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What our members are saying

It has been an absolute pleasure working with My interaction with each staff member has been nothing but wonderful. I’m incredibly impressed with their professionalism, prompt responses and overall quality of services. As a small office, we were having difficulties encouraging patients to review our office. RealPatientRatings™ has been a game changer for us. Not only are we finally generating reviews from patients, but it has helped us tremendously with quality improvement. If anyone is looking for an excellent quality services, I would recommend RealPatientRatings™ without any reservation. As my boss would say, “it’s the best investment we’ve ever made.”

Christine A. Sullivan

Practice Manager, Richard A. Bartlett, MD

I like this more than the other reports that we used to use. This pinpoints the exact areas where we need to make changes!

Patty Kramer

Practice Manager, Kramer Plastic Surgery

What I love the most about is the direct feedback from our patients. It isn’t my opinion, my doctor’s opinion or an outside consultant’s opinion, it is what our actual patients are saying. It allows me to find easy and meaningful ways to make changes to our practice. Practice growth is a natural outcome.

Vicki Koplow

Practice Manager, Steven Teitelbaum, MD

RealPatientRatings has provided our practice with a valuable resource to capture our patient’s thoughts about their experience. The process is simple and requires little to no effort on the staff’s behalf. Our patients are presented with a safe, easy to follow email that walks them through the rating process. We see a high number of patients who actually follow through in posting their ratings. Ratings are automatically updated to our site, allowing other patients to have a real time rating to go by when choosing the right surgeon.

Dr. Robert Singer

Just wanted to say again how much you mean to me … you’ve not only saved my practice but made it grow. We’re up 62% over last year in terms of number of cosmetic cases. And more to the point, I saw a patient today that I saw a year ago and another last week I had also seen a year ago. Both came back and scheduled surgery. Oh and I’m getting feedback from patients about the reviews. They really like that there’s a review that’s not perfect. They understand that not everyone is perfectly happy and they appreciate our honesty.

Christopher L. Hess, MD

Plastic Surgeon, Hess Plastic Surgery

RealPatientRatings™ is extremely helpful just to help steer through the maze, and to have some sort of quantitative benchmark, even if it is rough estimate sometimes, of what works better than not. They have created a Win-Win. That is, an ethical above-board way to solicit ratings, while at the same time making available to our specialty, their information and some valuable insights about what makes the consultation process most successful. A great service to the specialty!

Douglas Hendricks, MD

Plastic Surgeon, Pacifica Cosmetic Surgery Center

RPR is the type of review site I have dreamed about for years – instead of competing with the doctor’s website, they feed reviews that I can use for content. I see increased time on the site as visitors read the reviews and increased coverage in the search results. Because the reviews are programmed correctly, Google actually sees them!

Clark Mackey

SEO Consultant, La Jolla Cosmetic Surgery Centre

Real Patient Ratings has been such a tangible asset to have in my practice. RPR was quick in collecting real feedback from my own patients – this not only helped me attract new clients, but also helped me shape the office, staff, and systems that worked well for my new practice. I myself received vital feedback as a surgeon and business owner and gained a new perspective on things because of that. The many patients who have offered their candid feedback and reviews on this platform, and the staff of RPR have made me think and improve upon my medical practice.

Dr. Jennifer Walden