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Bellafill is an injectable filler used to reduce the appearance of smile lines and acne scares of the cheek. Working with your own collagen, Bellafill adds volume to your skin that can last about one year.

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Bellafill® Reviews (157)

I had very little swelling and almost no bruising. My daughter and granddaughter said I looked amazing. I think the best thing was that I looked refreshed and not like had anything done to my face.


Experienced doctor. Made me feel comfortable. Pam was great at arranging my out of town appointment. [Single best thing is...] The results are (semi ) permanent


This was a bellafill correction from a previous doctor, and I am very satisfied with Dr. Windle's correction.


I have no concerns when Dr. David is in charge. I know everything will be exactly as he says it will be. He has a perfect eye for balance, and what will give you a natural look when healing is completed. Very accomplished and precise on all aspects of your concerns. I felt more myself and refreshed.


I have good experience every time


Gayla is always great. Her knowledge, kindness, and honesty is why I continue to come back.


The experience was completed professionaly and with a very Pleasant atmosphere!


Taken some of the aging away. Accomplished what I was hoping for, will return again.


Dr. David is always so kind and honest. I come into the office every three to six months just to get that "Well Rested or Freshen Up" look. I have been coming to Dr. David for 10 years now. He truly is a fabulous Plastic Surgeon. I feel I look natural and not overdone.


I liked Dr. David he did great job on my fillers. And I would recommend him to anyone.


Very knowledgeable and made me feel comfortable with my decision.


I was brought to the assigned room quickly. The doctor was very professional. He made me feel very comfortable. He answered my question. The treatment was quick and very little discomfort. He said at the end of my visit that I may have some bruising and may not notice a change for a few weeks. I did have some bruising and it just has been 2 weeks I am very confident that the results that I expect will happen.


Excellent results, fast recovery. Dr. Windle's knowledge, skills and experience shows.


I spent $3500 for two treatments of bellafill for my hands and they are absolutely NO DIFFERENT..


I still have the same issue with bottom of face looking droopy and not firm. Expected better results.


Minimal bruising and discomfort. I want to see how long my results last.


I spent 5k to get volume on my cheeks. They looked ok for a few days and honestly I do not see much difference between before and now. I totally feel like I wasted all that money. I could get a better result with half of the money I paid with a different doctor.


Sara did an excellent job lifting all of my melasma during BBL. Dr McCoy also did a great job with my final Bellafill injection. He is a superb artist and made sure my face was filled in correctly and as symmetrical as possible. For BBL, all of my dark spots were treated and disappeared after about a week and a half.


Lori knew exactly how much to put in my lips so that they looked full but not fake and weird. I got a ton of compliments and people wanting to know who did it!! Lori is fantastic. She puts you right at ease and does an excellent job knowing just what you want!

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