Increase Conversions

Star ratings in Google search results for more conversions

If you have ever Googled a business, chances are you have noticed some search results display a series of stars just under the page title. But what you may not know is consumers are more likely to click a listing that displays star ratings—and RealPatientRatings is your best bet for displaying star ratings on your own Google listings.

What makes these stars so special?

These star ratings differ from the Google ratings seen on the right side of the page after a branded search. The Google business page snippet—which displays your location, contact information, and other data in addition to ratings and reviews—is easy to achieve through claiming and managing your business profile, and it will display when a user searches for your business directly (i.e., “Dr. Smith Plastic Surgery”).

Star ratings in individual search listings, however, are slightly harder to achieve, but they can be a powerful motivator for users to click on your listing. These stars are not directly associated with your Google reviews, and they appear with more generic keyword phrases, such as “San Diego tummy tuck” or “plastic surgeon in Washington DC”. This means there is a greater chance of more users seeing your ratings during the beginning research stages.

Example of star ratings on a search engine results page (SERPs)


How star ratings increase conversions

There are a few specific ways star ratings positively influence searches—and in turn improve your traffic and conversion ratings:

  • Many companies and organizations see noticeable increases in click-through rate after stars are displayed.
  • Website listings that display a blended, though favorable, star rating instill more trust in users than listings that don’t.
  • Stand out from your competition early on; today’s users want quick and easy-to-find information, so displaying a snapshot of your ratings is more likely to result in a click-through.

Did you know…?

90% of customers report their purchasing decisions are influenced by online reviews, while 70% report looking at reviews before taking the next step to conversion.

You know your practice is great, but potential patients may not—and something as small as not having the right listing may keep them from finding out. Star ratings are a fantastic way to set yourself apart right from the start.

How RealPatientRatings helps

When configured correctly, your star ratings will appear next to your website in search results, giving you an unbelievable competitive advantage! Our services include tools and widgets that are easy to incorporate into your site and provide everything you need to begin showing ratings in your search listings—without having to figure out complex markup yourself.

“RPR is the type of review site I have dreamed about for years – instead of competing with the doctor’s website, they feed reviews that I can use for content. I see increased time on the site as visitors read the reviews and increased coverage in the search results. Because the reviews are programmed correctly, Google actually sees them!” — Clark Mackey, SEO Consultant, La Jolla Cosmetic Surgery Centre

RealPatientRatings is the only verified review service geared toward cosmetic and plastic surgery practices that can help you display star ratings on providers and services with minimal effort by your staff. If you would like to learn more or sign up today, please contact us! We would love to help your practice be the best it can be.