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ThermiVa™ is an outpatient, radiofrequency treatment for women designed for vaginal tightening, labia firming, urinary stress inconsistence, vaginal dryness, and orgasm strengthening.

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ThermiVa™ Reviews (70)

After the first treatment the difference was AMAZING! Victoria does a wonderful job making you feel comfortable! I have my confidence back when exercising! I feel like my old young self again!


I am highly satisfied with my experience, because Debbie (?) made me feel comfortable with the procedure. I wasn't sure what to expect and I am very private, but she explained the procedure to me and made me feel more secure. I have notice from the first treatment I have better control over my bladder, by the 2nd treatment I noticed a better orgasm (better than ever). This procedure has assisted in building my confidence and helping me begin the second stage of my life! The treatment has help me with bladder control.


The process was painless. I have 1 more treatment to go and I already can see results. My saggy eyelids have tightened up.


OMG -- after two of three ThermiVa treatments (and the O-shot / PRP) I've seen a BIG difference. Wow. Less bladder leakage, more moisture, and just when I thought my orgasms couldn't get better, they did! I did ThermiVa primarily for bladder leakage issues but the other benefits I'm experiencing are awesome! Dr. Alinsod is a consummate professional. He and his team always make me feel completely at ease during my visits (which is key since ThermiVa is a personal procedure).


Brittany is fabulous! I have had lazer hair removal, thermava, redness removal from face, it has all turned out great The broken blood vessels in my face disappearing


Love everyone in your office. They are kind and efficient!


The provider is very professional and informative which makes the process easier for me. And I can actually see results of the treatment. Improved incontinence


the hospitality and customer service. They remembered me and acknowledged my needs. they listened.


I wish every procedure (laser, botox, etc...) had the results that ThermiVa does. I am over-the-moon thrilled! Thank you and I will be back for a 2nd session. :) Tightness...that my husband noticed and I haven't even told him I did it.


I felt an immediate difference after the first treatment. I loved the staff and Dr Alinsod


Stacey is great at what she does and is very motivating.


Coco Cave made a pretty weird and uncomfortable procedure easier. Our conversation calmed me, while at the same time, I was confident she was paying very careful attention to the procedure. I got 30-40% improvement on my urge incontinence. I 'm hopeful there will be more results.


Well, I think it had to do with expectations of the Thermvia outcome. Having the three treatments, it seemed that I noticed a significant improvement after the first, but didn't notice any improvements after the second or third. I don't "leak" when I laugh, cough, or sneeze. I also don't have to run to use the bathroom as soon as I get up. I have a little more control.


Coco makes the procedure less awkward and I actually have a ball talking to her. She also helped me hop over the Kristin for my first-ever Botox, which I am very happy with!


Dr. Alinsod is amazing! Not only is he highly skilled and produces incredible work, but he is friendly and attentive as well. Has alleviated so much stress, insecurity, and physical pain


Dr. Alinsod and his staff were the best! I had been hearing about ThermiVa and what it could do, so I choose Dr. Alinsod because of his expertise and because he is the inventor of ThermiVa. I have had urinary stress incontinence basically my whole life and it only became worse after having my 3 kids. Now in my mid 40's, sex had become really painful - I'm not sure if it was because of dryness or what. I went ahead and had the ThermiVa plus the OShot. Sorry if this is too much information, but when I went home and showed my husband, his response was "Oh! It's so pretty!!!!" It has been a life changer for us and allowed us to be so much more intimate. I am shocked at how different orgasms are - more sensitive in different places outside and inside which has allowed me to experience orgasms quicker, and they are way more intense. We had fun testing out my new equipment (wink, wink). My husband couldn't believe how different it felt too. Added bonus is that I have seen significant improvement in my stress incontinence. I no longer need to wear a pad as a just in case I might "pee my pants". My husband and I are now lifelong fans of Dr Alinsod and can't thank him enough!!!!


The doctor and staff was wonderful. Made me feel at home while I was there.


I was on the Sculpsure website and found a link to Dr. Walden's website. While on her site reading about Sculpsure, I decided to look around to see what other procedures she does. When I came across something I didn't know about, I googled it. When I googled ThermiVa I found lots of reviews and there seemed to be one constant. Most of the women said a bonus was that ThermiVa helped with their bladder frequency and urgency. It took me awhile to make the appointment. I was very skeptical that it would work for me. The procedure seems to be more for tightening and adding more lubrication. For years I have suffered with bladder frequently and urgency. I have used every bathroom in grocery stores, malls, department store, etc. Everywhere I go I had to use the bathroom before I left. There were times I was stuck in traffic and was in tears by the time I reached my destination because of the urgency to use the bathroom. I have not traveled by car in years because I would have to stop every 30 minutes to use the bathroom. I haven't went out dancing in years because I didn't want to keep running to the bathroom. I exercised at home because I didn't want to keep running to a bathroom at a gym. I could not sit in an hour long meeting at work without getting up and going to the bathroom. I decided to at least go in for a consultation and that is when I met Coco. Just talking to her put me at ease and I started to believe maybe the procedure could help me. I went home, thought about it, and called to make an appointment to have it done. I have to admit I was still hesitate since the procedure is invasive and you have to go back three times. The first session Coco made me feel comfortable and provided pleasant conversation, so the time just flew by. I was disappointed that I didn't feel a difference after the first session. During the second session once again we talked and the time just flew by. Again I was disappointed I didn't feel a difference after the second session and I was thinking about canceling the third session. Then I thought since I paid in advance for all three, I might as well go. Two weeks after the second session while exercising I noticed that I felt like I had to use the bathroom. To my surprise it was not an urgent feeling, so I continued on and finished my workout. Then the next morning I actually hit the snooze button because I didn't wake up running to the bathroom. After all the years of frequency and urgency, I am still getting used to being normal again. It is actually weird to NOT to have to run to the bathroom all the time. I would recommend ThermiVa to anyone and to please stick with it for all three sessions. I have to say thank you to Coco. Not every person can or should perform this type of procedure. You have to be able to put women at ease and make them feel comfortable. Coco is a great asset to Dr. Walden's office.


Savannah was warm and friendly. She seemed authentically interested in me and the results of the procedure. I was comfortable conversing with her throughout my time with her. The clinic is attractive and the staff is pleasant.


Chassidy answered all questions with knowledge and expertise.