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Dysport is an injectable filler used to temporarily relax frown lines, crows feet and forehad lines.


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Dysport® Reviews (834)

Ability to get in quickly and the knowledge of the doctor Forehead is smooth!


Tonia is highly skilled and makes me feel very comfortable in ability her to communicate about the products and their efficacy, and which ones to choose for my desired outcome. She also takes the time to understand my personal goals in the way I'd like to look after a procedure, which is change but subtle and natural. Her execution is wonderful! I like to look refreshed but natural, and that is exactly how I look after.


This was my first time to have anything done and I felt very comfortable and felt like the time was taken to explain everything to me very well. The visit didn't last too long and the results were even better than expected.


Yes. Sydney is an amazing RN and has a good eye to determine what products will work and how to inject.


Megan was very nice and obviously extremely intelligent on injectables. She made me feel at ease and gave me all of the information I would need to make a decision on a procedure.


Bethany was caring and attentive to my desired outcome. The effect I wanted to look younger and gave less wrinkles.


The staff is always friendly and helpful and Stacy seems very knowledgeable about the product. The friendly and cooperative staff.


Ashley is completely knowledgeable and I feel comfortable and she is trustworthy. I look forward to future procedures. The expectation. Ashley really gave me terrific insight as to what to expect and when. I love feeling like I know what is happening. No surprises.


The Dysport injection to remove the frown lines between my eyebrows was the most dramatic procedure results. The way Dr. Zee does these injections also causes my eyebrow arch to arch higher and gives my eyes a more almond shape. The results are very impressive but still subtle. I think this is the ideal result of cosmetic enhancement--when you just look better and a bit younger--but you don't look like you've "had something done.". The results are very good. I could use another syringe of Juvederm in the same areas which would likely completely temporarily correct the problem but it was much improved by just one syringe. I want to see how it looks over the next few months--and am also on a budget. Prefer to take it slow with these fillers to see how my face/skin reacts before I decide whether to continue using them--how much to use and how long they will last.


Terry is very helpful and knowledgeable about product and placement.


Dr O'Daniel is an artist. He studied me and made recommendations to enhance my appearance in a beautiful and natural way. His staff is courteous and knowledgable. It was a "natural enhancement" and did not alter who I am.


I still have droopy jowls and I have had 2 sets of injectibles in the past 60 days.


I always am, Victoria is honest about what needs to be done. headaches go away and vision is better


Trista is quick and made you feel comfortable. I was satisfied


Great price, great service, great environment. Lines were relaxed without being frozen in appearance.


Rand is a genius and knows just where to place the fillers to make me look better but not "done" I look rested not like I've had "work"


His ability to mix professionalism with a sense of humor, making me feel very comfortable. I have dates I didn't feel as relaxed...naked. Dr. Partington is the BEST. I travel over 7 hours to get to this clinic, and it is well worth it. The only plastic surgeon in this valley Sucks, his patients look like Arnold Swatzeneggor...and I don't think it's the look these women are shooting for...just sayin


I recently moved to savannah and was skeptical on who I could use for Botox and fillers. Robyn was amazing and I felt very comfortable with her knowledge and I immediately trusted her ability. The office was super clean and receptionist were all nice. It worked and injected in the right spots!


Lori is so wonderful about knowing what needs to be done. She has a great personality and put me at ease. Feeling better about myself.


Gayla is great! She knows her stuff and is very friendly

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