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Kybella is a non-surgical procedure which aids in the breakdown and absorption of dietary fat that can improve the appearance and profile of moderate to severe fat below the chin (submental fat) also called "double chin".

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Kybella Reviews (30)

Amber took her time and explained everything that she was doing. She was very pleasant yo work with.


I haven't seen any results yet. It's only been 4 weeks since my kybella injections, so I'm not expecting anything significant yet. However, I bruised badly and it lasted for 8 days and I am also still numb underneath my chin. I do not see any reduction in my chin fat yet.


I have been dealing with a double chin all my life and even though it's not completely gone, it's so much better then it was...Thank you!


I have a jawline again! Dr. Desman is the best and very talented. The staff are wonderful and very knowledgeable. I have a great experience here every time. It's the one time I look forward to going to the doctor!


My neck area is still showing a little sagging. Worse than before I had the first or second procedure done.


I was (and have always been) very satisfied with my experience(s) at your facility. I have gotten Botox there for years and am always pleased with the results. I recently had Kybella injections and while I'm not as happy with the results as I had hoped I have no complaints about your facility or staff. My disappointment may be because I'm 67 and my skin doesn't bounce back as a younger person's would or I may just need more injections. Again, I have always had very good experiences with Cosmetic Laser Center.


I was satisfied ,I thought that was good. I came back to see Brooke we then added a little more filler and it was perfect.happy client,thanks Brooke!!


Still watching results.


Megan was excellent, accurately and honestly explaining the pros and cons of the procedures! Competant and professional - 5 stars!


Brooke and Keela Listened to every one of my concerns and seemed to have my best interest at heart. Everything about my visit(s) relating to the procedures I had was top notch. I am still waiting on the results from the Kybella so I cannot comment yet as to my thoughts on that procedure. Hoping to see results before my next visit in Oct.


How easy everything was, no hassles, no stress. My experience was very positive. Cassandra was so nice and very informative; she made me feel very comfortable. I am still waiting for the final results of the Kybella treatment; I know it takes about 10 weeks for the process to complete and see I will be patient a little longer as it's only been 3 weeks.


For the amount of money, after three injections I thought the results should have been better. There was improvement.


Professional doing procedure was sweet as could be and courteous. Loved the environment. Peaceful and clean. Have had the procedure before - knew what to expect. Still, they were informative and knowledgeable. No double chin (one more treatment and it'll be awesome)


The lines have decreased and a more youthful and rested look has taken the place. The experience was great from the receptionist to the end.


The sub mental fat under my chin line is not as noticeable. Jackie answered all of my questions and made me feel good about my decision. Kendra was very honest and professional when getting me scheduled for the treatment. I hope to see more results after my next treatment.


Uneven results- caved in appearance in one area, droopy in another.


I could tell a difference with in the week! I love Dr. Davila and staff they are very caring and understanding. They walked me through every step for my procedure. And made Me feel very comfortable. Excited for my next procedure .


That the procedure worked and my chin/neck area is looking slimmer. Dr. Pearlman was very polite and courteous, and was able to answer all my questions and put me at ease. The Kybella procedure went flawlessly and quickly. I'm very happy with the appointment and results of the procedure.


My chin looks better than it did but I'm going to have another vial of Cabela. I'd like more of it. Suzanne was very caring and willing to explain anything I wanted to know