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Timeless CBD: 1000mg Full Spectrum CBD Hemp Oil with terpenes

93.6% Patient Satisfaction based on 71 ratings

CBD Hemp Oil is used for treating numerous conditions, including lower back discomfort, built up toxins, headaches, restless leg syndrome or overall pain due to inflammation through injury or by the simple fact of getting older.

based on 71 ratings
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Timeless CBD: 1000mg Full Spectrum CBD Hemp Oil with terpenes Reviews (59)

Using it for 5 mos. It has greatly helped with anxiety. [Single best thing is...] Easy to take and with great results.


Has been doing wonders for my husband. It works.


It has helped my spinal stenosis and sciatic. Hemp oil has really helped.


The product works, good price and the staff was very informative. Also, it was very helpful and great that they offered a veterans discount.


The customer service was great, man selling the product was very knowledgeable and found products that would help my knee pain.


Test results, Test results, Test results!!! I love timeless products and I love their 3rd party testing and how easy it is to obtain. Website or you can call them for a copy. I also love the fact that I live in Arizona and get the products within a couple days with very cheap shipping.


Best brand I've ever used. Love the knowledge and how they are more than willing to give you a copy of test results if asked. [Single best thing is...] The knowledge the staff have.


[Highly satisfied with] ease of use.


As a doctor, I have directed all my patients whether it be for stress, pain, maintenance, or even chronic pain to Timeless cbd. Great company with great test results.


I had recently got my medical card and picked up a few things at the dispensary but found that it didn't work the way I thought it would. A friend I go to the Y with for senior pool time was telling us all about this company called timeless and how wonderful their products were. I decided to try some of my own and glad I did. Exactly what I've needed all along and at a fraction of the cost. [Single best thing is...] Pricing. As a senior of fixed income, the oils and salves are affordable.


As a Special forces military Veteran, I've seen more than most could ever Imagine. I'm not proud of that either and pray most don't ever have to in the future. My mind has been a war zone since Corp, the sweats, not being able to sleep, waking up from the worst of the worst nightmares. I was hesitant to try anything, I didn't want anyone to know anything and I didn't want to talk about it. I happen to go in and will admit, I wasn't the easiest person to deal with but the owner who happened to be there, had cake over and threw me off my game as he had so much compassion for what I was going through and we step by step talked about each product and how they would work. I finally told him that the docs think I have ptsd and his response was that he understands. I think he read the situation from the beginning. Definitely a stand up guy and extremely hard to believe he never served. He can still be a brother in my eyes served or not. Timeless has complete passion for anyone that walks in the doors.


Love the CBD recovery. Helps me through a long day at work and been sleeping a lot better at night.


I have very bad pain that runs through my legs, rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, and severe anxiety. I've been taking Timeless brand cbd for 6 months and I must say their line up works. I just love how fast the gel works and their salve. The oil is amazing and makes me feel much younger than my age. It's been a long time but I'm out at tag sales and flea markets again, haven't been able to really be out all day in years but I know I'm okay to be pain free. [Single best thing is...] The employees are so kind and remember me when I come in.


As an MD, I understand how amazing CBD is for the human body and how it works for just about anyone from the person who needs something to help with anxiety to the person dealing with chronic pain. I've been into CBD for many many years and have ordered from somewhere around 30+ companies trying and sending out for test results of my own and Timeless CBD has been the only and I mean ONLY company to pass my standards as a doctor and as a customer. Their test results are absolutely amazing and if customers could really understand those percentages and what those mean, they would never look at another companies products ever. Great products at great pricing.


As a Veteran of the United States Army, I've had a pretty fairly rough time since being home to say the least. I couldn't tell you how many different things I've tried and how many different CBD companies I've tried with nothing that worked long term. My ex wife bought me some Timeless CBD oil and it's been working 3 months so far. I'm no where close to having the issues I once did. Timeless has helped me with much more than pain and PTSD relief, it's given me a life back and it's given me the opportunity to work on my once failed marriage. I appreciate everything that Timeless has given me but the fact that they realize a Veteran as who we are and just people. I respect the military discount as not many companies do anymore but even if I had to pay full price, I would. The quality is by far the best I've ran into but the respect, integrity and selflessness I receive from all staff are more appreciated than you guys will ever imagine. Anyone who isn't giving Timeless a chance is by far missing out on a great company.


Purchased 75mg for my dog who has anxiety especially during thunder storms. She has been taking it since July 1st and while she is still afraid of the noise she doesn't shake or run and hide. I consider this a big improvement! I have been taking 1000mg for general health and achy joints and stiffness and I am much better and the pain has lessened. Fast mail service when ordering online. My first purchase was at the store in Southington but a live a distance away. I will be ordering online from now on.


The staff was very friendly and informative in helping me make my purchase. The product was great and because I had such a good experience the first time, I went back a second time to buy more, and will be going back again in the future!


Has had no effect on pain


Product worked exceeding my expectations in relieving knee and joint pain.


I have been taking 1 dropper in the AM and one dropper in the PM for 7 days and I don't see a big difference in my pain level