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Breast Lift surgery corrects sagging or uneven breasts to enhance natural breasts or previous augmentation procedures. American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) breast lift surgery was the 5th most popular surgery in 2014 with over 130,000 surgeries performed.

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Breast Lift Reviews (799)

They look exactly the way I want them to. He gave me exactly what my body needed. Not bigger. But better. Perfect.


Dr. Stacey's the best! He takes time with you and really cares about you and your results. He takes pride in his work. The entire office experience is always relaxing and friendly. I would recommend him to anyone and in fact, I already have! I had my implants removed and a lift. I feel so much better after having them removed. I also look a lot skinnier!


I had a great experience with plastic surgery because of all the staff aT PSANJ. I felt informed, welcomed, valued, and well cared for. Dr. Nini did an excellent job! I am very happy with my results.


Dr. Haw's positive & enthusiastic interactions and the great outcome with the surgery . LOVE Dr. Haws


I chose Dr. Scott J. Engel to do my breast lift w/implants because of his caring nature and his extreme attention to detail. He describes himself as a perfectionist, and that is exactly what you get....perfection! I previously had Juvederm and Dysport by Dr. Engel and was very happy with his expertise so, naturally, I sought his opinion for the procedures I was interested in. I had researched breast lifts online and consulted with another physician, but I really respected his honesty and knowledge in giving me the very best result. My husband and I were really impressed with his before and after photos and when I tried to explain exactly why I liked his breast results so much he interjected because they're *up*. That was it! His results were very natural but still so perky and beautiful. I had seen so many photos online where I was wondering why the patient even had the procedure done because the after wasn't much better than the before. The scarring on these women were sometimes horrific and such a trade-off that I had almost talked myself out of it completely. My hopes were to just replace my current implants of 19 years with a possibly larger, newer technology implant that would just give me a lift. He said he could do that, but in less than a year, I'd be back wondering why my breasts were still sagging. He said the most pleasing aesthetic result in my situation (old saline implants that had drifted too far outward and stretched skin with sagging) was a traditional breast lift with incisions around the nipple, vertical to the crease and along the crease. I never felt pressured to do the procedure - he even said if nipple sensitivity was of utmost importance to me (which it is) then maybe I need to really think about it longer. I knew there was always a risk, even with just a simple augmentation, of losing some or part of nipple sensitivity. But, I felt I needed this procedure and I knew he would be as conscientious as humanly possible with the nipple. So after quite a bit of soul searching and discussions with my husband, I scheduled my surgery a few months later. Needless to say, I am literally astounded with the wonderful results I got!! I actually went from about a DD to a big C with the Natrelle Inspira round cohesive gel Gummy Bear implants at his suggestion for more projection and more upper pole fullness - and at almost 6 weeks post-op the scars are stapling...just beautiful lines that amaze me every time I see them. And the shape is absolutely amazing! My breasts never were this perky and firm my whole life...and yes...they're up. LOL A good portion of nipple sensitivity has returned in my right nipple...the left is lagging a bit but I have a little more sensation every day (more of a pins and needles sensation at this point.) But I realize this can take quite a bit of time, so I'm very, very pleased at this point.I just can't really put into words how happy I am with my results and with Dr. Engel and the entire staff at Sarasota Plastic Surgery. He is so kind, so “down to Earth,” realistic and skilled. This kind of surgery, or any plastic surgery for that matter, can change your life dramatically – one way or the other. A bad choice can leave lasting scars – physical and emotional – for your entire life. I am so happy to have met Dr. Engel when I did and chose him as my plastic surgeon. He is absolutely the best in every way!


First of all I went into the procedure with realistic expectations. The doctor, nurses and all those involved with my procedure were informed, cautious, attentive, and excited for me. I was completely comfortable during my procedure, I healed well and I received good advice from my PA following my procedure. In fact had it not been for my PA Lauren, my experience may not have been rated as high. She expressed my expectations, she made me feel comfortable and valued as a person and not as a price and she was there for my every need after the surgery. Nothing was too big or small. Dr. Okoro is a freaking rock star at what he does. My body looks very amazing and I was safe, and well taken care of during the whole process. At the end of the day all anyone wants is to look great AND to be able to walk away from the surgery table and not into the grave. If I were the surgeon standing over my own body, I couldn't have done a better job myself!! Today I am so much more confident to wear clothes that show off the new shape of my breast. But the REAL change comes when it is time to be intimate with my husband and I can see the look of satisfaction on his face. Yes, I still have the scarring but that is literally nothing compared to the attention he gives me when I am undressed. This was the absolute best decision ever!


Dr. Teitelbaum is so talented and trustworthy! I had total confidence in him. The result is fantastic!! My surgical result is amazing and I no longer need to wear a bra.


Dr. Shah is an awesome guy and his staff were great as well. I always felt very comfortable during my visits. I would for sure come back! I have less shoulder pain and I'm much more comfortable.


The doctor and his staff were highly competent, professional, and lovely to work with, and the outcome was exactly what I had hoped for!


I absolutely loved my experience. I had a breast lift and Augmentation. Dr. Andreason was amazing. Not only is he brilliant at what he does, but his bedside manner is above anything I have ever experienced. The staff is also super helpful and genuinely cared about my concerns and recovery. It felt like they rolled out the red carpet for me. I am so much more confident feel proportioned now.


Dr. Craig's nursing staff make you very comfortable before Doctor comes in room. Dr. Craig explains your visit and takes his time with you. You receive caring treatment as a patient not as a customer.


Everyone, no exceptions, was kind, professional and very knowledgeable. I can't imagine anyone not being satisfied with the care and services provided here. I just feel better.


I am so impressed with EVERYTHING about Southlake Plastic Surgery! The staff, the office environment, Dr. Mason - EVERYTHING! Everything that I have had done at Southlake Plastic Surgery, I have been extremely pleased with. I can't say enough good things about SPS and would recommend it to anyone looking into all of the services SPS has to offer.


I am pretty busy at the with new job but I plan to get more work done because I love my Dr and team


Wonderful experience and very happy with the results! Dr Cohn and his entire staff were amazing. Kim is fantastic and so sweet. More confidence, clothes look and fit better, easier when exercising.


It was a very good experience for me. I haven't had surgery in years and was so nervous. But the staff reassured me and it really was so easy. I would do it again without the nervousness.


I felt very comfortable with the pre, during and post surgery experience. I am happy with my results. The only comment I have is that I wish my skin in that area was a little tighter. The nurses, doctors and staff in the hospital were very nice and professional. I had one little issue with my IV. After the nurse removed my IV I had a bruise for almost 2 weeks. It scared me a little. I notified my doctor and was reassured it was normal. I highly recommend Dr. Boynton for any plastic surgery. As a matter of fact, I have 4 more surgeries I'm going to schedule with him. I am a happy patient! I was not nervous at all about this surgery, as it was my second one with Dr. Boynton and his team. I am grateful for their compassion and care.


Dr. Loufty did an amazing job on my breast augmentation & breast lift, he did exactly what I wanted & the results are everything I expected! I'm beyond happy with my results & his nurse Joy is amazing she answered all my questions & was available at all times to answer any concerns or questions I had & even did a house visit to take out my drain tubes so I wouldn't have to drive to office! She was amazing! Dr Loufty & Joy make a GREAT TEAM!


I was highly satisfied in every possible way but most so by how Dr. stacey listened to my wishes and concerns and provided me with exactly what I hoped for. That, along with the friendliness, warmth, professionalism and expertise of the entire staff.


Dr. Mobley is highly skilled and has an excellent bedside manner. My results exceeded my expectations.

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