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Male Breast Reduction

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Gynecomastia also known as male breast reduction is the overdevelopment of the male breast.  According to American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) in 2014 over 24,000 gynecomastias were performed.

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Male Breast Reduction Reviews (217)

on the left side results not fully in line with my expectations, it is just 10 weeks from surgery so maybe it just requires a bit longer for the issue to resolve itself (currently I have what I believe to be a large scar tissue on my left side), only time will tell


I was completely satisfied from first visit through surgery. The staff patiently answered all my questions (and there were many) dr Calobrace himself called me the night before surgery to go over everything with me and to make sure I didn't have any other questions... I was more than satisfied with the results of the surgery and already planning on my next.


Very Professional atmosphere. My son is so confident now and that makes me tremendously happy!


I was highly satisfied with the service I received, Dr. Stacey was very attentive and made me feel comfortable with the procedure. Every time we called with questions, they made sure I had everything I needed. It has definitely made me more confident. Before the surgery, I was hesitant to wear certain shirts or go shirtless in front of people. Now I am so much more comfortable in my own skin and I am more confident in how I look and feel.


The staff was polite, informative and professional. The entire experience was pleasent.


Dr Ditesheim did exactly what I wanted. He was upfront and honest, and direct. I really have no complaints, it went as well as I could have hoped. It has made me much more confident, I notice the difference everyday


The results are amazing!! I feel like a new person being able to live freely not feeling self conscious in everything I wear. I feel like it's given me so much more confidence. . Dr L and all his staff were beyond friendly, helpful and supportive the entire journey.


Dr. Grover and his staff were very accommodating and professional. They went above and beyond to make sure that I was more than satisfied with the outcome of my procedure. I would definitely return to see Dr. Grover in the future.


Dr. Hing and the office staff were absolutely phenomenal. Beyond professional and courteous.


Dr. Delgado has an AMAZING track record of successful gynecoamstia surgeries, which was the primary reason I chose him for my own gynecomasia surgery. I was particularly impressed by the outcome, it looks like no surgery has ever been performed and it's only 4 months out! Additionally, I would like to highlight how friendly and informative all the staff members were: they answered all my questions and worries thoroughly.


dr heil is a master at this procedure. i would highly recommend him to anyone considering male breast reduction surgery. you can barely see my scars and the technique he uses works perfectly and there is minimal pain. i did not take any of my pain meds. tylenol for a few days was fine. the compression garment hurts worse than the procedure. dr heil's bedside manor is great as well. he even gave me his cell phone number for any problems. he truly cares about the patients. you can tell right off that he knows exactly what he is doing. dr zak is awesome too. he has a great personality and explains things well. you can tell how knowledgeable he is. the OR nurses are just as friendly and easy going. i even messed up my medications and held everyone up and they were so nice about it. i can't say enough good things about the practice. thanks to everyone there! they have really made a major impact in my life.


Regained confidence and self esteem after my surgery. Feel rejuvenated again! . Very comfortable, clean facility. The staff operates with the same precision as Dr. Delgado. Mr Gaynor is a incredible Anesthesiologist!


Dr. Delgado and his staff went above and beyond to make sure I was comfortable with the surgery, and healing well after surgery. I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my chest. I can just relax and not constantly worry about my condition.


I had a great experience with Dr. Caolobrace. I have recommended him to several trans guys. Thank you so much for the amazing work you did. I feel very comfortable now taking my shirt off.


The time it took to receive answers to post op questions concerning condition of surgical procedures.


Myself and my son have used Dr Hall's office for years. I find Dr Hall and his staff friendly, efficient and very skilled at what he does. I always enjoy working with him and would recommend this office to friends and family.


The procedures completely changed my body image, which has led to a new outlook on life! Getting dressed in the morning is no longer a depressing experience! . Professional surgeon and support staff. I would recommend Dr. Carlino's services to anyone.


Felt like the surgeon new what he was talking about and confident in his ability to fix my gynocomastia. I felt I could trust him. I am happy with my overall experience with Dr. Shah and his staff. The price was worth the results I received.


I look like I've always wanted. Looks just like he promised I am highly satisfied


Outstanding service, friendly staff who make you feel comfortable with the process.

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