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Ear Surgery

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Is a cosmetic surgery that changes the size or changes the position of the ear. Typically performed on teenagers and children the most common form of this surgery is ear pinning. American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery states that in 2014, over 35,000 ear surgeries were performed.

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Ear Surgery Reviews (91)

I think Dr Roy David is one of the most experienced surgeons that i have ever known i just feel wonderful inside & out


The whole office staff is kind and welcoming. Dr. Polo is extremely professional and his RN -Melissa is curtious and kind as well. I highly recommend Dr Polo to my fiends and family.


This procedure has made me drastically more comfortable in my own skin and was such an easy and vastly pain-free experience. It's a relatively small procedure, but has changed my life in ways that I'm still getting used to and will appreciate for the rest of my life. I was someone who was sort of skeptical of cosmetic procedures before, but this has opened my eyes to truly appreciate the ways in which it can improve someone's self-esteem. Dr. Bruno has the most kind and most patient beside manner, which is ultimately the reason I chose him as my surgeon. I didn't ever feel rushed talking to him in my consult or after my surgery; in fact, I felt as though he regularly gave me the opportunity to ask more questions. My second reason for choosing him being the affordability of his services relative to the other estimates I received. I ultimately felt very comfortable around him.


I felt safe and supported. Thrilled by the results of my surgery Freedom to wear my hair in any style feeling confident


love Dr Smith's office, all the staff there and all I have had done to date! eliminated self consciousness about my ear sticking out when the other ear was not.


Doctor explained very well what he was going to do and to expect. It was fast simple and no pain.


The stitches have all come out in less than six months after my ear surgery. Consequently, my ears protrude as before the surgery This was probably due to my not hearing or understanding how long I should be careful of the area around my ears after the wearing of the headbands. When I returned for the photo sessions I was never cautioned to continue to be extremely careful around my ears.


Overall totally satisfied and wouldn't change anything. I feel pretty now and more confident.


My surgery simply was suturing a tear in my earlobe. Very easy and very good result.


Great experience, will return for further procedures.


It has given me more confidence. It has made me feel better about myself It makes me look more alert and not so tired look


The experience from beginning to end was beautiful. Perfect balance between friendly/comforting and professional/capable.


The results was good, and there was no pain. I trust Dr. Boschert and his staff. I knew what to expect at every step. I feel comfortable wearing earrings and wearing my hair back.


I can wear earrings again! (I had an earlobe repair.). Dr. Calobrace and his staff were very nice and understanding and communicated everything they were doing throughout the procedure. The anesthesia was great. I didn't feel anything after the initial shot. I am very pleased with the outcome.


My son no longer has ear infections when he had them consistently for about 2 years and other doctors refused to give him tubes. Dr. Escudero listened to us and my son and saved his life from all the pain! . Doctor and his team are very friendly and all about their patients!


The people were all amazing and made us feel very comfortable. We loved Dr. Perlman and his staff. He is very easy to talk to and answered all of our questions and concerns without making us feel rushed. The surgical center staff was all wonderful, as well! We would highly recommend Dr. Perlman!


I fixed a torn earlobe and can now wear earrings again!! :). Dr. Sukkar and his entire staff are great. They make you feel extremely comfortable. I have had three procedures performed by Dr. Sukkar and have referred many of my friends.


Dr. Mackay and his staff were so friendly, transparent and professional. I felt knowledgeable about the procedure and my recovery, and the operation itself was seamless.


Very nice Doctor


Changing my ears made me more confortable with wearing my hair up. The nurses and people that took care of me were really helpful and the clinic is very clean. The surgery was fast and didn't hurt at all. The surgeon was very nice.

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