This just in—the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) released its 2016 statistics, and patients in the U.S. had more than 13.6 million aesthetic procedures last year. Over 85% of these procedures were non-surgical treatments.

With relatively low costs to implement, high patient yields, and exploding popularity among consumers, non-surgical offerings are one of the most effective ways to generate revenue, attract new patients, and keep patients returning—all essential to the success of your aesthetic practice.

So how can you most effectively get potential patients to trust your practice to provide the quality care and great results they want, and make an appointment?

The same way you would to attract surgical patients to your practice: by showcasing a strong portfolio of verified online reviews for your aesthetic services staff.

We know, based on heaps of research, that online rankings and reviews significantly influence consumer behavior—especially when it comes to choosing a medical provider. Not only do people trust other consumers’ reviews more than they trust paid ads, but many won’t consider a provider without first reading reviews. Simply put, when patients can read reviews of the individual who would be performing their treatment, they are much more likely to book treatment with that provider. They are even more compelled if they see trustworthy, verified reviews for a provider.

This is just as true for nurses, laser technicians, and skincare specialists as it is for physicians. In fact, considering so many places offer medical spa treatments, making sure your non-surgical providers stand out becomes even more important—particularly since many of these treatments are offered by poorly qualified providers. And generating reviews is one of the most effective ways to stand out and convert potential customers into paying patients.

An added benefit of having reviews specific to your non-surgical providers: you get accurate feedback to help you evaluate staff performance, improve your patients’ experiences, and make smarter business decisions, all of which can boost profits.

RealPatientRatings is the only source of verified ratings and reviews for nurses, skincare specialists, and non-surgical providers.

Unlike traditional doctor reviews sites, which only list MDs, our team provides the same level of verified rankings and reviews services for your nurse injectors, aestheticians, laser specialists, massage therapists, and anyone else who cares for your patients.

We send patient satisfaction surveys to your patients at the optimal timeframe following their experiences with your non-surgical providers to encourage maximum rate of response. This not only helps your providers more quickly build a substantial portfolio of reviews, but also increases patient loyalty by letting your current patients know you care about their feedback.

Implementing our review system has other big benefits too: RPR’s widgets and marketing tools are optimized to show star ratings in Google searches, making it easy for you to display each provider’s ratings and reviews in relevant places on your website—so your patients will see reviews when they are already primed to make a purchase decision.

Could you be doing more?

In today’s consumer environment, failing to get trustworthy reviews for your non-surgical providers could very well mean failing to meet your revenue potential in what should be a growing, lucrative area of your practice. So don’t lose out: with RPR, you can easily generate verified reviews with minimal effort on your part.

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