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Consumers and providers benefit when ratings and reviews accurately reflect real patient experiences and true practice quality.

When consumers find the trusted content they need to make informed decisions on your website, they will reach out. Your practice benefits from increasing consumer use of ratings and reviews to choose providers.

If you want to use ratings and reviews to market and grow your practice, we have a proven solution. Use our proprietary tools to harvest your patients’ feedback and publish ratings and reviews produced by our algorithms to your website.

For consumer sites, use our Review Multiplier™ to take back control of your online reputation on 70+ review sites.

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Fine-tune your practice with real patient feedback >> 

We deliver actionable data and customer feedback to help you fine-tune your practice resulting in increased revenue, retention, and referrals.

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Increased visibility and competitive advantage in Google search results: Powerful content marketing tools boost your rankings, increase engagement on your website, and support your online reputation.

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RealPatientRatings helps your practice attract more patients who are further along in their decision-making process and ready to buy.

Increase conversions by displaying star ratings in Google search results >>

We enable you to leverage the extraordinary thoughts and feelings of your patients to dramatically increase conversions and accelerate the buying process.

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“My patients all tell me they came because of the ratings, not because I teach at Harvard. I love what you’re doing and I tell every resident to become a member of RealPatientRatings.”