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Rhinoplasty surgery can improve the size, shape, appearance and proportion of the nose, or correct breathing problems associated with the nose. 

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Rhinoplasty Reviews (647)

The surgery gave me the look I wanted I couldn't ask for more. The surgery has given me more confidence in my everyday life.


The results were wonderful and I felt very at ease throughout. Everyone was very friendly, informative and professional. I love the results which are very natural looking.


It definitely has given me the self-esteem I never had. . I was very happy with the outcome of my surgery. I am still recovering, but I feel that my doctor and his staff were very professional and friendly.


The surgeon listened and did everything I said. I love my new nose.


Dr Diaz gave me a nose he said he would give me. Natural and fits my face which is exactly what I wanted! I have been very pleased with my experience from day one when I came in for a consultation, to the results of my procedure, as well as the follow up appointments!


I have never been able to breath as well as I can now after this surgery...


Great doctor and staff. Very professional and caring. Made me feel very comfortable through the whole procedure. Feel better about myself.


The overall experience was very pleasant. The staff was friendly and helpful. This is what I enjoyed most about the experience- I felt very welcomed in.


Most of the staff members were very upbeat and kind. Liz is a wonderful assistant- and the nurses that were with me before and after the surgery were very sweet too. Dr. Brundage himself is quite witty and being able to joke around with him made it a good experience. I felt very comfortable.


My name is [name] and I'm originally from [country]. I was considering having a rhinoplasty done for a long time of my life. My nose was very asymmetrical and I didn't think it was too feminine. I searched with my husband for the best surgeons in Wisconsin and we found Dr. Patel. All of my consultations went great and he was extremely patient and empathetic to my situation. I felt comfortable throughout the whole procedure, since the pre-operation until now. I had my rhinoplasty done in December, and the thing I love the most is that my nose looks extremely natural. I can't even see my scar anymore. I feel like a complete new person and my self-esteem couldn't be better at this point. Dr. Patel is more than a doctor, he is an amazing human being that wants to see his patients happy. He and his staff were awesome and I highly recommend his work. Thank You!


Working with Dr. Diaz is a great experience. He is talented, informative, and provides constructive feedback regarding your procedure. Dr. Diaz listens to your needs and customizes the best solution possible. His office is immaculate and his staff is outstanding. I felt well taken care of before and during my surgery and my follow up visits have been excellent. My surgical experience was much less problematic than I expected. The procedure and recovery time was minimal and the results began to show very quickly.


I was highly satisfied overall but there were minor set backs to my experience that made it slightly less than perfect.


Genuine care and concern from all the people in the office and at the surgery center. After surgery, I had to call the office several times and my questions were always answered either by the staff or Dr. Lee himself in a timely fashion. I can breath, my nose is not dripping and I am not sniffing constantly. My sleeping has improved and I have been told that I am sleeping very quietly now.


Dr. Brundage was honest, direct, and provided the exact cosmetic result I had hoped for.


I forgot to ask a few questions and left not feeling completely confident about having the procedure, but that is not the doctor's fault or the fault of the other workers there.


Given reasonable expectations and they delivered more . Everyone was so professional. I don't look like I've had work done just look younger and rested. When I look in the mirror I smile. My spouse thinks I look great as well.


Dr Henry is very patient. She listened, she 's ready to make change for you and to make sure that you are very satisfied with your procedure.


I was amazed during my consultation that they were able to read my mind and know exactly what my insecurities were. Dr. Raphael also did a thorough exam and shared with me other issues and concerns from my breathing due to a broken nose and having no cartlidge. He was very clear and answered all my questions. If I ever had a concern after the procedure, the staff was quick to get back to me and answer all questions. I can now breathe at night, and am no longer insecure of my nose when I go out in public. Thank you!


Escudero is experienced and Shelly is very helpful when answering questions. I was made comfortable and the staff on the day of surgery. It was nice to have my family visit during my wait times.


I had two prior rhinoplasty procedures with another surgeon. Initially coming to Dr. Escudero my nose was very asymmetrical and had a lot of cosmetic issues. He did an exceptional job at correcting the problems and further refined its look. I highly recommend Dr. Escudero and his staff! I am not only pleased with its appearance but I can also breathe much better.

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