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89.4% Patient Satisfaction based on 17 ratings

Aquashape is a new form of fat removal and body conturing. By removing fat from unwanted areas of the body the fat can then be reused to add fullness to the face, buttocks or breasts.

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AquaShape Reviews (14)

The outcome!! I had aquashape lipo on my stomach after having a baby. It had made me 100% more confident in myself. . The staff is amazing! I was 100% comfortable the entire time. They make sure you are completely satisfied and do everything they can to make you comfortable.


I'm unsatisfied with the results.


I am extremely pleased with the results. Staff is amazing. They truly care. They act as if you are their most important patient. The doctor is extremely professional. He is unusual in that he has a strong left (medical/logistics) and right (artistic) brain, which makes him the best cosmetic surgeon in the industry. On top of that, he truly cares about the results and the patient. I only wished I had done this sooner! I fit into clothes I haven't worn in forever. I feel so much more confident which makes me happier all around. .


The procedure took very little time (about 30 minutes). The bruising lasted less than two weeks. I only experienced pain during transitions (sitting to standing, rolling over in bed). The results of my aquashape liposuction were better than I expected. The recovery time and pain was less than I expected. The surgeon and office staff were very professional. The only issue that made me uncomfortable were the before and after photos.


Everything was explained in detail as to how the procedure was going to be done and what to expect. Overall the procedure seem to go fairly quickly. My particular procedure was done with local anesthetic, and there was no discomfort or pain at all during the procedure. I play tennis three days a week, and Run, and work out and was never able to get rid of the tummy bulge and love handles that I had.


The staff and surgeon of this office where very accommodating. They made the process as comfortable as possible. Although the recovery after surgery was more than I expected, I was still happy with the overall service that was provided. I received both a breast lift and aquashape on my inner/outer thighs and hips. The aquashape has allowed me to fit more comfortably into my clothing and helped with those areas that are hard to shape" with just everyday exercise.My breast lift is pretty much life changing! Being able to wear clothing I could not prior to surgery, and given me the confidence in my body image I did not have before."


The whole experience from start to finish exceeded my expectations. Dr. D did an outstanding job, I was very impressed by his skill and attention to detail. The staff was awesome, I was well taken care of. The results of the Aqua Shaping was incredible and immediate. I really do not think about the area anymore only to be happy it's gone! almost no downtime or bruising. Pain was minimal and tolerable and the results were immediate. I would do this again to another area without hesitation. The cost was very reasonable.


From the first consultation visit, Dr. Ditesheim and his entire - and I mean ENTIRE - team, were warm, friendly, thorough and available. The service could not have been any better. As for the actual work done, I am extremely satisfied. I'm about 4 months out now from surgery and while there is still some remaining scar tissue I am hoping will resolve, the end result is about 90% of what I had hoped it would be. I would venture to guess that over the next 3 months, as I continue to heal, exercise and follow a good diet, I will be beyond happy with the end results.


They listen to what I was looking for and that's what I got results are amazing


My abdomen muscle is tight but I still have the pooch that I wanted rid of. I spent a lot of money for the procedures and expected a better outcome in some areas. I am not not dissatisfied but I expected a better outcome.


Dr. Ditesheim gave me his total attention, didn't rush, and answered all my questions even those I didn't think of. I had total confidence in him and am very satisfied so far with my results. I have recommended him to several of my friends


Shared the excitement with me of my journey. Answered questions even when I didn't know I had questions. They painted a very realistic picture of what to expect. Results far exceeded my expectations. Will be returning for a couple of addictional procedures in the very near future. In fact, I want to just find reasons to go see this team again, they truly make you feel a part of their team.


Everything about my experience was WAY beyond my expectations! The staff worked together to make every aspect of my surgery go smoothly, resulting in a easy recovery & beautiful results! I am so grateful to Dr. Ditesheim & his awesome staff! Beautiful!


Outcome was mostly terrific. Surgeon was extremely attentive throughout and after. Surgeon paid utmost attention to my post surgical depression. Office staff was supportive, friendly, positive. Can't say enough about the care, concern and warmth I have felt by the entire office staff, including the surgeon

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