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Reconstructive Surgery

98.4% Patient Satisfaction based on 26 ratings

Reconstructive surgery is performed to treat areas of the body affected aesthetically or functionally by congenital defects, developmental abnormalities, trauma, infection, tumors or disease.

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Reconstructive Surgery Reviews (19)

Dr Hall and staff do a wonderful job. repair looks great


Both surgeons were very interactive and caring. All of the staff was highly professional and caring also. Although I am healing slower than I would like, I feel that if I had gone anywhere else, the outcome would be worse. I had complete confidence and was not concerned prior to surgery about the competence of your practice. I did have the usual fear of surgery and the outcome due to the lack of information until after the MOHS. The only thing I wouldn't have done is fill all of the prescriptions unless needed until after surgery - except for the presurgery antibiotics since I didn't use any of them.


Staff is highly competent and professional from front office to nurses, PAs, assistants, everyone devoted, efficient and friendly! Dr P took a BIG chunk off my face, followup was highly effective and appropriate, after a couple months scar is becoming a small white line, which is exactly what every staff member said it would be.


Dr. Sherick was very confident and caring. He made me feel confident as well in his ability to achieve the result that we wanted. He was concerned and patient with my post op care. The staff was always accommodating and kind and always said to call if any questions or concerns. I felt safe and secure in the care I received. I now for the most part have a flat tummy again!!


Dr. Mehan and his staff are very attentive and helpful. Can wear regular shoes again.


Surgery was successful. Dr. Mehan and his staff were thorough and I was very satisfied with the outcome of my surgery. The surgery that I had was to clean out an infection that occurred after valve replacement therapy, performed at Inova Hospital in Fairfax, Virginia. The infection didn't take hold for several weeks following my initial valve surgery. Between the initial surgery and the surgery by Dr. Mehan, I was admitted to another hospital for pneumonia. We don't know how I contacted the infection, but Dr. Mehan was the surgeon who operated to take care of the infection. Dr. Mehan and his staff were amazing. I felt very comfortable with their advice and judgment concerning my recovery. I live in Maryland, so would not necessarily visit this practice in the near future unless I required a surgery which is typically handled in this practice.


There are very few times that you meet a Doctor who makes you feel at ease with them. Dr. Meehan is definitely one of them. He listens to your concerns, explains in detail what the procedure will entail and just makes you feel confident that everything will be fine. He is courteous and professional but also can be funny when he needs to be. He was the best.


I felt very comfortable with the information they shared with me. The staff always kept me informed and checked up on me when I was in the hospital. Out of all the doctors I worked with they contacted me the most. The doctor and staff was great, and I plan on continuing to work with them until I'm fully recovered.


This evaluation questionnaire clearly tells how highly satisfied I was before, during and after the extensive surgery performed. I am so grateful for Dr. Downs and his staff.


This was a difficult experience because of the two strokes...probably not the fault of the doctor.


The end result is so realistic, far exceeded my expectations! Dr Carlino came highly recommended by my radiologist and my ob/ gyn. My initial consult and initial surgery was for a breast reduction. During the course of the reduction surgery, Dr Carlino felt tissue that he thought was questionable. He sent the tissue to path and the results came back cancerous. Dr Carlino sent out a call for a general surgeon, the two of the proceeded to do a lumpectomy and Dr Carlino finished the breast reduction after the lumpectomy was complete. I attribute his skill and knowledge to saving my life on the operating table that day. He has been a tremendous source of support and guidance throughout this journey. My last phase of this journey was the choice I made to have a prophylactic mastectomy with reconstruction performed. Dr Carlino spent a great length of time discsuiing my options and the pros and cons of each option. To say I trust Dr Carlino with my life is an understatement. I am done with the reconstruction and I could not be more pleased with the outcome. His level of skill is above and beyond any peer in this type of work in my opinion. I have and will continue to refer friends and family to Dr Carlino. Thanks for the opportunity to share the compassion, skill, and knowledge of one of the greatest surgeons.


being treated with respect. Kind and treated with respect by all staff, made me feel comfortable and worked to get it covered by insurance


Impressed with Dr. Lindsey's genuine interest, concern, care and skill.


As I can only imagine is the objective of reconstructive surgery--I keep telling people that I can hardly tell I had surgery. And believe me, my surgery was a big one. I have to choose more than one single best thing" because I also have to comment on my scar's appearance. I have seen a TON of post-op scars and I am beyond impressed with the skill, artfulness, and precision of this scar, especially because it is in a place that is so noticeable. Well done!". Dr. Mackay was unbelievably thorough and sincere, going above and beyond to ensure not only that he did a great job (not that there was ever any doubt) and that I was confident in his ability and my outcomes. In addition, he went well beyond the call of duty to provide education and counsel on other aspects of my care and coach me on the right questions to ask other providers--things that I wouldn't have thought of myself and were instrumental to having a great pre- and post-operative experience. As a medical provider myself working very closely with very skilled and renowned physicians, I can say that he is a rare breed of physician and his patients are so lucky to have him. The rest of the practice's staff including nurses and PA's were so thorough and helpful and friendly as well--what a skilled, professional, and warm team. I will not hesitate to refer friends and my own patients to your practice. There's no wonder why Dr. Mackay came so highly recommended to me and why he was voted one of Atlanta's Top Doctors!


My everyday living went from seeing a Home Health Nurse several times a week and having to deal with many, many bandage changes to being able to finally feeling like I had made some progress in my healing process. Dr. Cabbabe and his entire staff were very concerned about my situation and all were extremely caring and friendly. I was very anxious and upset about the condition I was in when I first visited Dr. Cabbabe. He was very assuring that he would be able to repair my wound that he was addressing. After many months of dealing with an open wound on my back Dr. Cabbabe performed reconstruction surgery and the wound was totally closed and was able to remove drains and staples in a matter of only 2 weeks. I was very satisfied with the end results.. Again Dr. Cabbabe and his entire staff were very nice and friendly. I appreciate all he and his staff did for me.


Beyond his skills as a surgeon, Dr. Mackay connects with his patients to provide compassionate care, guidance and hope. I have been blessed to have Dr. Mackay as my surgeon following my cancer diagnosis that required multiple surgeries. Dr. Mackay has exemplary surgical skills coupled with a compassionate bedside manner. He goes above and beyond regarding the patient's continuum of care. Dr. Mackay is truly genuine, approachable and beyond patient. Dr. Mackay and his office staff are simply outstanding and make any unsettling situation more manageable. Thank you.


There wasn't anything that I wasn't unhappy about with


Dr. Ghazi and his staff were wonderful!!! This was a difficult procedure (skin graft and muscle flap over knee) that included co-ordination with an orthopedic surgeon and infectious disease doctor as well. All questions and concerns were answered promptly post surgery (I sent several iPhone photos post surgery when I had a concern or question regarding the graft and the staff responded quickly with specific instructions). He did a remarkable job!!!


I had a fat atrophy area repaired. Dr. Elluru is the best surgeon I've ever met. He's kind, thorough, detailed, and a master at his craft. I believe there is only one thing that could be improved upon...the time spent in consultation. I think it's too short and rushed.