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Arm Lift

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An upper arm lift procedure reshapes the arm to reduce skin sagging and helps tighten the overall appearance of the arm. American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) states that over 22,000 arm lift procedures were performed in 2014.

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Arm Lift Reviews (193)

I met with the doctor 3 times prior to committing to the actual surgery. He was always helpful and willing to answer all my questions. The patient coordinator was also very patient with me and all my concerns. The office is beautiful and everyone there is professional and kind. I am please so far with my surgery results but I still have a while to go before all of the actual healing is done. I am now able to wear shirts and outfits that show off my arms. I feel more confident in my clothes and no longer hold my arms in a stiff way. As the scars continue to heal, I know I will enjoy being able to wear sleeveless tops and dresses.


The staff and surgeon (Dr. Engel) were as thorough and competent as they could be. Everything was detailed and prepared to inspire confidence! I am always highly impressed by the treatment I receive. As the old phrase goes...I've been given a new lease on life!". I'm back to doing many of the things that I did 20 years ago, and wearing the clothes that I did 20 years ago."


All of the staff is very friendly, answered all of my questions, walked me through the entire process to ensure I understood what was going to take place, both the day of the surgery as well as the recovery process. All of my post operative visits have been easy, the wait time in the office is almost always less than 5 minutes. At each visit, the surgeon checks in on my progress, answers questions and assures me that I am healing normally (specifically addressing questions regarding numbness in my abdomen and parts of my upper arms). I am more confident when boarding planes as I no longer need to be concerned about extra skin on my abdomen or arms. I am very confident in the results and am looking forward to showing off new arms in shorter sleeved shirts when the scarring and puckering goes down a little more. I have worn sleeveless shirts to the grocery store, running errands and while exercising...something that I haven't done in more than 5 years.


I am so happy with the out come of my brachioplasty. My arms look amazing! Everyone was very nice and attentive. Dr. Dulin did awesome work! I highly recommend Dr. Dulin and his staff. I am finally comfortable wearing sleeveless shirts, I never thought I would be able to do that and not be so self conscious about it.


Dr Boschert and his entire staff were professional and took care of my every concern before and after sugery


I was very satisfied with my overall experience because the entire staff at the wall center were amazing and made me feel right at home! My arm lift has changed my everyday life by giving me more confidence in myself!


Everyone​ was friendly and professional Extra arm skin was visually ugly to me and the removal of extra skin made my newly formed muscle definition really show how hard I was working out


Dr Egrari does beautiful work. His staff are all as skilled as he is. Each person I encountered went above and beyond in their service. He and his staff all deserve recognition for their excellence! Having my arms done not only corrected a butcher job by a previous plastic surgeon, it corrected having disproportionately large upper arms from childhood. I had these large upper arms even when I weighed 105 lbs in high school! I was very self-conscious and would never wear sleeveless tops. I always felt like a freak. Now I don't feel like a freak, thanks to the gifted Dr Egrari and his WONDERFUL staff. This may sound a bit smarmy, but it is absolutely true. [patient name]


very good references about Dr Symbas superior technical skills for the procedure superior human skills....very important to me I felt very comfortable and safe with him during the whole procedure and after the comfort I developed about Dr Symbas skills, after my research about him


Had 5 procedures done in 9 months. My body is what I have wanting all my life. I have great confidence in myself now. I turn heads when people see me now.


I have had a tummy tuck, arm lift, breast lift and implants. Love Dr. Raphael, Laurie and Debbie. Even though I have had complications from the second surgery...they have been there and supported me through the process. Planning on have a leg,thigh and butt lift in August.


My clothes fit so much better. 2nd time with SIPS. I trust Dr. Russell and his skills. The office and staff are great. Im had zero issues with anything.


I have had many procedures with Dr. Palmer over a 10 year period. I have always been more than satisfied with the care and concern shown by the doctor and staff. Knowing that if the results were not perfect that Dr. Palmer will make any corrections necessary at the follow up appointment


I've had surgeries with Dr Viscardi and I also know him from the hospital. He is amazingly humble and connected well with me. I have and will always recommend to friends and family. Also the staff is always extremely nice when you call and at the front desk Wonderful outcome.


He is the most friendly, intelligent, caring, personal doctor I've ever had. Rachael is the icing on the cake at this practice!!


First I was having an arm lift and suppose to have lipo of the inner thighs but there was too much skin on the inner thighs to do much lipo so the surgery was done almost an hour and a half early but I was not given any money back . Think if the one procedure that was done couldn't be done and the surgery is in a way based on time that some kind of money should have been returned so I paid 1$1600 ( discount for two surgery at once) and didn't get what I was paid for got a small fraction of that and then the bill should of been adjusted ...


happy with every thing and every body. fill better about the cloths I wear.


Dr. Mills has an exceptional bedside manner that puts the patients anxiety to ease. Never during a consult or office visit did he seem rushed with my endless questions. His office staff is exceptional and has always returned phone calls promptly and limited wait times in the office. I would recommend RPS to anyone looking into a cosmetic procedure. This was my second procedure following massive weight loss (100lbs). In August 2016, Dr. Mills performed a LBL which has given me my confidence back. The most recent procedures were a back bra line lift, bilateral brachioplasty, and a breast lift. I'm pleased with the outcome of both surgical procedures.


Dr O'Tool is very knowledgable in his profession and his experience and expertisemake a miracle happen.I will defiantly recommend Dr O'Tool to my friendsAnd he is the only Doctor that I will return when I need.


I can wear any type of blouse or shirt that I like. My arms are no longer heavy" feeling. I look so much slimmer, too! And no more under arm rubbing. I am so thrilled. The scar for my brachioplasty was placed to back of my arm. It is thin, light, and getting even lighter. It does not show. My arms are beautiful now.". I felt safe. Dr. Fiala is very professional, loves his work, very precise, takes healthcare seriously, and simply made me feel safe. His team, like Dr. Fiala treated me with respect and great care. I have had 2 surgeries, now that Dr. Fiala has performed for me. I have been delighted with the outcome of both. I am very grateful. I will definitely seek out Dr. Fiala for any further procedures.

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