Pay It Forward
By April Linden

There is a wealth of research about the correlation between happy engaged employees and better workplace performance yielding higher profits:

In fact, these companies don’t just grow profits, but they do it as much as 3x faster than their competitors.

Each member of your staff is capable of leading you to higher revenue and growth, but you have to invest in creating the environment in which they can thrive and help you build.


Her smile style

Miriam is a genuinely happy individual and her attitude is contagious to everyone around her. From sun up to sun down, her radiant smile is the first thing patients see when they come to the practice. She is sincerely excited to see each and every one of the patients. When the front door opens, Miriam springs up from her seat, smiles and warmly welcomes patients to her practice, her home.

Her gift of gab

Miriam is a “connector” and it’s easy for her to strike up a conversation. It doesn’t matter if it is a young or mature patient, male or female. You name it she can hold a lasting conversation with the diverse population in the practice and make anyone feel like they’re special and the most important person in the world. Miriam genuinely enjoys people and the positive interactions she has create the sense of a warm friendly authentic practice.

Her I.A.S.M. (I am sold myself) approach

Engaging patients in conversations about skin care offerings, treatments for lines and wrinkles, breast surgery, or liposuction are second nature to her. She is well-versed in the extensive procedures and treatments, and readily shares her own experience. It’s a lot easier to sell when you have a staff member that understands the products, uses the products, BELIEVES the patient would benefit, AND can communicate this to patients. Products literally fly off the shelf when she is at the front desk.

Do you have a Miriam on your staff?

What products and services do you make available to your staff? Providing your staff the opportunity to experience the practice firsthand creates more Miriams. After all, how can one accurately convey the experience if they haven’t tried it themselves?

Here’s how to get started with 3 easy steps:

  • Encourage staff to try your product lines and surgery services by offering them at cost or at a highly-discounted fee.
  • Educate your staff on the products and invite a products sales representative to provide a training session.
  • Provide marketing tools for your staff to use (before and after photography, reviews and collateral).

With these tools in place, your staff will be more confident and comfortable in creating meaningful interactions with your patients. According to data from, you can expect a 20% increase in consult conversions when a prospect knows a previous patient. You can make sure every prospect comes into direct contact with a previous patient simply by having them on your staff.

Share the patient experience your practice has to offer with your staff. Doing so will create more engaged, appreciated employees who will be happy to share their experience with prospective patients.

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April Linden, Director of Business Development