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Revision Rhinoplasty

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After havnig a rhinoplasty, one considers a revision in order to correct any aesthetic or functional issues to the nose.


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Revision Rhinoplasty Reviews (70)

Absolutely Everyhing and Everyone were Amazing! From Dr. Nassif to Dr. Irvine to Aubrey and Everyone at the front desk I Have Never had such a loving, caring and yet Highly Professional Medical Experience! Every Doctor and Clinician as well as Front Office Personnel should be required to take a learning class from Dr. Nassif and his group of Amazing Peoole! I'm one of those people who is afraid of having surgery and usually very uncomfortable in a waiting room and I must say, I look forward to my next visit just as I did my last and should I ever require medical care again, I will ONLY go to Dr. Nassif and His Staff! Thank You, Sincerely [name]


This was an expensive procedure. I went for years very apprehensive if I should have a revision to my nose. I went to several doctors for consultations. I flew to the east (NY) midwest (Chicago) and to LA. I went with Nassif because he seemed to be a perfectionist and conservative with the work he has done. He listened and spoke intelligently. He was honest and realistic about what to expect.


My meeting with dr wheeler pre-op, he spent a lot of time with me and took copious notes; I really felt like he wanted to make sure he got it just right. . This was my third rhino- Dr. wheeler understood and executed what needed to be done, unlike prior experiences


Excellent surgeon. Perfectionist. My profile is gorgeous now


Dr. Pearlman and his staff are wonderful! There is never a long wait and everyone at the office is very friendly. Dr Pealrman is very knowledgeable and I trust him completely. He is also very friendly and takes the time to listen to you and addresses your concerns. He is the best!


I never thought my nose could ever look this good. Dr Mustoe exceeded my expectations and my recovery was very easy


Dr. Pearlman is great! :)


Dr Nassif did such an amazing job fixing my nose. I truly believe the result was the best result humanly possible. The entire experience was a truly positive experience and I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Nassif to anybody who needs a revision rhinoplasty. Getting surgery in such a prominent place (i.e. in the middle of my face) is an extremely important decision but I trusted Dr Nassif and his staff 100% and he did not disappoint. I am so happy with the result. He did a great job!


That I can breathe and it looks much better!! Dr nassif and his staff were the best ever...ind, happy, smiley, sweet, attentive...I love them all Anna, Karen, Tam, Vivian, the front desk, Dr Nassif, Aubree, Dr Irvine!!


the results weren't what i wanted


excellent doctor and staff members


Friendliness of staff;Cleanliness of facility;Quality of work performed


LOOKS PRETTY GOOD ALREADY AND NOT DONE HEALING YET! The doctor was just superb! Very sweet and compationent!!!


Dr. Frankel is so easy to work with. No ego, just relaxed and likes to laugh. I never doubted his ability as I had read so many reviews and saw so many before and afters on Realself. It was nice to be able to stay so close to the office and surgery suite (Mosaic) as LA can be a challenge to navigate. I am so happy I found out about Dr. Frankel and my nose is really looking good (not perfect--but really good). I would not go to anyone else." Just so happy he uses conscious sedation. The recovery was a breeze.


I can Breathe I have a Bridge I have a profile and I love the look. I was treated like a Queen for 24 hours and it was wonderful Dr. Nassif changed my life for the better , and my nose Thank you Dr. Nassif and Dr. Cabin


I am loving myself again. I had been beating myself down from a bad decision I made 38 years earlier. So when I saw Botched" for the first time, I found that a nose can be made bigger. I started to save my money , and contacted "Botched" , but was not excepted, so I then looked for Dr. Nassif and had my revision rhinoplasty. It was worth all the money paid. Thank you Dr Nassif and Dr. Cabin". I was treated like a QUEEN throughout the whole experience. I was so confident in my Doctors , especially Dr. Nassif. I am very happy I finally made the decision to fix my rhinoplasty of 38 years earlier. I feel wonderful, I look wonderful, and I can breathe again. It is a whole new me. Thank you Dr. Nassif. I hope to see you again.


I assumed that everyone would notice that I had my nose repaired, but the result was so natural, everyone just assumes my nose was already perfect. I now have the confidence to literally and figuratively face my coworkers, clients, and dating prospects. The fact that I no longer think about my looks is a good sign. My new nose is just a part of the new me. I have finally resolved something that haunted me for so long and can now focus on the important stuff. . Coming into my surgery, I knew that anything would better than my current state, but I could not have imagined the result. Dr. Pearlman transformed my face. My previous rhinoplasty left my nose extremely asymmetrical, airway blocked, and cartilage lumpy. He gave me the button nose I had always dreamed about but assumed I would never have. Not only were the results amazing, but the entire process from initial consultation to recovery was seamless and handled with the utmost professionalism. Every detail has been accounted for to ensure you are educated and comfortable. I even got to pick the music that played when I received my anesthesia - Frank Sinatra sang me into a anxiety-free slumber. Every staff member is attentive and well informed. It was worth every penny to get a result and experience that will boost my happiest and self esteem for the rest of my life.


In my opinion, Dr. Frankel is he best rhinoplasty surgeon in the U.S. With regard to his work, he is a perfectionist. He's ethical, kind, and cares about his patients. I feel so fortunate to have found him. I was extremely impressed that Dr. Frankel did whatever it took to repair my nose. Even though my surgery went over the estimated time, Dr. Frankel didn't just wrap things up and move on. He worked on my nose until it was the best it could be -- and that's saying a lot considering that may case was extremely difficult.


I am so much more confident and am able to finally breathe. My sleep, workouts and overall health has dramatically improved. . Dr. Nassiff and his team are the best. From my first visit I felt fully confident in getting my surgery. Each staff member from the patient coordinator Yvette who continues to go above and beyond to the nurse Walter, I couldn't ask for a better experience and team. Dr. Nassiff truly cares about his patients and during my initial consultation really explained every part of his surgical plan and was very realistic about what I could expect in terms of results. My surgery took over 4 hours longer than expected and Dr. Nassiff and his team were there every step of the way. I truly believe if I had not gone to Dr. Nassiff I would not have improvement and could have been worse off. He truly is a master!!!


His surgical abilitirs. Dr pearlman is a genius A wonderful dr in the surgery room and out tooThere are no words to describe how wonderful his staff is

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