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Body Lift

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Body lift surgery typically includes removal of excess skin and lifting of the abdominal area, groin, thighs, and/or buttocks. This surgery is often undergone by those who have lost massive amounts of weight.

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Body Lift Reviews (162)

A lot of problems after surgery d/t not having drains placed


Previous experiences developed a good rapport with Dr Vitenas. He's experienced and is a perfectionist. I got my shape back!


With having a thigh and body lift, I'm overall happy with the results. There is an area around the knees that I felt would have ended up with different results than I have currently. I wouldn't hesitate to do another procedure with Belcara Health. They treat you wonderful and deal with any issues or concerns you have before, during or after your procedure.


The staff, including Dr. Gouverne made me feel completely informed about the process from beginning to end. Questions throughout the process were addressed quickly and the nurses were patient and understanding to concerns I brought to their attention. I have already recommended Dr. Gouverne to friends interested in cosmetic work, and I will definitely be back. I am much more confident about my appearance since having my lower body lift procedure. Trying on new clothes is exciting for the first time in a long time!


Everyone made me feel really comfortable and was there for me


For a patient, the morning of surgery can be filled with nerves and anxiety, but at SIPS, everyone is calm, kind, and reassuring. No one is rushing around. Everything about the morning is personal. And the last minutes, when you walk into the surgical suite and lay down on the table to the last few seconds where you doze off to sleep, the anesthesiologist, nurse and doctor are holding your hand, talking in sweet calm tones and ensuring serenity and trust. To me, these minutes are everything.


Dr. Vitenas and his staff were extremely friendly, knowledable, and supportive throughout the whole process. I have more confidence


I feel great and look great. I love the results. Everyone was very nice.


Not only does my clothing fit me better, but I have renewed confidence now that the 2 most bothersome aspects of my appearance after my weight loss have been corrected. . I had two separate surgeries - a breast lift and a circumferential body lift after a 100 lb. weight loss. My breasts going into the procedure were different sizes, one hung considerably lower than the other and there was not enough breast tissue to perform the lift without augmentation - not a recipe for success. Dr. D'Amore explained the need for implants in order to achieve a successful outcome and answered all my questions patiently and with compassion. I couldn't be happier with the outcome - they look fantastic and exceeded my expectations.The circumferential body lift results also exceeded my expectations. I never thought I would look this good again despite some residual swelling, and I am only 6 weeks post-op as I write this. It was not an easy recovery, but completely worth it. All I can say is the man is a magician and you get what you pay for.The office staff is caring, attentive and professional. I will be back without hesitation should I choose in the future to have another procedure.


I can wear what I want to now without having to worry about cloths clinging to my back, and my tops and bras actually fit! Dr. Gingrass is top notch in every way. Not only was she knowledgable about what she thought the best course of action was for my issue, she was professional and caring every step of the way. The results are beyond my expectations. Her skills as a surgeon are amazing. I highly recommend her.


Every aspect of my experience with all the staff was exceptional. They are professional, knowledgeable, thorough, and kind. I was well prepared with information regarding what to expect before and after surgery. The nurse called one day post op to make sure I was doing well, and I had a follow up appointment within the week. I am very pleased with the outcome and would highly recommend this practice to anyone seeking these services.


Great staff, amazing dr. He's extremely knowledgeable and skilled and the results are phenomenal. Minimal down time and completely satisfied in all aspects of the procedure during and after I can wear the clothes I have always wanted to and am much more confident in my overall appearance.


My body is completely transformed. I'm so glad I listened to his opinion on what procedure would Best benefit me ! Dr. Vitenas is a truly caring professional and does excellent work. Considering him seeing me without clothes on and dealing with my insecurety about my body, he has never made me feel uncomfortable and treated me as a person, not just his next case. This is my 2nd major suyrgery with Dr. Vitenas and I plan on using him in the near near future.


I think everyone made sure I was as informed and comfortable as I should be. Someone was always available and happy to answer any questions I may have had.


The pre-op info was very well organized. I especially appreciated the booklet that was prepared. Everyone in the office is always friendly and helpful. I have always been able to get in with Dr. Mills when I needed extra appointments post op. I had excellent care at Barnes and the nurses really did a wonderful job. I especially appreciated JD on my second day at the hospital. He is an excellent nurse. I also really liked the anesthesiologist. He was very laid back and made me very comfortable going into surgery. Dr. Mills is also great. He has a good bedside manner and makes sure that you understand everything.


The satisfied answers are more about my body not the surgery or doctor and staff. I lost more than 200 pounds in a short time, causing massive amounts of loose skin. The surgery performed was to remove the excess skin from my upper body, belly, chest ect. The skin wasn't very pliable due to the length of time I was overweight and the way i carried my skin and has stretched a little bit. That should correct over time, and might require an additional surgery. My satisfaction is couldn't be higher with everything the surgeon has done.


The surgical procedure has restored my quality of life and confidence level. Dr. Mills and his staff take an interest in the patient and their needs. I never had unanswered questions and always felt comfortable asking questions. Dr. Mills is a compassionate physician with an amazing bed side manner that eased all my prior anxiety. My surgery results were better than I expected and would use Dr. Mills in the future for any additional needs.


My comfort level was really important to me and I was very happy with the way I was treated. All the people that I interacted with were very friendly and made me feel extremely comfortable. My procedure was smooth and my recovery was easy.


The surgical staff day of surgery. i felt calm, prepared and fully trusted all of the individuals who were involved to make sure I was safe and taken care while I couldn't take care of myself. . Dr. Symbas is the best doctor I have ever had the experience working with in my entire life. He has an easiness about him, a calm approach, and a great listening ear. Dr. Symbas clearly loves what he does and creates beautiful bodies for those who have only dreamed of the perfect body. Dr. Symbas and his staff are always incredibly friendly and welcoming. Any question that is asked is always answered thoroughly with patience. When you think of surgery it typically has a negative connotation, not with this practice, they make the surgical process a pleasant one. Highly recommended!


I am a completely new person with significantly more confidence! They are absolutely amazing there. This was my second procedure and I'd happily go back. Already recommended to many family and friends.

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