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Fat Transfer

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Fat transfer or fat grafting takes fat from one area of the body and injects it into another area such as lips, cheeks, breasts, or buttocks.


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Fat Transfer Reviews (251)

My comment has nothing to do with the surgeon, but more along the lines of what two procedures not to do at the same time. I had liposuction done on my stomach as well as a Brazilian Butt lift. It was the most uncomfortable 3 weeks because I had to sleep on my stomach and could not sleep on my sides or on my back the entire time. Oh and you can't sit on your butt for 3 weeks. I have to say it was an interesting experience. Overall my stomach looks great and my butt is taking its form which can take up to a year. The only reason I am not highly satisfied I should have had more fat removed from my problem areas and placed in my butt. It's a nice shape now, but it could be a lot more rounder/fuller.


I have numerous fat transfers by Dr. Wolin. His staff, him and Linda, are all friendly and make you feel that your needs are important. I recommend fat transfers all the time when people ask what I do to take away the wrinkles. It is my feeling that fat transfers are the best value for your buck - you see the most results, and they last longer, when you do fat transfers.


For minimal downtime the result was very satisfactory gave me the look (. Good nights rest) I was hoping for! The Practice Manager Laurie(sp?) was able to help accommodate me and make my appointment to fit my busy schedule, reminders were helpful and overall level of professionalism of entire Team exceeded my expectations


My clothes fit great and over all I look great.. I am satisfied because I have the results I always dreamed body is just the way imagined it to be. I am so happy with my buttocks and my upper body. Dr. Vogel is awesome to me. I tell any every woman I know that's not 100% happy with herself u don't have to be like that. But yes I'm very happy..


I have used this practice many times and will continue to recommand friends here. I have been very satisified with each visit.


Dr. Nease is wonderful, as are the staff. The office is pleasant, clean and comfortable.


Dr. Carey Nease is very friendly, skilled, and communicates well with his patients. He maintains a top-notch staff who go above and beyond their call of duty. I definitely would highly recommend this surgical center to anyone. I feel more confident with my looks. The liposuction for the fat transfer helps my clothes fit better, too. Thank you very much!


Natural look - no one can tell I had anything done. :-) Good job Dr Karam, Thank you. All stuff and Dr Karam are very professional and extremly well trained. Best in town. I am telling all my friends how good everyone at your practice is. :-)


So far I am very happy with Dr. Bruno's suggestion to use a combination of fat transfer and silicone implant to achieve the look that I was looking for. I am still waiting for my swelling to go down where my liposuction was performed, but I am so excited to see the end result in the next few months. . Dr. Bruno and his staff are extremely kind, and experienced. Dr. Bruno's bedside manner is wonderful. He always makes me feel confident and safe before any procedure. He answers any of my questions, without making me feel rushed. His work is flawless. He is truly and amazing surgeon.


when you look your best, you feel your best and do your best. we both appreciate professional caring atmosphere and procedure.


Dr. Bartlett and his staff put patients at ease and provide honest, grounded, and helpful information. Dr. Bartlett did a wonderful job, and though surgery always causes anxiety, put me at ease with his assessments for recovery and expectations. He didn't push me to add other procedures. In fact he kept me grounded and realistic. He has also provided me with sound, compassionate, and highly competent care with an ongoing issue I experienced with another surgeon and facility that fell below my lowest expectations. I don't know where I would be without him and his staff. They are the best. I trust them 100% and am grateful that they have and continue to be there for me. I recommend them highly. Dr. Bartlett was right that everyone would say, Wow, you look fantastic. What did you do?" instead of, "Oh, my, um, where did you get your work done?" I share my "secret" with all who ask. "


It has given me more confidence and changed my body where diet and exercise couldn't achieve. The results were far better than I expected. I had a consultation with another surgeon who said that the outcome that I wanted could not be achieved. The staff is very friendly and helpful, and the facility is absolutely beautiful. Dr Vitenas is a very skilled and talented surgeon, and I highly recommend him. I have no negative comments.


Post op recovery I felt like once I finally started to wake up I was being rushed out. Very satisfied with right side of face, not satisfied with the left side. Most likely I will have to have another surgery to fix the left side which is another cost I feel like I shouldn't have to pay for.


The expectation was achieved. The level of information provided by the coordinator was not satisfactory. The follow up requirement was not clearly mentioned at the time of scheduling for the procedure and the conflict of follow up scheduling was stressful.


Very professional staff and doctors. The facility was very clean. The doctors are very knowledgeable . The staff took their time to ensure I was not in pain, my bandages were clean and made sure I understood all the care instructions. The staff are wonderful. Will recommend to others The staff ensured I was comfortable and calm.


Individualized, sincere interest in my well-being. I was thorough confident to put my life in Dr. Lee's hands


Feeling better about myself. . Dr. Cook is extremely technical, patient, caring, and has a high regard for his patience's emotions, fears, and always takes the time to make them feel extremely comfortable. I have had 7 surgeries done by doctor Cook since I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer 18 yrs. ago and he has never disappointed me. He saved me from utilizing both my litmus muscles in my back being used for reconstruction, when all other Best" doctors said it could not be done. His staff lives up to his standards and it is obvious. I personally can say I would never choose anyone but Dr. Cook. He is the Best in his field in Chicago. "


This is my second surgery with this practice and I am more than satisfied. Dr Singer is always hands-on and always available for preop and postop's. I'm especially very very happy with all postop care. Dr Singer makes himself available in person and my phone . I feel like everybody there as part of my family.


I had this done in January and forgot got fat from checks done in July. Both have helped me feel more feminine and youthful. This office is amazing and I look forward with my future dealing with them. I am very happy with my whole experience with the office. It is a long my way for me to come. (From western Canada)but so worth it. I can't wait for my next procedure. If it wasn't for how poorly the Canadian dollar is doing I would have already had my next procedure done! However, I will have my next done within the next 12 months.


I have had fat transfer to my face twice but it seems to dissolve after the initial swelling goes down.

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