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Sculptra is an injectable filler that fills the shallow facial lines to give the face a more fuller youthful look. Sculptra builds your collagen as the sculptra slowly breaks down.

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Sculptra Reviews (188)

I always receive a high quality service


Contour Medical is amazing! I was beyond satisfied and looking forward to seeing the final results. Dr. McCoy is so trustworthy, a true artist is making a significant difference in your face to you but to everyone else it looks very natural. He is very educated in every procedure he offers, and he truly does want the best for you! The staff follows up the day after, sometimes checking in on you after a month to make sure you are completely satisfied with everything! A great experience and I will be a forever customer! Getting back to my youthful self.


I am hard to satisfy yet Dr Kane has never given me any reason to be dissatisfied. in other words he is a grest doc and I am a whiny patient...but he gets me and I am happy


The machine wasn't working properly hence it took a lot more time


How I felt when I looked in the mirror and saw a fuller more youthful reflection it really boosted ones confidence and everyone responds differently to a youthful smiling face! It was fun while it lasted. After the swelling resolved the correction was not the result I had longed for. Realising the products that were used in me do improve over time I hope the results will continue to improve? I have had a lot of fillers including sculptra and Bellafill but I never seem to get a correction that really lasts? I am thin and over 60 so I am sure this is a factor. I had hoped the threads would provide more lift, I still have quite pronounced nasolabial folds and my cheeks lack fullness. I don't think my expectations are unrealistic especially as the products are very expensive I will return for further correction The before pictures will allow me and you as provider to see how effective the results are over time. I was satisfied with my experience just disappointed again by long term outcome which is why I keep returning. It has been 3 months since I visited your office The Dr did ask if I had a budget restriction which would effect how much product he could use but I told him to go ahead and use whatever he thought necessary for this visit so i could get a good correction.


Everything about the procedure was explained to me very clearly and Dr. MC Coy and his staff were both professional and friendly. Atmosphere and music was very relaxing during the procedure. I didn't look overdone, just a more youthful me.


Good communication and understanding of desired results Natural


Nothing to be unhappy about. Extremely talented physician and the best team of office staff you could have


Dr. Odaniel is an excellent plastic surgeon. I have absolute confidence in his skill as a surgeon, his artistic eye, and his judgement about what is or is not appropriate in order to achieve natural looking results.


I highly recommend any individual to use Dr Yee and staff. I couldn't be happier with cost and results. Removal of wrinkles.


The procedure was relatively painless, and the results were excellent. The lip enhancement was excellent.


This was my second visit for this procedure. I was highly satisfied the first time and highly satisfied the second time.


I felt the procedure made my appearance better. Tightened skin


Seamless operation from the minute you walk in to when you leave. Atmosphere is comfortable and clean. Staff is friendly and professional. The operation works efficiently yet is always friendly. Dr. O'Daniel really focuses on his work and the procedure. He is excellent. It mirrors my expectations and desire.


Love Dr. O'Daniel and his highly professional staff. They are the best in Louisville.


Great doctor, great staff, exceptI onal results. More youthful, vibrant look from before. People automatically say to me, when they haven't seen me in a while, "You look great".


I was made to feel comfortable in every way during the procedure. Dr even gave me his cell number to call with concerns. Results have been exceptional. Professional Dr and staff, results better than expected


Stacy is lovely! She is highly qualified and discusses personal goals of the patient.


Dr. Yee's staff is so courteous, professional and knowledgeable. They are a reflection of Dr. Yee, herself! This team provides such a warm, friendly, understanding experience from the time a patient walks through the front door until the time they leave. I truly believe the staff enjoys working for Dr. Yee, and their positive attitudes about their jobs/role in the office translates into a great, welcoming energy for us patients. I am so impressed with Dr. Yee, as well. While obviously a very busy practitioner, she always has time to listen and provide insight, advice. She is such a perfectionist when it comes to her work, and I truly appreciate her attention to detail on each and every visit. In the previous 10 years, I had been a patient of several other clinics in the Little Rock area, and my experience at Dr. Yee's office is second to none. I look forward to continuing as her patient in the future for any and all cosmetic needs. Seeing the effects of time and years of acne struggles starting to fade. Twenty years ago, there were limited options on how to repair the damage done. My treatment has made a true difference in my appearance, and it's so fun to see the changes starting to take effect.


Dr. Camp is very professional, yet friendly and down to earth. His staff are all very sweet and helpful for questions, setting appointments, and making sure you are happy when you leave. Wouldn't go anywhere else.

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