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Male Breast Reduction / Gynecomastia

93% Patient Satisfaction based on 569 ratings

Gynecomastia also known as male breast reduction is the overdevelopment of the male breast.  According to American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) in 2014 over 24,000 gynecomastias were performed.

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Male Breast Reduction / Gynecomastia Reviews (213)

My chest looks great, pain was minimal, and everyone that attended to me at every step of the way was helpful and knowledgeable of the process. The appearance of my chest is now something I’m proud of and confident in. I can dress how I like without having to worry about it.


Excellent patient care from our first contact with Laura, the best patient coordinator ever! Lexy has always been supportive & available. Lastly, Dr. Dulin exceeded my expectations. His affirmation of the LGBTQ community is beautiful and so very appreciated.


Dr. Gingrass was both professional and personable. Very down to earth and open to all questions. Also expressed willingness to tweak my procedure in the future as needed. Plan on more procedures in future. Needed and desired to get rid of man boobs for a more masculine appearance.


Dr. Fardo is clearly knowledgeable, highly personable, and very efficient. He made me feel comfortable visiting his office and speaking with him. He stands behind his work and shows tremendous care toward his patient.


The staff has been amazing from the 1st visit all the way thru the post surgery visits. Dr. Lintner has been very hands on through the entire process and cares about his patients. I would highly recommend Dr. Lintner and his staff to anyone. One of the best things through my process is interaction with staff and how helpful and caring they are. Also very impressed with availability and access to Dr. Lintner with concerns and questions.


The staff is highly qualified and pleasant. Every single person that helped me made me feel at ease in a situation that can make one feel very self-conscious and uncomfortable. Dr. Wall was very professional and as soon as I talked to him about the procedure I knew that I was going to go through with it. Being able to have the surgery right there on the campus of the Wall Center was a huge plus. The hardest part of the procedure was actually dealing with Oschners (sp) when I went to get my blood work done. They messed up a sample and I had to come back in. I loved every part of the experience...and most of all the finished product. [Single best thing is...] Being able to have the surgery done at the Wall Center in those operating rooms.


Honest kind staff and surgeon. Made the whole experience delightful and a pleasant one.


All staff was very friendly and knowledgeable. Dr Dulin had a great bedside manner. Following up appts were on schedule and informative. We are very happy with the surgery results. The double mastectomy was very important for Logan with his transition.


Dr. Mills and the Renaissance staff made me feel extremely comfortable about a condition that lowered my confidence for years. I'm extremely happy with the results of my procedure and I will be forever grateful to Dr. Mills. My surgical experience was nerve racking. I was extremely nervous. Dr. Mills and staff ensured me everything would be ok which helped me calm down a lot. My procedure was semi-painless and I credit Dr. Mills for that. After my surgery Dr. Mills provided me with his personal cellphone number and continued to see me every week monitoring my progress. That made me feel important and not just another patient.


This was my first surgical procedure. Dr. Fardo and his team were extremely helpful and informative throughout the entire process. They made sure I was comfortable and attentive to my questions and needs from beginning to end. Thanks so much!


Al Cohn and his staff make you feel completely comfortable with every part of the surgical process. And they are more than willing to answer any questions that might come up. Absolutely world class surgeon and practice!!


Everyone is nice and helpful, results are great, clinic is neat


Dr. Bartlett is a skilled surgeon who thought hard about my case, presented me with my options and followed through with excellent results. His office was professional and prompt in all communications and expectations - they did what they said they would do. I selected Dr. Bartlett after conducting a lot of research. His associations with Harvard and his specialization in gynecomastia surgery led me to him, and I am very glad that I selected him as my surgeon. I am still healing but there was barely any pain associated with the procedure. I saw excellent results immediately and am looking forward to what things will look like as the scars continue to heal. If you are looking for a professional surgeon who genuinely cares about getting it right. Look no further.


The process was seamless from consultation to surgery to follow up.


This was my first surgery of any kind and the staff during the entire process was nothing but fantastic. The overall experience was done with respect and patience, not to mention the results are what I was told they were be. Nothing was over promised, just the reality of what to expect, and those results were great.


Results were great, care was excellent and follow up appts were great and showed concern for my recovery


Dr. Romanelli and staff were great. They explained everything very thoroughly during consultations and were not pushy on having me get this done. Post surgery, the staff made me feel comfortable on the day of surgery as well as during the post op visits. The results over exceeded my expectations I am much more confident now. [Single best thing is...] I would say the recovery and end result. Everything has gone exactly as they had laid it out. Having no surprises made me prepare well which ultimately made the process very easy and seamless.


This was a life changing experience for me. I could not be more grateful to Dr. Samaha and his team for what they have done for me. I am finally free to feel comfortable in my own skin after dealing with gynecomastia for most of my life. Thanks so much.


The Dr. and staff were friendly, explained everything well, and followed up with me afterwards. The price was reasonable, and the work I had done was excellent. I am more confident now. The staff made me feel comfortable the day of surgery.


Great doctor & nurses who explained the entire procedure well. The entire process was seamless, straightforward, and clean. From scheduling an initial appointment until the post-op, I didn't run into any issues and the staff has been very responsive to all my questions & concerns.

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