Forever Young BBL Laser Treatment

91% Patient Satisfaction based on 653 ratings

The Forever Young BBL by Sciton is a laser treatment designed to improve the tone and texture of skin on the face, neck, chest, arms, and hands. 

based on 653 ratings
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Forever Young BBL Laser Treatment Reviews (266)

Awesome staff from the girls up front to Shannon and Raegan!! Texture and color of skin after.


The staff took their time and explained the procedures and what to expect. They offered suggestions for various treatments and skin products available.


Lacinda made me feel comfortable & like I'd been a client for years though it was my first time. She walked through everything very well so I could know what to expect.


Carrie is amazing. She's very honest and I never feel like she's trying to "sell" me anything. Instead she only suggests the options that would help me the most. During my treatments she is very attentive to making sure I'm comfortable. I would recommend Dermacare to everyone I know!


Judy is so professional and a perfectionist


Amazingly effective procedure. Judy was very educated about the procedures, recommending a treatment and then accommodating my availability


Carrie was very informative of what she was doing and what it will do for me. I had zero discomfort and felt very comfortable. I wasn't sure what to expect but I was thinking there would be some discomfort and there was none!


Ellie was very professional and solitious of my pain level. Office clean and welcoming.


The staff is great and my physician was very knowledgeable and enthusiastic. The results was amazing and recovery was tolerable.


Merideth is professional and friendly. I feel very confident in her abilities and any recommendations she gives. My skin looks brighter, the pores and redness is greatly minimized, and people comment on how good my skin looks...without knowing I've had this procedure.


Professional, friendly and caring staff. Reduced age marks


Dark spots on my skin turned darker and flaked off afterwards. It was exactly what I wanted to happen. Daj listened to the problems I had from last BBL with no results and she modified the laser strength to get results this time and applied paper eye covers. Although I was highly satisfied this time, it made me even more unsatisfied with the previous BBL treatment when I had no results and in addition acquired an eye infection of some sort after the treatment. My eyes started itching after the treatment and I had itchy red eyes for a week afterwards.


Everything was explained to me and I received the results expected. My skin looks smoother and less sun spots


I received great results from this procedure and technician Brown spots came up and flaked away


A few brown spots have gotten lighter. This was the last of a package I purchased that included 2 Halo treatments and three BBL treatments. I was told to wait until my next appointment in 6 weeks to see the final results. At this point I have not seen the results I had expected but will wait the full time to see if it gets better.


Was told what she was fixing to do every step .And way always asking if I was ok. Was given instructions on what to do and not do. She was very nice.


The ease and friendliness of the staff when I called to ask questions and book my very first consultation was awesome! The ambience of the office is so peaceful and calming. Tracey did an amazing job at explaining all of my options since my first consult. She's also been amazing at performing the procedures I have had since. I've been really pleased with my results and look forward to many more. The fading of most brown spots.


My experience with Tracy was superb! She is always very knowledgeable and goes that extra mile for me. I wouldn't see anyone else. Just trying to get a level skin tone with a clearness of skin and no freckles and the Halo didn't make it any better but Courtney and Tracy were nice enough to give me the BBL for free! That is true customer service unfortunately it didn't do anything. So bummed. I am trying some facial products on the side to see if that works. I am about to set another appointment for some fill so I am looking forward to it. Thanks. I like the fill. Gave me instant results and Tracy is very good at what she does.


Because I was very nervous about having this procedure done. I had done quite a bit of research on the Internet which led me to your office and Sonia in particular. But the longer I sat in the office the more I thought about not going through with it. Then Sonia took me into her office and spoke with me, answered all my questions without my feeling pressure from her to have the procedure done. She just put me at ease with all her knowledge and confidence that I literally jumped up on the table and let her begin. And, as the procedure went on, she kept talking to me and explaining to me what was happening which continued to put me at ease. It removed even the worst brown spot that I had on my face!


Sonya was very good with explaining and and administration of the procedure. Reduction of red spots.

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