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Cosmetic Surgery:

Fat Transfer

90.2% Patient Satisfaction based on 504 ratings

Fat transfer or fat grafting takes fat from one area of the body and injects it into another area such as lips, cheeks, breasts, or buttocks.


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Fat Transfer Reviews (177)

Dr. Shah was very thorough with the procedure and results information. He was available for questions before and after. Great “bed side manner.” I am very happy with the results!


My expectations were 100 percent satisfied.


The entire staff was warm and welcoming and made me feel very at ease with my decision to have a facial fat transfer. Dr. Cook took his time with me to answer all my questions and to create a plan that would best suit my needs and goals. I love my results because I look natural and refreshed!


All staff at the practice are genuinely kind and caring. They are present in their interactions whether it's a phone call, consultation or pre-op. Dr Stephens is not only highly-skilled and a great surgeon but very kind and caring. He is also conservative and doesn't recommend or push things on patients that they truly don't need or won't benefit them. Great follow up post procedure!


I was told exactly what to expect. That expectation was accurate. I also believe this was the correct procedure for me.


It is my understanding that fat was taken from my abdomen and injected into the hollows in my cheeks. Filling out my cheeks was what I wanted the surgery to accomplish. However, the fat was also injected into my under-eye areas, creating bags under my eyes. Unfortunately, the hollows in my cheeks returned but the bags still remain. I had one additional surgery to remove some of the fat under my eyes, but it didn't help. In addition, I'd like to say that the staff was exceptional.


Dr. Cook and his staff are so caring. They saw to all my needs and nervousness! Everyone genuinely cared about my well being.


Great customer service!


Dr. Barlow took great care of me and was wonderful to work with. [Single best thing is...] That I look fresh but not plastic.


The doctors and the medical staff are awesome. I am very pleased and I would use their services again.


I love it here because I’ve had several surgeries and have always been pleased


Actually lip lift and periobital fat transfer were performed exceptionally well and I had total confidence in Dr. Karan, and his nurse Stacy is an absolute wonder.


Everybody in the office is very nice!! Communication was very frequently lacking with no response to questions and concerns, unanswered emails, office not bothering to cancel appts and left me waiting for hours. I tried to be patient because stuff happens and the world is imperfect, but I honestly felt kind of alone and left hanging multiple times. Was emailed several videos I was supposed to watch but only received them about an hour before pre-op appt. No time to watch so couldn't ask enough appropriate Qs. Video I watched later said I would receive a handbook for reference. Didn't receive it. Never heard it mentioned. Was surprised to have drains since video specifically said there would be none and no one mentioned them. Felt at times like the doctor wasn't believing what I was saying, felt like he thought he already knew my experience. After all of that and being VERY expensive, results are okay, but quite minimally noticeable. I'm also trying to be patient there. I just honestly think that if I was the doctor's wife or mother or sister, he wouldn't be happy with my care.


Dr. Lee was very caring. He listened carefully to my needs. The results were good.


Putting my own fat into my cheek area from my stomach looks fantastic. Much more lifted appearance. Thank you Dr. Salzman.


This is my second procedure with this surgeon and I’m very happy with the results .


Dr. Lane Smith and his staff are amazing. My procedure experience was beyond my expectations. I had no pain and was very comfortable through most of my recovery. The results are amazing. This was my second surgery with him and he treated me with care and respect. He made sure he answered all my questions before and after my surgery. I am so grateful to him. His work is exceptional and I’m very happy and satisfied that I had him as my Dr. Thank you again to the whole team! My breast lift amazes me with how much of a change it has made with the way my breast look. Now they are just how I wanted them.


Dr. Cook takes his time and makes sure everything is perfect.


Result is very good and I am happy with the removal of under-eye bags. Dr. and Staff very attentive and I am most happy with the results.


The laser did not work as well in improving my skin as it did the first time I had it done. The fat that was transferred to my face around my eyes did not work and I still have to get it fuller there.

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