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Arm Lift

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An upper arm lift procedure reshapes the arm to reduce skin sagging and helps tighten the overall appearance of the arm. American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) states that over 22,000 arm lift procedures were performed in 2014.

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Arm Lift Reviews (179)

Dr. Curtsinger was so nonjudgmental and encouraging when I went in for the initial consult, even tho I was rapidly approaching 65! He made me feel very comfortable and I am very happy with my new body"!". Love the results! Excellent service by physician and staff. Made me feel very comfortable during the whole process.


Dr. Lee and Megan the nurse were very informative and concerned with my comfort the entire time. I should have included lipo in the arm--next time.


I am able to wear clothes that I could not wear before. . The results were better than I expected.


More confident with dressing and wearing makeup. No more hiding the problem areas. . Dr Curtsinger and his staff made my surgical experience and after care very easy. They were always helpful and guided me through the entire experience. They are fabulous.


Overall I am so very glad that my friend took me to this practice for my first procedure - tummy tuck. It has been such a positive experience for me; a woman who lost her world and self esteem when her husband passed away 3 years ago. Thank you for helping me feel good about myself again.


Loved the work Great doctor


My experience with the facility and staff has been great! However, I am not a fast healer and my skin doesn't heal well, I tend to scar badly. These are topics that were discussed with my surgeon prior to surgery and he assured me then and assures me now that he can and will get me to where I want to be. We continue to work toward that goal together and I look forward to being highly satisfied, I'm just not quite there yet.


This experience was more than satisfied, this office made me feel I'm with my family not with a medical staff, I think it's not only the doctor was great at the work and his whole personality and manners but he had chosen the best office and medical employees I've ever seen in my life.. and I have done many surgeries before by the way.. so I need to say thank you thank you for the best experience I didn't expect


I had arm lift surgery following a massive weight loss. I felt a real rapport with Dr. Russell. I felt that he really understood me and what I was wanting. He did not have an over the top" attitude. I had consults with two other surgeons who came across as very arrogant. I felt very confident in his abilities. I felt as though he listened well and was interested in my well-being and happiness.My arm lift results are way better than I had hoped they would be. Everyone had told me that I would have horrible, gross scars and I would never want anyone to see my arms. How WRONG they were!!! I do believe that I can actually go sleeveless this summer!"


My overall experience was perfect. There have been some issues with healing that were unforeseen. Dr. Gonce has assured me of the next steps and I trust him implicitly.


Exceptional professional staff. They answered all questions, responded to e-mails promptly, and were very friendly. much happier with my upper arms and comfortable wearing short sleeve or sleeveless shirts.


Great service I feel better about myself


Dr. Barone and his office shared my excitement with me. It was a journey I had and this office saw me to the end of it, to transform my body and years of damage. . I was treated like a human; with feelings, doubts, anxieties and concerns. All of these emotions were acknowledged and addressed. At no time did I feel like the doctor or office didn't care about me as an individual. Elective surgery is elective" by title, but mine was out of necessity. The title elective comes with a bit of guilt, it's not a necessity to survive or improve medically, but emotionally and socially mine was. Dr. Barone and his staff understood my excitement to build the new and improved me, and were excited to make that happen for me. Dr. Barone and his staff was constantly checking on me, being kind above and beyond any expectations I had and certainly more so than any other dr or office I've ever gone too. The one sad thing I have to say is that the bar has been set so high with Evol and Dr. Barone I will never be satisfied with sub-par care from other offices. "


Everyone did a great job!!! Very professional


I feel no one is staring at my huge arms any longer. I had to wear long sleeves in the summer because I was so embarrassed. Not any more. . This is my second procedure. The results were everything I had hoped for. Dr Curtsinger and staff was awesome. At no time was I nervous or anxious. I definitely would return for any future procedures.


All the personnel were very friendly including the Dr and his assistant. They answered all my questions. The facility was very clean including the surgical suite.The Dr made me feel at ease. It was a very pleasant experience. When I decide to to more procedures ill go back to Dr Cuzalina.


Dr. Partington's ability to really listen and give me the exact outcome I expected. He spent as much time as I needed during my consultation with him and always made me feel as though I was his number one priority . The overall experience from consultation to surgery day were excellent. Dr. Partington is very friendly, kind, and a skilled. Domestic surgeon. His staff of nurses and receptionists are professional and so friendly.


I can wear clothes more comfortably and don't have embarrassing flab hanging under my upper arm. I am happy to wear sleeveless blouses and show my arms now where before I always wore a little sweater to cover my arms, even in the heat of summer. . Doctor and nurses are wonderful toward me. I feel very comfortable with Dr and staff. Anesthesiologist was very professional and informative. No problems whatsoever and results were as expected. Have already referred a friend and she's already recovering from her procedure.


Dr. Egrari and his staff of professionals are beyond reproach. The response time to my questions was quick. I had a great deal of anxiety prior to my procedure and they were wonderful in calming me and answering all my questions. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone considering plastic surgery.


Thought my arms would look better than they do.

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