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Breast Reduction

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Breast reduction relieves discomfort, improves lifestyle, and enhances appearance. For women who experience physical discomfort from large breasts, this surgery relieves back, neck, and shoulder pain. According to American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery breast reduction surgery was the 8th most popular surgery in 2014 with over 100,000 surgeries performed.

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Breast Reduction Reviews (891)

I really appreciated that Dr. LISTENED to my preferences and understood my apprehension. Being able to fit into my clothing. More freedom of movement with my sport activities.


From beginning to end the staff and Dr. were friendly, efficient and answered any questions I had. They took the time to reflect and relate my questions to real life examples. I felt very informed of the positive and possible negatives that could be involved. The surgery was on par with time and efficiency as well. The staff in the hospital were extremely accommodating and equally supportive. The weight and stress off my body; released pressures from my neck and back are seemingly the best part of this surgery fro me of course.


Kind environment, great Doctor with great skills. Everything went very smooth. Breast implants were making me ill. Really nervous about the final outcome look of removing the implants. Implants are removed, illness much better and almost completely healed and physical look of breast are perfect!


I had great communication with the doctor and his staff. Outstanding bedside manner. I have more self confidence and feel so much better.


Everyone was very helpful and informative. No complaints.


The office was clean and comfortable, and the staff was friendly and helpful. My breast reduction made my overall figure better and helped me to gain more confidence. I would recommend Berks Plastic Surgery to anyone who was interested in getting something done. Very clear expectations were set from the beginning to the end of my procedure.


Everyone at the practice was warm and welco


Dr. Parker's office gave me a glimpse to how medicine could be in a world with compassionate informed professionals being allowed to practice their true Hippocratic oath. Thank you for making me feel beautiful and for respecting my process along the way. My breasts are happy, perky and above all I no longer suffer from neck and shoulder pain.


the ENTIRE Staff is FABULOUS. if you have any questions, need anything each and everyone of them were willing to help or listen. Best bedside manner of any practice. I don't have back issues and I feel that Im not stared at because of my large breasts.


Dr. Ghazi and the staff were very helpful and great to work with I am now very comfortable and able to shop and buy the clothes I want without any problems. Exercising is a lot easier as well.


Dr. Vitenas is a perfectionist and did an incredible job. I recommend his services as often as I can. My breast reduction changed my quality of life forever. My only regret is that I did not have it done sooner.


Dr. Claytor is an amazing surgeon. He is super intelligent, articulate, conservative, compassionate, and a perfectionist. I had my breasts reduced from a size DD to a size C via liposuction. My new breast size is absolutely proportionate with my body. My breasts look beautiful and fit perfectly in my bra, bathing suit, and sleeveless tops with no fatty flaps at all! I appear 10 pounds slimmer and I can now wear a size 6 dress that fits my waist, hips, and chest perfectly! The surgery was uncomplicated and my recovery was uneventful. In fact, I took only Tylenol for mild discomfort for two days post-op. I am so pleased with my new look! Thank you Dr. Claytor, Sharon, Debbie, Emily and the entire staff at Claytor/Noone. You are a very supportive and caring team. I would recommend you to my family and friends in a heartbeat!


Everything from start to finish was great from my doctor to the nurses. Everyone made me feel really comfortable I was half as nervous as I thought I was going to be. And Dr. Schwartz was amazing he did a great job with my breast reduction he's a great Doctor one I would recommend to anyone. My recovery process was a very good one. I was in very little pain just stuck to the doctors orders. And now I'm coming up on almost 1year from surgery and I feel and look a lot better thanks to Dr. Schwartz and his staff. The best thing about my procedure was the fact that Dr. Schwartz really showed that he cared and he listened to what I really wanted and what I needed for my physical and mental health. He followed through and gave me a great experience for my first real surgical procedure. I had no idea what to expect but if I had to do it all over again I would.


I was told by Dr. Mobley that I needed a mesh insert during my breast reduction/lift surgery to avoid future sagging. I agreed to this additional step and cost, and paid in advance. Dr. Mobley changed his mind during surgery and did not insert the mesh as he said they looked okay when you were lying down", but he failed to inform me of this major change. During my 2nd follow-up post surgery, I specifically asked if I needed to watch for infections from the mesh. Dr. Mobley told me I did not need to be concerned about infection as the mesh would absorb into my own tissue over the next 18 months. I also asked if the mesh would keep the breasts in place where they are now (2 weeks after surgery). He told me that my breasts would stay where they were since the mesh was there to hold them in place. At my 3rd follow-up post surgery, Dr. Mobley tells me he did NOT insert the mesh as discussed both pre-and post-surgery, and that he forgot to tell me. This was 3 weeks after my surgery, and after I had already met with him to discuss specifics about the results. Now, a little more than 2-months post-surgery my breasts are sagging just as he told me they would if I did not agree to have the mesh put in. Dr. Mobley's response is that he will re-do the surgery if I'm not happy in 6 months. I don't know of any individual who wants to go through a second surgery, have their breasts cut open again in multiple areas because the doctor failed to do what he said he would the first time. I'm extremely disappointed and am sharing my experience with friends and family. "


I was highly satisfied with Dr Blanton. I am a bit concerned with the time it's taking me to recover, but I understand that that is mostly my responsibility and due to circumstances beyond his control. I get the impression that he is an excellent surgeon as well as an intelligent and caring human being.


Immediate relief from symptoms of heavy breasts. Improved neck and back discomfort, fewer headaches, and improved posture. Breasts are now more evenly proportioned and not pulling me forward with extra weight. So far has been a very positive experience. The outcome was beyond expectations from the relief of symptoms from heavy breasts. Wait time for appointments are only a few minutes. You get in and get out quickly yet have plenty of time to talk with doctor about any concerns.


Dr Walden and her staff were so amazing during all aspects of my surgical procedure. I am now able to find clothes that fit better. I have increased self esteem.


I am amazed by my transformation! My doctor gave me the breast I have always dreamed of! He listened to what I had to say and made me feel very comfortable. I also liked how he would compare me to other woman that had my size breast it made me feel at ease to know he had worked with so many before me! I no longer have back, back, and shoulder pain! Sleeping and working out has become so much easier!


The all around experience was one of care, quality, and comfort. Dr. Price and his team took care of me from the moment I walked into their office and left me feeling as if my hand was being held through the entire process. This procedure has taken away uncomfortable back pain and left me more confident, athletic and all around happy.


Because they made me feel great, at first I was very nervous and they made me feel safe and relax. They explained everything to me and answer all my questions to my satisfaction. They very professional and respectful. After the surgical procedure I woke up feeling good and my recovery was great.

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