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Cosmetic Surgery:

Breast Reconstruction

95.2% Patient Satisfaction based on 795 ratings

Typically, breast reconstruction is performed following mastectomy or lumpectomy surgery.

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Breast Reconstruction Reviews (362)

Dr. Beil and his team made me feel so comfortable and taken care of! Dr. Beil exceeded my expectations!! He was respectful, thorough, and made me feel so comfortable. Very happy with results!


I had lots of complications because of radiation. Dr. Sherick was super attentive during a scary time.


Overall I feel so much better, healthy, pain free, more confident and feel more inspired to continue on this path! . Dr. Grunwald and her team changed my life. I couldn't be more over the moon about my surgery and how she gave me something I never thought I could achieve due to past surgeries. I love her office, and her staff, and a special shout out to Shiela for dealing with all my crazy questions! Love everyone there!! [name]


Caring staff, caring surgeon. I felt well informed all the way through the process and now I'm cancer free and I still have breasts! Feel lucky




Dr. Ghazi & his PA are very personable, understanding & compassionate. They show the ability to empathize with the patient's feelings and accommodate individual situations.


Always room for improvement


I had confidence in Dr. Baja. She made sure all the nurse's and admin handled everything in advance. All involved from staff to nurse's at the hospital knew the doctors requirements for the procedure that I had and they followed it!! Which also meant I did not have to wonder what I could or could not do. They kept me on track and all I had to do was to heal!!The Dr. is a woman of little words but of Great Perfection.Worth waiting for, [name]


I like that Dr Vela understands what a person who has experienced major weight loss is going through. He is extremely attentive, highly skilled and knowledgeable. He shares that knowledge with his patients in a way that is easy to understand. There is no high pressure selling which is so appreciated. He's respectful and honest about the results you can achieve through surgery. His nurses share that same philosophy and are so caring and helpful. They are very responsive to calls with concerns. There is no one else that I would recommend except Dr Vela and his staff.


I had a botched breast augmentation in 2009. Following that, I worked with multiple surgeons to try to correct the damage that was done, with each surgery resulting in even more damage. I eventually gave up hope that I would ever be able to have the damage reversed, and this had a horrible effect on my self confidence. For ten years, I hated looking in the mirror to the point that I would even bathe in the dark so that I did not have to see my breasts. I was unable to wear many types of clothing, and a bathing suit top was out of the question. This all changed when I met Dr. Bauer and his staff. I immediately felt comfortable with him and his staff, and I was very impressed with his warmth, professionalism, and knowledge. For YEARS after my botched job, I did research all over the country to try to find a doctor with the skill level to be able to correct my botched procedure, and I truly believe that Dr. Bauer's expertise FAR exceeds any other surgeon. My results are AMAZING. I never thought I would find anyone who could correct the damage that was done. Not only did he correct it, but my breasts are better then they ever were before the damage! My breasts look and feel natural! Even after the surgery, Dr. Bauer and his staff were dedicated to making sure I was healing properly and my well being! My self-confidence has been restored because of Dr. Bauer, and I will be forever grateful to him and his staff. I highly recommend him to anyone. His work is the best! The best thing about this surgical procedure is being able to look in the mirror again without crying. I hated my body for ten years due to the botched breast augmentation I had prior to Dr. Bauer. He restored my confidence, and I feel like a new woman.


The care that Robin and Dr Sherick gave were great.


Dr Grunwald is that Where mix of professionalism, skill and sunshine!


After researching, I came to Dr. Cabbabe after a failed attempt for breast reconstruction. Following insertion of the expanders, I traveled to St. Louis from Jonesboro, AR, approximately 500 miles round trip, every week. I would do it all over again. Every mile was worth the superior treatment I received at Dr. Cababbe's office. I cannot express how pleased and grateful for not only Dr. Cababbe but the entire staff. I would never had the opportunity for treatment if Betty Via had not taken the time to review my medical coverage. Once things were moving, the staff to include Kelsey, Missy, and Christine made me look forward to each visit. The entire experience was so much more than I could have ever expected. Thank you Dr. Cababbe. You will never know what a difference you have made to my life! The entire experience gave me back hope and purpose. I was determined to get better and with Dr. Cababbe, I succeeded!


After electing for a double mastectomy following a breast cancer diagnosis, and being referred to Dr. Cabbabe, I knew I had found my surgeon. He spent extra time answering my questions, he was supportive, caring, honest and understanding. Through each step of my reconstruction, he listened to my questions and concerns and made the difficult experience so much easier to handle. I am still in awe of the work he was able to do to make me feel whole again after my mastectomy. At the time of reconstruction, I also elected for abdominal liposuction and got some curves to go with my new breasts. I would recommend him to anyone! And his staff are the most incredible group to work with regarding insurance, paperwork, and scheduling. They are just incredible and supportive each time you go in. I have LOVED my experience and results! I feel more like myself each day after my breast cancer diagnosis. I am loving my new body and how my clothing fits!


Dr. Sherick is gifted! Great man wonderful Dr.. He did a amazon job on my reconstruction. I would never have imagined it would look so great. He definitely has a gift. Thank man needs a raise. ;)


On one where I answered satisfied it was really due to my own expectation. I do feel strongly that after a double mastectomy you need to be in the hospital more than 24 hours. On my 1 week follow up it was determined the tissue was dying due to previous radiation and I needed a latisimus back flap which was scheduled for the next day. I truly appreciated that attention and the speed of admission. My reconstruction was scheduled late in the day and I was released from the hospital as I came to from the anesthesia...I felt I should have been observed longer. Dr. Ghazi and his staff are undeniably the best in every way shape and form. I would definitely return should I ever have the need. Excellent care!


I loved the entire staff and Dr. Sherick is a very skilled surgeon.


My doctor and staff was very helpful and I was highly satisfied with my over all outcome of my procedure. They where very honest and answered all my questions. They made me feel comfortable throughout my entire experience with them


The first nurse I had contact with was not very personable, and she did not notice a bloody gauze on the floor next to the unemptied garbage can. It was 6:00 in the morning. The second nurse took care of it in a very acceptable fashion. Quick and decisive. I was very concerned about the sanitation of the facility.


Doctor spent time with me

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