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Eyelid surgery can be performed on both the upper and lower eyelid.  It improves the look of the eye by removing excess skin or tightening the skin around the eye for a smoother look.  According to American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) surgery was the 3rd most popular surgery in 2014 with over 160,000 surgeries performed.

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Eyelid Surgery Reviews (1024)

I researched procedures and surgeon reviews for many years. I visited the Nashville Plastic Surgery practice and everyone there was extremely welcoming and made me feel comfortable from the start. From the very first phone call through my post-op visits, everyone was wonderful.I had multiple procedures: Blepharoplasty, a Lower Facelift, and a TT. My results are amazing. Everyone says I look more rested and younger, but they don't know what is different. I think the best type of cosmetic surgery looks completely natural, or better yet, like you had nothing done at all, yet you look younger. People have told me I look 15 years younger, and I wonder now why I waited so long to have this done. I am so pleased that I found a surgeon that listened to my concerns and what I wanted, who did not tell me what procedures they thought I should have.I will complete a breast reduction in the near future, and look forward to soon looking on the outside how I feel on the inside. I do not think there is a better surgery group or office staff that is truly concerned about your well-being. I drive 3 hours to obtain their services, and it is worth every minute of the drive. I used to avoid looking in a mirror, or made a point to not have any pictures taken of myself. I am no longer saddened by how the years have taken their toll on my face and body. I am proud of how I look for my age, and do not mind having my picture taken.


As mentioned previously this is the second time I have gone to Dr Singer for procedures by choice. He is the best! He and his staff make you feel like you are part of a family prior to and after your surgery. He insists on follow up for the better part of a year after your surgeries. Clearly he takes pride in his work and was to a sure that I was satisfied and at the same time he has the opportunity to keep an eye on his work to a sure that he himself is pleased with the outcome. As mentioned previously there were a couple of minor redos" and the outcome was superb! For the past two years I have not only had procedures done by Dr Singer in his office I have been coming to his office on a monthly basis for skin care! His highly train aesthetician does a wonderful job with dermatology, enzymes and glycolic . His office also offers high-quality skin care products that I have incorporated into my regime. Not only do my surgeries look fantastic and make me feel fantastic – my skin is fantastic! I am constantly receiving compliments! " Dr Singer is always available to you! He is hands-on for preop and postop! As mentioned previously as his patient I feel like I am a part of a family every time I visit Dr Singer's office!


The office staff to nurses to Dr. Quigley, outstanding! The care and attention all of you gave this nervous patient made the experience easier than I thought it could be. I an a high energy person and now my face looks the part too.


Dr. Bajaj came highly recommended from Dr. David Kallenberger a Fertility, Obstetrics Gynecology specialist in OKC or over 41 yrs. From my first phone call to my first visit I felt I was exactly where I was supposed to be. Dr. Bajaj's staff, especially Bristly, went out of their way to make me feel safe and comfortable. Dr. Bajaj encourages questions, while at the same time being very patient and reassuring. My surgery exceeded all of my expectations and I couldn't be more thrilled! I look for to seeing Dr. Bajaj and her sweet staff in the future. [name]


My concerns were addressed professionally and quickly offering options which were explained clearly to me. The surgery was exactly as described even my recovery. The follow up appointments were spaced nicely as to allow for my body to heal. There was one area that did not look as hoped, which Dr Holley said he could touch pif I chose to do so, with no pressure for me to make an immediate decision. I have other areas that I will address in the future and will be using Dr Holley. The staff as a whole have been wonderful through this process. I was very self conscious of my sagging eye lids, to me they made me look older than I felt. I was embarrassed to be contemplating surgery to correct them as I felt it was a little vain but after my consultation, addressing my concerns and listening to me, Dr Holley made me feel better about making a change to make me happy.


Dr Huntly did an amazing job on my lower eyelids.


Dr. Kelly and the staff at MPS are committed to my safety and satisfaction from initial visit to final visit. I am always treated with respect and consideration. I will continue to visit Dr. Kelly for all my procedures! The excellent care and concern for my safety and well-being.


First of all I have never experienced where all the staff are pleasant, personable and so helpful. From my first call to ask about the possibility of surgery to the completion of my visits everyone could not have been more perfect. Dr. Izenberg did beautiful work. He was very kind and made this whole experience very wonderful instead of very stressful. He stated he wouldn't be happy until I was happy but he went beyond that. Even though things looked good he was not happy with a little problem and corrected it which made the results even better. I felt very self conscious making the decision to do this but everyone made me feel at ease and comfortable from the very first contact. I feel that I made the right decision and am very happy with the results. I have received so many compliments. I am so thankful to Dr. Izenberg and his staff. I had such bags below my eyes that people kept commenting on the fact that I was working too hard because I looked so tired. I began making it a point not to look people in the eyes. I wore my glasses even when I didn't have too. Now I look everyone in the face when I talk. I feel very confident and at ease. I feel I look very presentable.


Dr Beil and his staff were completely professional. I had numerous questions, all answered promptly and thoroughly. I felt very at ease and completely prepared for my surgery, I only wish I had seen Dr Beil sooner. When it comes to your appearance, you should only seek the best, Dr Beil is the best! I feel, after having my surgery, my looks reflect the way I feel. I look younger, well rested and completely happy!


Loved the out come. Feel better about myself,


Staff are all wonderful.Dr. Lacey responded promptly to my 6am text post-surgery and was reassuring. That was wonderful.Nurse took my calls and emails post-surgery and answered my questions, again helping to reassure me. Even at 3 month check-in, the nurse, patient co-ordinator, injectables specialist remembered me and were interested in my recovery. It felt a bit like family. The recovery nurse, I think, sometimes can be the unsung hero. She was perfect: kind, informed, patient, helpful, sweet, professional.


Follow up was great. Paula called me everyday to make sure I was ok. Tracy always is always right there. Very hands on and easy to talk to .


I interviewed several surgeons first, as my surgery would be a complicated reconstruction involving my eye, and effecting my vision. Dr Symbas was by far the most knowledgeable and able and creative. He was able to fix the problem and leave me with complete function and look.


Experience of the surgeon - made it all seem easy. Took some time to gain desired results (eyelid shape), but after a couple months - wow. Excellent. Very happy with outcome.


My second visit with Dr Teitelbaums office. Would go back if I need more surgery. Would and have recommended to friends. All good! :) Just less eyelid. I can now see my eyeliner :)


I cannot speak highly enough about the care, support and professionalism of Dr. Davila and his staff. He explained the procedure and recovery in depth and made sure I understood the risks associated with the procedure. His staff was very attentive and made sure that I was comfortable and experienced no pain during the procedure. I highly recommend Dr. Davila for any procedure that you are considering. My wife has also gotten to experience Dr. Davila's work also and she has gotten dramatic results from her procedure. Dr. Davila's pursuit of perfection and excellence is vividly reflected in his work. People notice that I look younger and more refreshed.


Dissatisfied with result


Dr. Karam is an artist. Results are so natural and beautiful. I'm much happier and less self conscious about my eye lids.


Right eye was perfect, but bulge under the left eye. Kept being told to give it time. Now nine months later it looks the same, and I get the impression they'd be pleased if I didn't go back.


I look much more awake and alert...taking a few years off my eyelids! From the time that I received my consult, until the follow up visits concluded, Dr. Hall and his staff have been nothing but approachable, friendly, receiving and professional. Not only will I continue to utilize Dr. Hall's services, but I refer to him frequently.

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