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Sclerotherapy is a solution (typically a salt solution) that is injected into varicose and spider veins. This solution causes the blood vessels to become irritated so that they will swell and stick together and the blood to clot. Over time the the appearance of the veins will fade.

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Sclerotherapy Reviews (75)

The staff was very welcoming and professional. Physician worked quickly, which was much appreciated since the procedure was uncomfortable.


Ardeth is very warm, professional and is an expert at what she does. Working quickly


Dr. Hansen and his staff were very professional, courteous, and punctual on my behalf. I can wear shorts this summer without worrying that my legs look like a road map :-)


I really appreciated that they came to my hometown so I didn't have to go to Sioux Falls for every appointment--did go to Sioux Falls for some of them due to rescheduling b/c of bad weather (not a problem-I Love going to Sioux Falls :) They were all so polite & nice to deal with. I am very happy with the outcome of my legs.


They made me feel very comfortable throughout the whole process, only problem I have is with my insurance. my legs feel much better.


Convenience of an outpatient procedure Helped to reduce restless leg syndrome


Everyone was so friendly and helpful. They took the time to answer my questions and make me feel comfortable! WAY less pain in my leg!


Dr. Hansen is very professional and detailed. He has helped me in the past and does a great job.


I trust Dr Hansen and Rochelle. They care about their patients.


Dr. Hansen and his staff were very professional, knowledgeable, and friendly. I didn't have to wait in the waiting room for very long at all.


Ardeth is the best! She is a true professional-highly skilled and genuinely interested in her patients.


The veins in my legs are less pronounced and we are not even finished. Ardeth is a magician! My legs are looking better each week. She's so professional and skilled. I went to an appointment elsewhere and my legs didn't look a fraction as good as Ardeth has made them look. I am finally looking forward to my summer legs. Ardeth instills such confidence because of her knowledge and experience. She's GREAT! I can't wait to move on to the next thing she can help me with.


The schlerotherapy actually works!! Veins are nearly gone and another treatment might just do the trick! Ardeth explained everything about the schlerotherapy procedure--and, the skin care products, in a manner that was clear and able to understand for one who is not in the profession. The entire staff couldn't have been more pleasant, helpful and friendly. Looking forward to my next appointment!


No more vein my thigh looks great! I had a great experience The procedure was very successful the Dr is very skilled the staff is super competent and the environment could not be more beautiful. I will highly recommend the Dr. and his staff


Very clean,professional, and understanding staff, Maria is very good at what she does , very gentle,explained everything in full and it was just an overall pleasant experience.


Ardeth is so skilled and also extremely personable. Well, I have one more appointment to remove all the tiny veins but confident they'll be gone!


Yes Anne is very thorough and professionql while bering personal and personable


Beauty... She is very good. I forgot her name! I did this procedure with Maria first time in my legs, a few years back, and now I did it with the person she recommended. Her work is of 5 star excellence. I have no bruises... no seen clogged capillary or veins showing. My legs look gorgeous!!! I highly will recommend Maria and her to all my friends. Thank you. God Bless!!!


Angie was friendly and answered all my questions Too early in the treatment to see large differences in the spider veins


All of the above questions were excellent

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