Fine-Tune Your Practice

Real patient feedback is the perfect tool for improving your practice

RealPatientRatings not only gives potential patients a snapshot of your practice’s strengths and weaknesses, it also gives you and your team valuable insight into where you excel—and where you have room for improvement.

RealPatientRatings is also the only source of verified ratings and reviews for your non-surgical providers, so you can see how well this side of your business is operating, which providers are garnering the best responses, and how well available technologies and treatments are meeting patient expectations.

Through our patient survey, we can deliver actionable data and customer feedback to help you fine-tune your practice, which results in increased revenue, retention, conversions, and referrals. Because RealPatientRatings is anonymous, it provides the perfect platform for patients to feel comfortable sharing how they truly feel about their experience, care, and outcome—something which is difficult to do face-to-face or even on public platforms.

Even bad reviews can be a blessing in disguise

Most review sites allow customers to react purely on emotion; they login, type up a few words, and hit submit. The RealPatientRatings patient survey asks your patients to truly think about their experience. We have found it yields more valuable, honest feedback.

If you receive a bad review from a patient, it can be difficult not to take it personally or worry about how it will impact your online reputation. But we encourage you to look at it as an opportunity to make things better and learn what motivates your patients—and what you can do to further motivate them to remain with your practice or refer you to others.

Did you know…?

Negative reviews are actually a good thing when it comes to outside perception of your practice. It might feel counterproductive to highlight a two-star complaint, but studies have shown that consumers respond better to businesses with blended reviews.

Turning weaknesses into strengths

Real patient feedback uncovers ideas and areas for improvement—and then it’s up to you to take that feedback and put it to good use. From insight into how well your administrative staff treat potential patients to the bedside manner of your OR staff, you will get an unbiased look at your practice as a whole.

So, you have all the information. Now what?

  • Don’t focus on one negative statement or a single unhappy reviewer. Yes, every unhappy patient is an opportunity for improvement, but it’s important to look at the bigger picture to truly hone in on any potential problems.
  • Talk openly with your staff about any concerns you may have after reading through patient surveys. There are always two sides to the story, and focusing on solutions is often the best way to move forward.
  • That being said, take action where necessary to maintain patient trust. If you have a problematic employee, it may be time to reevaluate.
  • Follow-up with willing patients to find out what you can do or what you could have done to improve their experience.

Ultimately, ignoring what most patients are saying when they leave a negative review—”you could have done better”—is a missed opportunity for improvement and a disservice to both current and future patients.

“What I love the most about is the direct feedback from our patients. It isn’t my opinion, my doctor’s opinion or an outside consultant’s opinion, it is what our actual patients are saying. It allows me to find easy and meaningful ways to make changes to our practice. Practice growth is a natural outcome.”

Vicki Koplow, Practice Manager at Steven Teitelbaum, MD

We can help!

After you receive your personalized report from RealPatientRatings, we will happily meet to discuss. We can provide strategies for boosting conversions, retention, and referrals, and discuss your team’s strengths and how to turn feedback into real improvement to drive profitable growth. Contact us to get started!