About RealPatientRatings

Who we are & what we can do for you

Our Mission

Our top priority at RealPatientRatings is YOU—and our goal is to facilitate the consumer buying process, support your online marketing efforts, and help you fine-tune your practice. We do this by proactively soliciting patient feedback and publishing 100% verified, statistically valid, ratings and reviews about patient experiences with doctors, providers, treatments and technologies.

Why our members love RealPatientRatings

  • It’s easy – our process doesn’t make you or your staff do any extra work.
  • We’re conducting the largest study of the patient experience ever, and the regional and national benchmarks help you know where you stand against your colleagues
  • It’s impossible to fake a review; only your real patients are included.
  • We support YOUR website and internet marketing efforts over our own.

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What makes RealPatientRatings different from all those other review sites?

Our Authenticity Policy

No fake reviews. Really, none.

Reviews generated by RealPatientRatings come from the survey completed by real patients who have completed a qualified visit to a provider’s office.

Not just anyone can go online and write a review through RealPatientRatings, and the participating providers cannot selectively choose which patients will be surveyed. This means the results reflect the actual experience of all patients.

The providers who participate in RealPatientRatings engage realpatientratings.com to independently provide feedback from their patients. RealPatientRatings surveys all patients and then provides anonymous and authentic patient feedback to the providers who use the information to validate the quality of care or to improve future patient experiences.

These providers are committed to transparency and want independent ratings and reviews to give consumers an “insider” view of their patient care and communication.

The RealPatientRatings Survey Process

How does it work?

It’s simple! We anonymously survey patients within a specified timeframe following consultation, treatment, or surgery. We enable patients to respond anonymously because we know they are real patients of the practice. Because patients value anonymity, many more patients provide feedback and approve reviews for public use. This ensures accuracy of ratings and the frequency insures statistical validity.

RealPatientRatings is able to deliver the patient feedback to the practice along with comparisons to regional and national benchmarks. This real patient feedback enables the practice and providers to gain insights from their patients and to use that information to improve the quality of care for future patients.

Meet Our Executive Team

Putting their experience to work for you

Marie Olesen

Founder & Chief Patient Experience Officer
Marie Olesen is the founder of RealPatientRatings™. Her career mission is to help good doctors take better care of their patients. After 23 years of surveying patients at La Jolla Cosmetic Surgery Centre, Marie created RealPatientRatings™, a data-based marketing program that uses individual patient surveys and insights to improve the patient experience within aesthetic practices across the nation.

Bronwen Southard

Director of Member Services
Brownwen Southard joined RealPatientRatings™ after 14 years at a fortune 500 retailer known for its extraordinary customer service. She is passionate about providing unparalleled customer service and has worked on the development of additional offerings for our members’ benefit. Ms. Southard holds a Bachelor of Arts and Marine Science from the University of San Diego.

Hank Nordhoff

Board Member
As the past CEO of Gen-Probe, growing businesses has been Hank Nordhoff’s passion. That said, he’s equally committed to healthcare, especially the diagnostic breakthroughs that Gen-Probe nurtured to save lives through better detection of infectious diseases in the world’s blood supply. Gen-Probe rose to success by developing tests for hepatitis B, hepatitis C, HIV and the West Nile virus, in addition to sexually transmitted diseases, tuberculosis and prostate cancer.

Thomas Lund

Board Member
Tom Lund is widely known as a pioneer of database marketing. His company, Customer Development Corporation (CDC), specialized in database management and marketing for financial institutions and other various companies around the world. Tom received the coveted “High-Tech Entrepreneur of the Year” award by Entrepreneur Magazine in the 90s.

Peter Farrell

Board Member
Dr. Peter C. Farrell, Founder and Chairman of ResMed, believes in giving back. For several years he has been a stalwart supporter of universities, primary and secondary education activities, as well as various arts and cultural organizations in the United States, Australia and elsewhere.

Dr. Farrell founded ResMed specifically to treat apnea and sleep-disordered breathing, which affects approximately 30 percent of adults, with 7 percent suffering debilitating problems that contribute to high blood pressure, heart ailments and diabetes.

Merrel Olesen

In 1988, R. Merrel Olesen, MD founded La Jolla Cosmetic Surgery Centre (LJCSC) to meet the unique needs of the cosmetic surgery patient. He wanted to create a special place where doctors, nurses and administrative staff work as a team to not only provide quality surgical results but also a wonderful patient experience. Dr. Olesen is known for his industry-transforming work in patient and peer education.

Dr Olesen retired from active practice in 2005. He continues to be interested in the Centre and serves as Chairman of the Board at La Jolla Cosmetic Surgery Centre. He maintains a keen interest in what’s happening at LJCSC and how to continue its rich traditions of quality patient care and excellent communication.