Ratings & Reviews…More IS Better
By Marie Olesen

This simple equation represents the pervasive belief that more is always better. We’ve known for years that it’s true with ratings and reviews.

A new study published in Psychological Science and reported in the NY Post shows that given the option between two products with similar ratings, consumers consistently chose the product with MORE reviews.

This preference occurs, according to lead researcher Derek Powell of Stanford University, even in products with lower ratings, which is then a disadvantage to consumers.

So, consumers want to see more reviews and are more likely to choose you or your product if you provide lots of them!

It follows that the obvious best strategy is to have a number of reviews along with the highest possible ratings.

These findings validate our experience at La Jolla Cosmetic Surgery Centre in both the surgical practice and medspa. LJCSC embraced ratings and reviews in 2011. It’s willingness to be pro-active and use a survey-based system has been a winning strategy. Today, the practice has thousands of reviews with high ratings across multiple sites. Consumer response has been strong resulting in significant growth. This study confirms that LJCSC’s approach toward patient ratings and reviews meets consumer needs and accelerates practice growth.

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RealPatientRatings - Marie Olesen, Founder and Chief Patient Experience Officer