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Breast Reduction

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Breast reduction relieves discomfort, improves lifestyle, and enhances appearance. For women who experience physical discomfort from large breasts, this surgery relieves back, neck, and shoulder pain. According to American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery breast reduction surgery was the 8th most popular surgery in 2014 with over 100,000 surgeries performed.

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Breast Reduction Reviews (921)

I always had big, saggy breast and I hated them. I went to Dr Vanderpool and had a breast reduction and lipo and he changed my appearance, gave me confidence! I am so so happy with my breast. I would recommend him to anyone and everyone! I don't have to shop around for bras! I can actually wear a sports bra without another bra underneath! I love wearing swimsuit tops!


Dr. Gingrass and her staff and the surgery staff were amazing. From the beginning she communicated clearly and concisely about what would happen and gave recommendations on size. She was very skilled and had a professional bedside manner that spoke to her priorities- she was there to give me the best result possible. She set her own personal bar for my care very high- and as a patient, I could tell. I had full confidence in her. This surgery changed my life. Less neck and shoulder pain and it it so much easier to be active again. Yay! My shoulder and neck pain is almost gone. My clothes pre-baby are fitting again. I can resume more intense physical activities without being self conscious. For the first time since I started having kids almost nine years ago, I feel like myself again. I am so grateful.


Dr.Mills and the staff were very friendly and nice. They made me feel very comfortable. Just the office and staff were wonderful.


I just loved that dr symbas made me feel very comfortable and told me exactly what he was going to do and listened To my concerns Dr symbas is amazing


The Dr. as well as everyone from office staff to nurses at the surgery center were friendly and made me feel at ease. All my questions were answered and they made me felt taken care of.


Dr Symbas and his staff were very professional and friendly. I was very anxious at first and Dr Symbas and his Nurse made me feel very comfortable.I am very pleased with the result of my surgery . My family was very pleased and said if ever they would need a surgeon, they wanted Dr Symbas and his staff.Thank you for an opportunity to share my experience. [patient name] I felt that I would be cared for because they really wanted to help.


The staff was friendly and helpful. Dr. French was wonderful and made me feel completely comfortable during initial meeting and going forward. I had no doubt in my mind that he was the one to do my breast reduction surgery. Very Happy!!!! Dr. French was willing to look and pictures I brought with me and he did his best to meet any goal I had. My neck and back feel so much better since the surgery.


I had Breast reduction surgery Dr Huntley, explained all the procedure to myself and my Husband, took lots of time to go through pictures and my expections the surgery was approved by the insurance company within just 1 week from the consultation I also arranged the surgery just 2 weeks after, not much time to think about things but Doctor Huntley nurse Maria and his secretary all gave me advise on any thing I was concerned about. The surgery went great and the results have been life changing, I had to have some revision work but it was only a small problem this was done on the insurance and the results now are perfect! My confidence has grown and I love to now look in the mirror at myself yes I have some scars but the results are amazing and the scars are fading, I have also used Dr Huntly for my Botox injections since and this is the best results I have received in over 10 years. Amazing life changing procedure, not only has it stopped years of pain in my shoulders, it has given me so much confidence I can now go bra less and it feels great, I feel like a normal person for once in my life my boobs are not the reason men talk to me anymore, now it is my beauty and no one mention my boobs except to say about my nipples sticking out! Which I love it makes me feel sexy


Dr. Samaha has done surgical procedures such as bilateral breast reduction and abdominoplasty and his staff and he are so pleasant. I do need to follow up with other issues which I intend to after I clear my other issues. Kathy and Debbie are always helpful. Learning about how to take care of myself with new technology and procedures.


The dr. And nurses and payment management that I dealt with were all extremely helpful and caring to my needs!! The size I am After my breat reduction


I can't praise Dr. Alderman and her team enough. My experience was wonderful and the surgery outcome was better than I could have imagined. The only thing I would change about the process would to have the procedure done sooner by Dr. Alderman. She truly changed my life. Dr. Alderman herself. She was so personable andkind. Her demeanor made the entire scary process so comfortable for me. I especially appreciatedher personally coming into my follow up visits to check on my progress.


I was highly satisfied with my surgeon and his staff. This was a stressful time as was also diagnosed with an early stage breast cancer, which led to the surgery.He was very calming and professional in my consultation by explaining the specifics of the procedure In order to eliminate my fears.Would most definitely use this surgeon again!! This Doctor and his team were outstanding in their care for me.His personality and sense of humor totally relaxed me the day of my surgery!!!


Dr. Sunde is a gifted surgeon and performed a beautiful job with my breast reduction. He is very caring and easy to talk to, his staff is also great. I was a DD and now I am a C. I had no complications and minimal pain. Most amazing is that my scars are almost invisible. I strongly recommend Dr Sunde and already planning my next procedure with him. The size and the shape of my breast are exactly what I wanted.


I have never been dissatisfied at all ever with my experience. This doctor is the best doctor I have ever dealt with my entire life. His staff are the most caring and considerate professionals. I would recommend anyone thinking of surgery to deal with this practice.


The nurses I saw were outstanding...friendly and reassuring. I am very happy with Dr. Raphael's skills and the professionalism of his staff. I'm sure I will take advantage of some of the other treatments available as time goes on. I now look like I have a waistline. I'm pleased with the results of the breast reduction and tummy tuck even being just six weeks out.


I had a breast reduction and it helped tremendously with my back pain. Because I only saw Dr. Downs on my first appointment and the day of surgery. The other appts in between were other personnel. My husband would not have let me had this done if he had known I did not see the doctor during all of my appts. I proceeded anyway and everything turned out good. I'm happy with the results and ----so his my husband.


Dr. Desman was GREAT!!!!!! he listened and was overall just a wonderful man and doctor. I'm so very happy with my results... The back and neck pain was gone right after the surgery, which is what he told me may happen. I look forward to my follow up appts. His staff has been great through-out the complete process. Ms. Martha answered each and every question I had, every time I called. I would recommend Dr. Desman and his staff 100% I was in pain for so long for my breast, not having to take pain meds everyday is life changing. Dr. Desman made that happen for me. !!!!


Leading up to my surgery, I received phone calls from the anesthesiologist and surgeon themselves to ask me if I had any questions and make me feel comfortable. It was a very personal experience and they made time for me. I also received the most detailed preop booklet ever. It covered all the possible questions I may have. It also included multiple ways to contact not only the office, but the surgeon himself. After surgery I had a slight reaction to some steri strips, and sent a photo asking if it was okay. I got a reassuring answer within minutes. I am so happy with my results. I feel more comfortable in my clothes and there is a huge stress relief on my shoulders and back. I can do all the things that a teenager of my age should get to do. Before bathing suits were humiliating. Now I feel so comfortable and free to live it up!


Dr. Lee is an artist who listens carefully to what you want. He has a very calm demeanor that put you at ease. Everything he told me was accurate. I was nervous about one area on my breast after surgery and it ended up looking great, just as he said it would.The only 2 small critiques I have is regarding the medical assistant in his office. She was less timely with her responses via email. The other is regarding the lympathic drainage massage - if it wasn't 50% off, I would not recommend it. Nothing a friend or partner couldn't do for you. The results. A breast reduction is the single best thing I've done for myself. It's the first and probably the last time I'll have cosmetic surgery. Worth it.


Highly skilled surgeon, competent and caring staff. Better self image, improved confidence

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