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Mommy Makeover

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The mommy makeover is a combination of surgeries included but not limited to, breasts augmentation and reduction, tummy tuck and liposuction all to help you get your pre-baby body back.

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Mommy Makeover Reviews (1153)

Dr. McNeel and his staff were very informative and knowledgeable about the procedure during the pre-op appointments. They made me feel very comfortable and prepared the morning of surgery. The anesthesiologist and nurses were very kind the morning of surgery and helped me to stay relaxed and at ease. I felt prepared to go home and recover with all of the instructions and information that I was given. Everything was very thorough and every one that we worked with in the office was so helpful. In my post-op appointments Dr. McNeel and his nurses have been great about answering all of my questions and listening to my concerns. I am so happy with my tummy tuck and breast augmentation, Dr. McNeel did a fantastic job. This procedure had given me confidence and the ability to wear the kind of clothes that I have always wanted to wear. A major weight loss followed by two pregnancies left me with a large amount of excess skin in my abdomen which I did not like and hindered my ability to fit in the correct pant size for my body. My breasts were deflated and almost non-existent and Dr. McNeel knew exactly what I wanted and made sure I got it!! I'm so in love with my new body and I would do it again a thousand times over.


Love Dr W and the TeamVery happy with my outcome


Clear direction. Sensitivity, empathy and a fantastic result. I feel like myself before the weight gain and then eventual loss. I feel as though I can see my fitness gains more clearly with the excess skin removed. My clothes fit better which allows me to be more confident overall.


The overall experience was excellent. Physician, stafff, all highly experienced. Very pleased with outcome. More confidence. Able to get into clothes better.


Easy recovery, always listened and got to me about any questions I had. More confident


It was painless! The quality of Dr. Whetstones work is exceptional. He exceeded my expectations. The staff is amazing, thoughtful, and attentive.


The best thing about my surgical procedure is my renewed confidence. I have the body I always dreamed of. Even before I had my 5 children, I never looked this great in my clothes. Beauty does come from within and I always felt beautiful, but I wasn't as confident because of my stretch marks and sagging breasts. I wanted to have the physique I felt I deserved for sacrificing my body growing children, birthing them and nursing them for ten years. I always put my children's needs above my body goals because I felt it was the right thing to do. Now I feel comfortable in my skin and feel I've been rewarded for my sacrifice. I can have it all; the babies and the hot body! My relationship with my husband is better because I feel better about myself. It's so refreshing to not constantly be worrying about how my stomach is hanging or if my breasts look ok. Now I can just enjoy every moment without wasting time concerning myself with body flaws that I could not correct with diet and exercise! I must say I AM satisfied with my results! My only reason for not being highly satisfied is because my areolas are now much smaller and different shapes. At my consultation, I requested my large areolas remain close to the same size but they are significantly smaller. I'm ok with it, but just wish I knew beforehand how much of a size change I would see so I wasn't surprised once I came out of surgery. Of course my scars are not ideal due to the spitting sutures, but I'm hopeful those can be altered at a later date with a scar revision.


The surgeon listened to what i wanted and gave me natural looking appearance that I feel very comfortable with and LOVE! Also, she was very kind and understanding with fears or concerns. The anesthesiologist was also very kind and understanding. I was a little apprehensive about 'going under' and she was able to reassure me that I as in good hands. Overall experience, was fabulous! I can wear what ever I want! No more padded bras and spanx. I feel liberated!


Everyone from the front desk, to the nurses to Dr. Kenkel were phenomenal. I am much more comfortable with my own sense of body image.


From the initial consultation to recovery and ongoing post op check ups, this is by far the best and only medical team you want to help you with your plastic surgery journey. After years of being overweight, then having my beautiful daughter, I had lost a significant amount of weight and decided to proceed with the mommy makeover. It was the best decision I have ever made about my body. It has given me a new look on life, confidence, etc.


Dr.Gonce and staff were amazing, and helpful. I was so nervous about my procedure but they eased my anxiety tremendously. I felt well taken care of... Before I underwent the procedure, I felt calm and in capable hands.


I was referred to your office by my fiancé. His ex-wife (not at the time), and another friend both underwent breast augmentation with Dr. Workmen some years ago. The procedures went flawlessly. I did consult with one other office before I met with yours, and I was a bit skeptical of it since I only got to meet with a sales gal that could not have been much older than 23. After coming to your office, and having the staff take photos, and the doctor coming in to take a close look; to touch feel, and give a definitive view of what he could do for me given my physique, skin type, etc., I knew I had found the right match. There wasn’t any false hope given to me given my body type and what I had to work with. I had clear expectations of how this was all going to turn out. The doctor explained the years he had been performing these surgeries, and if memory serves, mentioned over 14,000 success stories. It reminded me of a saying from the old country, “The devil is not wise because he is the devil. He is wise because he is old”. You folks also provided me with very detailed instructions. In your literature you provided the risks and benefits, as well as clearly defined instructions and prescriptions so that I could manage my aftercare in a manner that would ensure proper healing and respite. The post-op visits were great. My nurse was/is fantastic, as is all the staff and the doc. I had to return to work 13 days after the procedure, and all of us working together (and well) got me there. I am now 60+ days out, and in many regards still healing. I have managed to avoid any of the common complications, and will keep my fingers crossed that I stay on that course. I have a moan or groan from time to time, like a new building settling into its foundation, but I imaging over time, like my scars, those will fade to white over time. I am beyond grateful for the removal of my pannus, and appreciate the boost (as it were) to my chest. If I should require anything in the future, you folks will be the first place I call. Thank you many times over.


Dr Okoro is very a knowledgeable double board certified physician that is passionate bout his work and compassionate to his clients . Dr Okoro, Jen and the new PA are Awesome !!! Their whole team work together to ensure Excellent quality care . Very Very Satisfied ... 5 stars!!!!


Dr.Sanderson made me feel very comfortable from the initial consultation to my post-op appointments. He knew what my expectations were for this surgery and also informed me of the outcome he expected. The surgery center was also clean, professional and ran smoothly. I was highly impressed with my entire experience. My expectations were met with this procedure, I definitely have let my family and friends know.


I can not express how wonderful my experience with Dr.Brown has been. I had two surgeries within two months, and I could not be happier. She is incredibly skilled in her field and far exceeded my expectations. The best thing about my experience has been the results. they are even better than I had hoped for.


Dr. Nease is very nice and listens to all your concerns. I feel like I am more confident!


The staff and Doctor were very informative regarding all aspects of the surgery before and after I feel more secure with my body


Friendly, upbeat staff. Immediate availability to answer questions, clean welcoming facility I look so natural. My scars are practically invisible.


This is my second surgery and the Dr and the Staff is just unbelievable. Couldn't be happier!!


I felt it was hard to make follow up appointments for issues.

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