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Brow Lift

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Brow lift is meant to reverse the look of aging by giving a more youthful look to the forehead, upper eyelids and eyebrows areas. American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery states that in 2014 women made up 89% of all surgeries performed while men accounted for 11%.

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Brow Lift Reviews (114)

I have great respect for Dr West and trust. He is up front and honest in his discussions with you and realist in expectations of out come. I would recommend him and have to others. I appreciate what he does to help me and others, very professional . Thank you!!!!! [patient name] I feel better about myself, more confident and like compliments on your skin looks so good


The staff is wonderful....very caring, great demeanor and just all around pleasant. Dr. Biel and Kim make the office visits very easy.


Love the friendliness and proffesionalism of staff and Dr Suzanne Yee. She is are caring doctor. younger looking


Dr Boschert and his team were wonderful!


Anesthesiologist was excellent and explained process prior to surgery. Surgical team appeared to work together well.


Follow-up Visits are very quick with nurse and with MD great results with eyes and brow lift.


Dr. Hanson is very down to earth and does not push for too much procedure the staff is friendly and very informed wish more doctors would relate to patients that way comfortable experience Haven't had enough done to change anything just a natural look


I had seen two other dr's for consult prior visiting Dr Pearlman, the overall time and the attention I received made me choose this office. After that everything went very smoothly from the moment I met the nurse until I left the office. I had very little bruising and no complications during the recovery. I looked almost fine one week after surgery. Right now which is about a month post operation, I am very happy with the results I wanted a natural look from my eyebrow lift and I got exactly what I wanted. Just looking more refreshed and relaxed


Got the improvement should have been faster


The office staff immediately make you feel comfortable and treat you with patience and kindness. Dr. Chasan cares about you and he cares about his work -- wanting the result to be at the highest attainable standard. This was my second procedure with Dr. Chasan and I was at complete east, because I just knew I was in the most capable hands. I am a perfectionist and I believe that I have met my match in Dr. Chasan. He listens to me and gives me his professional and honest opinion and I feel that I can trust him with my face. He knows about the symmetry of the face and how to best ensure that your natural beauty is the first thing people see, not the procedure you had. I completely trust that Dr. Chasan and myself will have a long professional relationship, as I respect his work so very much and appreciate him for all he has done to make sure the my procedures have all be a success. Kindest and Warmest Regards, [name].


I knew immediately upon meeting Dr. Calobrace that he cared and understood as to the imperfections a person might see in their appearance. Dr. Calobrace said a brow-lift, not eyelid surgery was the best procedure for me. Wow, he was right! The procedure and recovery was a breeze thanks to Dr. Calobrace and his staff. The only problem I had with recovery was with one eye being irritated but after the stitches were removed it felt so much better. I had the upmost confidence in Dr. Calobrace going into this surgery. Everyone ask me if I would do this again knowing what I know now…Yes, I would absolutely do it again! The surgery made my appearance look more refreshed and applying makeup has been so much fun. I get compliments more than ever now. Thank you to Dr. Calobrace and his amazing staff! P.S. I will be back for more


I had unknown medical issues that were exposed because of the presurgical evaluation. This changed all schedules. The office was so understanding and just wanted me to get well. I knew I was in good hands and appreciated their patience. I now feel like I can open my eyes in the morning. I can use eye makeup and you can see it. I feel more youthful all around.


The doctor, staff, and office procedures were professional before, during, and after the procedure. All communication was clear, and every question has been answered. Dr. Karam even sent a personal text. Most of all, the results were more than I expected.


Listened to me, gave opinions when asked. Never pushy. Very sincere. I am still at the early stages post-operatively so it is difficult to say but at this point -- less droopy eyelids. Dr. Lintners caring spirit.


Dr. Smith and staff were kind and friendly. Very accessible and answered all my questions. Vision is much better, feel and look better.


Dr. Fardo did a phenomenal job with the surgery. Very natural look after healing.


Good out come I'm pretty


Dr. Symbas and his staff are the best I have come across. I wish all doctors and their practice were as caring. Highly recommend and feel free to use me as a reference.


Dr. Aboolian was an amazing doctor. I am very happy with the results and had a great experience. I feel much better about myself


The results were incredible. My friends and family said that I look 10 years younger. Dr. Alderman and her staff were warm, proficient and performed incredibly. I have had several procedures done with Dr. Alderman and she is amazing!

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