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Including ratings and reviews on your website increases visibility and competitive advantages in Google search results. Our members get more leads, more phone calls, more conversions, and more cases when reviews are maximized as a critical part of an overall internet marketing strategy. Because RealPatientRatings’ unique approach consistently delivers a high volume of new reviews, our members are able to spend less and get better results from their SEO efforts.

Did you know…?

68% of consumers trust consumer opinions posted online. On top of that, a whopping 96% of aesthetic consumers believe reviews are important when choosing a surgeon.

Why other review platforms just aren’t enough

Truly authentic patient reviews on Yelp, Google My Business, and other traditional directory sites are hard to get—and even harder to keep. Nobody in the provider’s office wants to ask patients to write reviews on a consistent basis, and emailing their database to ask patients to write reviews can result in too many new reviews on the same day, which can then be removed for looking suspicious.

The anonymity RPR gives patients makes them feel comfortable sharing their true feelings and experiences. Our online survey only goes out to real patients and is sent within an exact time frame following both surgery / treatment and consultation appointments, resulting in near-constant web activity.

Our mission is to help providers by accurately and visibly representing the high quality of their practice through data and feedback from their actual patients. Through our patient survey process, we deliver user-generated content directly to your websites via feed, coded to perfectly match the style of your website and be indexed by search engines. Best of all, it’s “hands-free.” Once you’ve added the widgets or feeds that you want to use, you don’t have to do any additional work. Your reviews can also be included on your own website(s) and inside your TouchMD system.

How RPR supports your existing marketing

Our purpose is to be generous with our outbound links, content, and social strategy to support your overall internet marketing strategy. We include followed links to the provider’s website and social media pages from our directory, and we actively link and promote our members through our own social media strategy. Through our blog, we link to providers and other industry voices.

It’s your website, not ours, that should be the ultimate destination for your patients

Today’s most effective SEO strategies are all about creating rich, user-generated content and having authentic conversations with your customers. We believe it’s your website, not ours, that should be the ultimate destination for your patients.

Our marketing tools let you customize and adapt the content feeds with a variety of different filters.

These tools all work together to rank your pages higher, make your listing on Google results look more attractive, and help improve your users’ experience when they click through to your website.

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