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Belotero is an injectable filler used to treat moderate to severe foldes or wrinkles smile lines (the lines that run from the side of your nose to the corner of your lip). 

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Belotero® Reviews (67)

Valarie is the best. I spoke with her about what I was looking to achieve and she did exactly that. I do not look over filled which was my fear. I had my lips injected and they are PERFECT! My friends couldn't tell I had them done others said I look great but they didn't know why!


It greatly reduced the wrinkles I was concerned about. [Single best thing is...] Welcoming and competent attitude


I am pleased with the results of filler. Lisa did a great job injecting and it was painless procedure I like how my lips look especially.


Appointment is always on time. Love all of the wash square staff.


I appreciated having a knowledgeable and highly skilled technician who was able to answer all my questions honestly and thoroughly. I felt that I was treated with respect and valued as a customer even though I was getting a relatively inexpensive procedure in comparison to what the office must be used to. Lisa was very kind and I felt very comfortable. < 3


I am consistently so impressed by Lisa's skill and thoughtfulness


I am always pleased when I leave the office. Julie listens well and does her best to address my concerns. It's a very welcoming and loving atmosphere, which makes the entire experience much more wonderful. I cannot see my forehead wrinkles. I love my Smooth skin.


Paul is very detailed and does a wonderful job.


Excellent results, individual problems solved. Overall effect, as natural as possible.


Lisa is a master at her specialty!! I have deep lines around my mouth and she injected the Belotero almost painlessly with excellent results. My lines have improved dramatically and it has markedly improved my appearance and self image. Lisa is a skilled clinician and artist. Dramatic improvement in the lines around my mouth.


Yes, highly satisfied. My eyes needed a lot of work. Kim was really patient, spot on and has a fantastic rapport with patients. She knows her stuff and explains the procedure, side effects etc. perfectly.


Meredith was the perfect first experience for me at AesthetiCare! She took extra time to explain the procedure and made sure I was totally satisfied. She does an excellent job! The results were good.


The waiting time was shorter than expected, the procedure was done professionally, fast and painlessly. Kimmy explained everything in details and she made my visit as comfortable and educated as possible. She is very professional and with years of experience! I'd recommend her without a doubt


I came in for a consultation with Valerie regarding injectables around my eye area. She went over everything with me and answered all my questions. I felt very comfortable to go ahead and make the appointment for the procedure. During the procedure, she explained step by step as she administered and was very careful and took her time. That made me happy to know she was very concerned about my experience and out come. On a follow up appointment a couple days later, I told her I had an event that I had to go to over the weekend, she helped me to expedite the healing process quicker and I was able to attend the function without any attention to my procedure and that was very important to me. Also, some weeks later, I went in to see Valerie for a follow up appointment. She examined my eye area and made it look even better. There is nothing more important to me than someone taking the time to do their best, make you feel comfortable and make you want to come back for more! I have full trust in Dr Bucky and Valerie. Everyone in the office is always so accommodating. An all around great experience.


Looks natural and very flattering. I am always really pleased with the skill and thoughtfulness of Lisa, the nurse who does my injections. And, I always enjoy my interactions with her. She does a very good job with the injections, always listens to my preferences, and I am pleased with the results.


Lisa did a great job doing my under eye filler and lips looks great Love how nice my under eyes look and it was painless procedure Lisa is the best


Overall feel less old. If i had the $$ id have so much more done! Im terrible with names, she was amazing, so helpful. gentle. Funny and very witty.


Highly professional in all respects.


My visit to Evolv and my visit with Julie was a wonderful experience. Julie's funny personality and kindness put me at ease while getting my filler. She is gentle, and explains every step along the way. My filler turned out beautifully and I know I owe it all to Julie's wonderful talent and experience. I love the way filler changes the shape of my face. It makes my cheek bones more prominant and makes my skin glow.


I always enjoy coming into the office and having procedures done. The staff and Dr. David dona great job of making me feel at ease and also making me feel special. It's a nice respite from mom life.

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