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Get more leads with verified patient reviews

Fact: RealPatientRatings members get more leads, more phone calls, and more conversions and cases when reviews are maximized as a critical part of an overall internet marketing strategy. RealPatientRatings helps your practice attract more patients who are further along in their decision-making process and ready to buy. Once they see your stellar, 100% verified reviews, they will want to pick up the phone or fill out your contact form.

Did you know…?

Making sure prospective patients read reviews before consult increases scheduling at consult by 41% versus patients who did not receive any forms or materials. Reviews persuade and ratings convert. In fact, site visitors who interact with both reviews and customer Q&As are more likely to purchase while visiting—and 70% of Americans say they look at reviews before taking the next step to conversion.

Give your patients what they want (hint: it’s ratings & reviews!)

RealPatientRatings not only helps increase the likelihood of patients seeing your ratings before even clicking through to your site, we also provide you with easy to disseminate content that can make your website richer and more cohesive.

Most web users want the same thing: the ability to quickly and easily locate the information they are looking for without too many steps. Potential patients are no different. They want to learn about your offerings, get details on a procedure of interest, and find out if your practice is the right fit for them…quickly, easily, and without too many steps.

Consider a young, local woman who has decided she is ready to have breast augmentation. It’s very likely her first step is navigating to Google and typing in her procedure of interest, breast augmentation. The results will appear, including a variety of competitor practices, procedure pages, and blogs, among which your site may be getting lost. If your listing displays star ratings, there is a higher chance she will click on your site first. But what happens when she gets there?

Whether she is aware of it or not, she will be looking for information that tells her she isn’t wasting her time on your site—and if she doesn’t find it, she will probably bounce right back to the results page to search for another option. Before procedure information, cost, and staff bios, patients want to know if you are a viable option—and a quick view of your aggregate ratings and reviews will tell them right away. Think of it as the modern day referral.

RealPatientRatings makes it easy

Most practice websites house a testimonials or reviews page; some even include individual patient quotes. But this information is often difficult to find and increases the number of steps a user must take to get the content they are looking for.

“Just wanted to say again how much you mean to me. You’ve not only saved my practice but made it grow. We’re up 62% over last year in terms of number of cosmetic cases.” — Christopher L. Hess, MD, Plastic Surgeon, Hess Plastic Surgery

With RPR’s marketing tools and widgets, you can incorporate your ratings and reviews into the appropriate pages on your website, offering your potential patients exactly what they are looking for in a clear, easy-to-find place. Not only that, but the information is dynamic. You don’t have to constantly chase down reviews or update pages; your RPR widget will display up-to-date, cumulative rating information and the most recent reviews of your practice, providers, and even specific procedures.

If you would like to learn more about how RealPatientRatings can help you generate leads, see a demo, or sign up for our services, please contact us today!