Understanding Today’s
Medical Consumer

By Marie Olesen

Are you looking for ways to understand and engage today’s perpetually-connected medical consumers?

If yes, you need to understand what they want and how they want to buy it.

  • Consumers prefer non-surgical treatments to surgical procedures
  • Consumers use ratings and reviews in their buying process

Do you want to flourish in cosmetic medicine? The first step is to acknowledge that consumers are in charge. Next, review your practice against these consumer expectations.

  • Do you offer a range of non-surgical procedures?
  • Do you have a multi-faceted ratings and review strategy that includes on-going patient feedback?

While it is true that consumers want reviews to validate their decision to buy from us, they also help us build our brands by sharing their experiences. The authentic content they provide helps rankings and SEO, engages other consumers, enabling them to make more informed choices, more quickly.

What are your patients saying about their experiences with you and your team? Are you proud of your ratings and reviews? Or, do you feel threatened by this trend?

In either case, I recommend using patient feedback to find out what your patients want. Use the intel to refocus your care and communication around patient-identified priorities. With their input, you can find ways to increase conversions at consult and increase retention and referral post treatment or procedure.

Understanding what patients want and acting on their feedback translates to competitive advantage, profitable growth and financial security.

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RealPatientRatings - Marie Olesen, Founder and Chief Patient Experience Officer