews (353)

The staff was very friendly and supportive. They recognized and personally greeted me. I was able to go directly to implants after a full mastectomy. The staff was very reassuring and supportive throughout the entire process.


Although the incisions are not completely healed, the surgery seems to be healing without infection and appears that the look is going to be as described before surgery. I like to see the care takers wash their hands or use sanitizer once in the room with me BEFORE they touch me. I wish they had shown some pictures of what it would like while healing. I was shown before and after pictures, but no pictures during the healing process.


I love Dr Mackay I'm still going through my reconstruction and Dr Mackay has been amazing during this process.


Everyone in the office was very considerate and respectful of my needs. The doctor handled each situation with concern for my needs and emotional support


The office staff is always upbeat and friendly, Dr S. Cabbabe always makes you feel important and gives you the very best care. He's very easy to talk to. The physicians are very timely. I always leave feeling better and more informed. It's nice to have something on top i.e. Breasts so you can still wear the clothes you love and feel comfortable with your body.


Dr. Grunwald is one part Wonder Woman, one part Dalai Lama and one part Michelangelo. Wonder Woman because she's totally bad ass. Dalai Lama because she instills calmness and confidence when she speaks. And Michelangelo because my breast look pretty freaking perfect. Then on top of all of this, her staff is top notch. A+++In regards to St. Johns, the staff right outside to the parking valet team make the experience at St. Johns a good one. Hospitals are not my fav place to be, but St. Johns changed my opinion about hospitals. All should be like St. Johns. And more importantly, everyone should be like Dr. Grunwald. I have new boobs as a result of breast cancer. so working through the procedure of reconstruction changed lots on a day to day basis, but I am getting back to normal as because of Doc Grunwalds work the process is going quite smoothly.


Everything went well, and staff were wonderful. The expertise of doctor and staff.


Dr Boschert is the best in the area. Staff is friendly and helpful.. Only improvement is that they could introduce themselves and state their position


Dr Grunwald is not just an unbelievably gifted surgeon. She's an unbelievable person and friend.


My doctor was very caring and wanted the best result for me. It has allowed me to be more positive and not be reminded of my breast cancer because I don't have a completely flat chest anymore.


Dr Mackay has taken very good care of me for 6 years now since my breast cancer diagnosis. He is wonderful and I would highly recommend him to anyone and I do recommend him all the time.


Dr. Symbas and his staff provided a level of caring that was very unique. They were with me every step of the way. I would not hesitate to recommend that practice. They serve their patients from the heart! I feel whole again!


Through out my whole experience from the beginning having had breast implant breast lift nipple reconstruction fat transfer , I had very good support and was very comfortable with Dr. Fouda Neel .He explained everything as it was in a very pleasant and soothing way.Always made me feel comfortable after leaving his office .Not only is Dr. Fouda Neel a very good surgeon he also is extremely nice and understanding with his patients . After having breast cancer it kind of made me feel not only scared but also didn't like looking at myself . Felt like something was taken away from me . After 2 years and a few surgeries later I can now be comfortable again in what I wear and how I look . For myself I am very happy that I made this decision and that Dr Fouda Neel was there to guide me .


I absolutely love Dr. Symbas and his staff. I always felt supported through out this whole process and I couldn't have asked for them to be anymore attentive. Being diagnosed with breast cancer is a very difficult life moment. However, when you have people like Dr. Symbas and his staff to help you navigate through the ups and soon learn you can get through it!


My reconstructive surgery exceeded my expectations. I had a great recovery and wonderful results. I'm couldn't be happier! The size , shape and placement of my breasts.


Felt I had two really caring doctors and they performed their duties with great skill and concern for patient.


I had a very positive experience and have had many surgical experiences as a result of breast cancer reconstructive complications. I am thrilled so far, after haven been through so much, that my co-pay and insurance covered the expenses. I am thrilled with the result and better than I expected.


I felt very prepared. Dr. Izenberg explained everything clearly and told me what to expect. His calm demeanor and friendliness put me at ease.


My surgeon, Dr. Mackay, and his professional team are caring, compassionate, kind, and efficient. It is rare to have this combination of qualities, and to excel at all of them. Each time I have been under the care of Dr. Mackay, when I was in the pre-op room or on the table, I have felt like I was the only person in the world that mattered at that moment. His compassion and caring gave me the confidence to believe that everything was going to turn out even better than just fine." He has a remarkable way of knowing not only what to say, but how to say it, so that the message instills a calmness, and a confidence in the outcome."


Overall competence of team members in the office- from billing, insurance filings, answering questions, scheduling as well as medical care Little change following recovery, which is the best outcome

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