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CO2 Laser Resurfacing

95.6% Patient Satisfaction based on 123 ratings

CO2 laser resurfacing treats different skin issues ranging from wrinkles, scars, enlarged oil glands on the nose and other conditions. CO2 laser resurfacing sends concentrated pulsating light at the skin and then is able to remove top skin layers to reval youthful looking skin. 

based on 123 ratings
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CO2 Laser Resurfacing Reviews (35)

I was highly satisfied with my experience because of the high degree of professional treatment. I received two calls after the surgery to check on my recovery. I was well informed of what I should do and expect prior and after the surgery.


Dr. Balikian listened to all issues with the utmost care and concern. He is defiantly an expert in his field!


Tami explained everything and let me get comfortable, she stayed with me after the procedure and helped me by getting me some cream to put on my face and talking to me and gave me a facecloth to help with the cooling of my face. I really liked her and will probably do this once a year because she was so good. Firmer skin and dark spots gone!


It went as Dr. Fogelman said it would he told me step by step what to expect. I'm still healing it's only been 7 days but my skin looks different already smooth and healthy.


I had read the reviews online about the staff and procedures. Everyone I read had a positive response about their procedures. I also read about the C02 laser treatment online, looked at before and after pics and booked an appointment afterward. I had the C02 laser treatment a little over a week ago and very happy with the overall results.


Dr. Balikian is very professional and compassionate about the work he does. The staff is friendly and office appearance is first rate.


I appreciate the detailed information I received before, during and after the procedure.


It was clean, welcoming, all the ladies and the doctor were great! We had fun and everyone was awesome, flexible, friendly, a great experience.


The results surpassed my expectations. Paula and the medical staff provided excellent customer service. They were professional and knowledgeable. The office atmosphere was friendly and inviting.


Dr. Setty know exactly what I am looking for, and is honest about what it is going to take. A step closer to removing my facial scares.


I feel like Niko hives very honest advice on what procedure is best for me. My skin looks great.


This staff and Doctor has never been anything but professional every time I have been in the office. My results of any procedure I have gotten from them has been just wonderful. They explain everything they are going to do and take plenty of time to let you explain what you feel like you need for yourself. The rooms are always so spotless and the staff is always so friendly. pain free, results are just wonderful


Dr Deal and his staff are very friendly, they are very professional, and my procedure was a very good experience. My face looks amazing, skin looks much younger.


Dr. Polo did a great job on me. I was not an easy patient as I had had a significant injuries to my face when I was a teenager. He was extremely attentive to all my questions and concerns. He delivered beyond my expectations.The staff was equally as dedicated, they were most pleasant to talk to at all times. my new youthful appearance makes me happy 24/7...... No regrets!


Great staff, great treatment, great results. Younger looking skin.


Because I think I went in with unrealistic expectations with some picture perfect new skin I was expecting. But in all reality, my pores came back and my skin seemed to return to its original overall texture, my sun spots went away so that was nice :)


The staff kept me very well informed. My CRNA made me feel comfortable and helped me feel calm about the procedure. Everyone was kind and met all my needs. My results are wonderful and I will be back! SSA is a great place to have a procedure. Thank you for all the great work you do!


I no longer feel self conscious about my eyes. People would always tell me I looked tired when I wasn't. . The entire staff was very friendly and professional during the surgery experience. Dr Gardner is a skilled physician who really cares about his patients and the outcome of their experience. I have had endovenous ablation and CO2 Lazer Skin Resurfacing in the past and have had good results. I never considered going anywhere else for these procedures.


Skin is less blemished.I look less tired and I look younger. Did not wait long to see doctor.No significant postoperative problems.Doctor said I was doing well!


I feel great about myself. I am turning 60 in a month. I look like me, just better plus, in my case, I am no longer getting migraines like I did.I feel truly blessed. I am SO grateful and appreciative to Dr. Smith and team. I look great! Everything I was told to expect, happened. They are SO professional. I look better than the expected turnout of the pre-op pictures; I got a booklet; my healing was right on target and quick; they were there all the way, including Dr. Smith, himself. He also cut a muscle in my brow line which was giving me migraines and I am no longer getting them. Everybody who sees me says I look like me, just refreshed. I consider Dr. Smith and team a gift" to my life.I am glad I went to the best; it was worth every penny.

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