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Rhinoplasty surgery can improve the size, shape, appearance and proportion of the nose, or correct breathing problems associated with the nose. 

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Rhinoplasty Reviews (646)

The results were awesome and my recovery was fast. I ate super healthy. I only used pain meds 3 days. My swelling was almost down by day 4. Dr. Russell knows what he's doing. The mental recovery was harder than the physical because a change in your face can be hard. I wasn't prepared for that. Listen to the doctor. He is a smart guy.


Dr. Russell is amazing and incredibly patient. His work is nothing short of miraculous. Quickness of the actual surgery.


I have a new boost of confidence! My rhinoplasty results have given me a more softer, feminine appearance to my look. . I was very happy with how well I recovered from my surgery and how little swelling and bruising I had. Dr. Chasan made my nose and other procedures he performed look natural and like I was born with them. These were exactly the results I was looking for and I couldn’t be more happy!


The practice has a very high end and polished feel and the staff is exceptionally welcoming and friendly. I liked the ability to see the computerized changes to my nose pre-surgery to make sure my surgeon and I were on the same page. I've always hated the hump on my nose as well as the elongated tip and my surgeon gave me a beautiful profile. My surgeon, Dr. Hall, went above and beyond to make sure I was happy with my results. He truly believes in making his patient happy.


Dr. Lee's staff is very friendly and professional, and they made the visits to his practice pleasant and straightforward. I appreciate their work as much as I appreciate his. Amazing team.Dr. Lee's work speaks for itself. People tell me my nose looks great and I shrug and tell them I wish I could take credit!I think this process went as smoothly as possible in every way. Not that I have much basis for comparison, but really, it was easy and I'm thrilled with the results. I should have done this years ago.I am very happy to recommend Dr. Lee to anyone who's looking for a talented surgeon.


Dr Sherman and his team made me feel very comfortable throughout the whole procedure and were very professional. More confidence and better feel about my overall appearance


Overall I would say Dr Mostoe and staff went above and beyond to make me feel comfortable about choosing this procedure and their expertise to make me feel confident that would be in good hands. I highly recommended them to many of my family and friends.The whole staff feels like family and I feel this is very important to anyone who has to make a decision on choosing a qualified medical team


The best thing about the entire experience was the care that everyone in the office gives you, and the way they treat you with extreme respect. . I was highly satisfied with the entire experience. The pre op, surgery, and post op expectations not only met my expectations, but exceeded them. Great work from the entire staff, especially the surgeon. Now I am very happy with the result, and confident with myself.


I was shocked at how easy it all was. Should have done this years ago.


Everyone was so very nice and professional making sure I was ok before the surgery and after the surgery !!! They really are amazing ! The fact that I have my nose back and it’s much better than before


I never thought that my surgery going to be that fast recovery and very good result and Im satisfied with my experience becouse I got to know Docter Patel he's one akind .


Dr. Lintner and his staff are so caring! They were never judgmental and didn't make me feel silly for asking any of the seemingly hundreds of questions I had pre and post surgery. Plus I'm just really satisfied with my results. I asked for a subtle change to my nose and that's exactly what Dr. Lintner did. Would recommend him and all of his staff to anyone!!


Dr Palmer listened to what my expectations were and how I expected to look upon outcome. The staff was so nice and available Got an appointment for consult without aWaiting period and was scheduled for surgery without a inconvenient waiting period. Also felt my recovery was exactly how doctor explained it would be I am happy with my appearance and am able to breathe out of both my nostrils. Which was my main reason for going in for rhinoplasty


The staff is always extremely friendly and they did a great job with my surgery. Very happy with the results


Dr. Pearlman made me feel confident that he truly knew what he was doing and I do not have to worry. Of course, he said all the risks but he helped me calm down and relieve my anxiety before and after surgery. I felt very comfortable. He is kind, friendly but also serious and thorough when it comes to the surgery and procedures. I always feel he gives me 100%. His nurses and staff are really kind and helpful too. They were really good to me every time I came in whether the surgery, follow ups or consultation. I am an anxious person so it is so great that they were all so wonderful to me. I would highly recommend Dr. Pearlman! He is the very best there is! I sometimes go to sleep and have nightmares that I will wake up with my old nose. That's how unhappy I was with it. This surgery truly changed my life! I feel more confident in general and taking pictures. It just feels so amazing to wake up and look in the mirror and see how perfect but so natural to my face my nose looks. I am so grateful to Dr. Pearlman!


Dr. Pearlman exceeded my expectations going into my rhinoplasty procedure. I am more than pleased with the results 2 months following my surgery and it's almost hard to believe that it will continue to heal for the next 10 months. He focused on creating a natural result, which was really important to me. Dr. Pearlman also took everything I said during my consult into account and also helped manage my expectations. The staff is really warm and welcoming and the nurse and anesthesiologist made me feel at ease on the day of surgery and also during my follow up visits. The procedure has given me a new sense of convidence. I no longer worry about how my face is positioned when I'm talking to people (so that they don't catch my nose at a bad angle). I also generally feel much more at ease when interacting with people, whether I knew them already or have just met them.


I'm now 8 months post op from rhinoplasty surgery and I'm extremely happy with the results. Dr. Pearlman is not one for sugar coating anything, but he produces amazing results. He's an expert at his craft and was able to improve my nose without making me look completely different. He gave me an extremely thorough consultation and recovery was pretty minimal. The only thing I will say is that I was not mentally prepared for what my nose would look like initially after the cast was off. I was pretty upset as I did not realize I could look piggy for those first couple weeks and didn't get warned about that. That's on me as well as I just didn't see that in any research initially. However that look faded and it healed very nicely. I'm very happy with the results :) I feel more confident and not constantly insecure about the way my nose looks, particularly in pictures where I'd overanalyze and hate the way I looked. It's healed to be such a subtle change that no one notices I had a procedure, they just think I look better.


Our experience with Dr. Escudero and his staff was excellent from start to finish. We are very happy with our results and feel like Dr. Escudero listened to us every step of the way.


Costumer service was amazing, my rhinoplasty was everything I wanted he helped me breath again and removed my bump . My side profile looks beautiful!


Wonderful experience. Everyone I encountered was very attentive and wanted to ensure they responded to all of my concerns. They treated me like a patient not a client. What that means to me is that the staff treated me with medical care. I think I was expecting it to seem more frivolous and cosmetic. I really appreciate the professionalism of the entire staff. I feel more confident in my own skin. For almost my entire life, I hated my nose and especially my profile. I put a lot of energy in making sure that my head wasn't turned to a profile when pictures were taken of me and even when in social groups of people. I still catch myself doing that and I have to remember that I no longer need to be uncomfortable about my appearance. If I knew how easy the surgery and recovery would be compared to what I gained from it, I would have done it decades ago.

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