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Breast Implant Removal

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Breast implant removal or explantation is a procedure to reverse a prior breast augmentation, without replacing the implants. 

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Breast Implant Removal Reviews (82)

Dr. Rudderman and his nursing staff were very caring. Every step was explained beforehand, therefore, no surprises. Pain was minimal with no bruising...unbelievable. I would recommend Dr. Rudderman.


I have a chronic medical condition which is why I decided to remove my implants after having them for nearly 20 years. Although I knew medically it was the right thing it was still difficult to say goodbye to something that made me feel like me. The staff was kind and caring and made me as comfortable as possible. I am still working on feeling comfortable with the way my body looks, but I have no regrets. My titers are improving and hormone levels are improving. So, my condition is improving and that makes the surgery absolutely worth it.


They made the consultation and procedure easy and never tried to influence me to do more than what I needed. I feel better and the weight has been lifted off my neck and shoulders. I am hoping I have less inflammation for my body to deal with now and in the long run.


Dr Izenbreg and his staff are amazing. My procedure was tough for me mentally because of what I was losing; the staff was there for me before, during and after to help me adjust to life without what I felt made a woman. I woke up from anesthesia very tearful and upset. The staff helped pull me through and gave me such encouragement. I felt like they cared for me and what I was going through. I was hoping this procedure would take away the pain in my left breast that I have been battling from when my implants were placed.(different dr, 9 years ago) That is not the case. Dr Izenberg did everything he could do, he went above and beyond for me. It just seems to be that my body didn't like my decision to have implants placed. As far as life post implant removal, mentally still adjusting. Physically healed to the best of my body's ability. I am ready to cut the nerve causing the pain and have my implants replaced so I can feel like a woman again.


I wanted my implants removed so badly but I was so scared of the aesthetic results of doing so. Dr Maxwell and her staff took so much time to listen to me and reassure me so that I could make the decision to move forward. And I am So Happy I did!! . I have absolutely nothing but great things to say about Dr Maxwell, her staff and my overall experience. Dr Maxwell is patient and caring. She listens to everything. She is realistic and kind in expressing her views about what to expect from surgery. She is genuine and she is clearly deeply committed to her craft and her patients. I have already recommended her to many friends. And I am quite sure I will see her again myself. Keep up the amazing work team! Thank you Dr Maxwell!


Dr. O'Toole was very comforting and I feel like he listened to what I wanted without trying to talk me into new implants which I really appreciated.


Love the professionalism of physician and staff


Dr Mok and his entire staff have provided exceptional service and I feel very comfortable and confident in returning for my next procedure.


Dr Ghazi is a very sweet and sympathetic doctor. He told me exactly what to expect. He is a very competent and skillful surgeon. Has always been available to answer any questions or concerns. Is sincerely one of the nicest people I've met in the medical field in a long time.


I feel more comfortable in my body now. I originally had implants put in 15 years ago because I was flat on top, but nobody tells you that as you get older you will gain some weight and due to hormonal changes actually grow more on top! Now, 15 years later I felt too big and they were heavy as well. I also felt that I was having inflammatory issues because of the implants. I feel better now and love my new look. . Felt very comfortable here. Everyone is friendly and Dr. Boyton listened to my concerns and answered all my questions. Loved the fact that I could text the nurse with my questions after surgery no matter how minor and got a quick response. You receive so much information prior to the surgery and after the surgery you can't remember anything. The doctor relayed info to my husband, but he didn't remember it all so it was nice to be able to reach the nurse whenever I needed her via text.


Dr Vitenas, Lindsay and the whole staff were super attentive, friendly and very professional! I couldn't have asked for a better experience!!


Everything about it was great!results,care,facilities and staff! very happy the way i look and feel


Dr. Ciaravino gave me implants that I loved about 15/16 years ago and I was satisfied and to come for explant surgery I was terrified the pictures of the other women scared me however I still had it done and the results are very nice... I love my new look!! I would do it again if I had to he's the best


No longer having breast implants is the single best thing about my procedure. . Dr. Gingrass was thorough, amiable and direct. She advised me toward a procedure that suited my needs and I could not be happier with the results.


I am happy to be natural again and not worry about breast implants blocking the view if there were any cancer growths. Also, I feel like i look 20 years younger. My breasts look amazing. I had explantation and a breast lift, I was afraid that they would look deformed, or droop, and not look youthful, but no, they look like I'm 22 again. I have scarring, but I understand that is normal and it will get better, but other than that, I can't imagine them looking any better. Also, Dr. Roth has such a great bedside manner" He always makes me feel safe, and like he actually cares about my well being."


The best thing was having a health issue I had been concerned about for some time taken care of so well. I am very relieved and happy to have had Dr. Mustoe and his wonderful staff make this so easy. Due to the age and decomposition of my implants, I was quite apprehensive about the possible invasiveness and complications that might occur.To my relief, the entire process went so well and so relatively pain free that I had to remind myself to rest and recuperate.


everything from beginning to end was 1st class. The #1 most important thing to me was my initial consult with Dr. Teitelbaum. He made me feel very comfortable and relaxed ; enabling him to focus on our discussion.....both what I said and especially what I didn't say. He picked up on the fact that I really did not want implants and why and I never told him that. He was astute enough and sensitive enough to ask me calculated questions so he could figure out how I felt inside about my body. I am forever grateful to him.


This procedure has given me my confidence back in my body and also has given me a spiritual awakening. I quit drinking and smoking due to this operation after 10 years of having these bad habits. I feel better emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually. I am so grateful that I done this procedure and feel better than I have ever felt in my life. I no longer feel like I have to keep up with what society tell women what beautiful looks like and I accept myself for how God has created me in the first place. Dr. Ghazi professionalism, explaining what to expect, outgoing personality and my overall experience.


I felt that the first patient coordinator I met with was not understanding, was quick to misinterpret my request, and showed impatience. Under the circumstances which I needed surgery I felt she could have been more understanding. The second patient coordinator was better.The cost was excessive for less than a total capsulectomy. I was given a $1500 discount which I was very appreciative. I love Dr Furnas and Dr Canales I will return for any other procedures.


I feel much more comfortable in my body ! . Dr. Roark is an anazing doctor and so friendly as well. Great facility, very clean and nice.

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