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Cataract Surgery

91.4% Patient Satisfaction based on 115 ratings

A cataract is a clouding of the lens inside your eye. Cataract surgery removes this cloudy lens and it is replaced with an artifical lens to restore your vision. 

based on 115 ratings
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Cataract Surgery Reviews (65)

Very friendly and funny people.


My vision is much improved and with no complications. I am very satisfied with Dr. Jain and his ability to ensure I have as good of vision as possible. I completely trust him to provide the best eye care. My vision is so much better than before the surgery. My night vision has improved so much that I do not hesitate to do night driving. No star bursts!


The pre op nurse was able to help me calm down. I was very anxious about the procedure and she was calm and considerate and gave me medication to help relieve the stress. She was very professional and I wish I could recall her name. I did comment to Dr. Waschler how sweet and caring his pre op nurse treated me. I rarely give highly satisfied ratings. I was satisfied.


[Single best thing is...] Sight being so much better. Because of Dr. Levine. He' very professional and truly cares about his patient's.


Before the surgery my eye drop prescription were not sent to my Pharmacy. I had to go back to beach eye care twice to get samples.


I had expectations of seeing better than I can. That issue is still being looked at and I hope it improves. [Single best thing is...] Trust in my doctor. He performed Lasik on me about 18 years ago.


Every one was great


Competent friendly staff and pleasant atmosphere.


I have had surgery on both eyes and I think the procedures were very successful. I can see much better than before the surgery and I am very pleased with the results. Better vision in both eyes


Still working on getting my vision clear


Dr. Jain is very good..


Happy with my vision, but feel like I wasn't completely aware of the limitations, such as still needing to wear glasses. Dr. Netrour was amazing, but overall very impersonal


The kindness, care, and professionalism given by the entire staff and the surgeon changed what I thought would be a terrifying experience to a calm and positive experience with an amazing out come. The clarity and brilliance of colors with my improved eyesight


Poor outcome. Vision was better before surgery. Severed Zonules prevented use of Crystalens.


Good result; highly skilled surgeon; good facility; proficient staff No complications


I had Dr Washler perform cataract surgery on right eye couple years ago. Now left eye was ready and wanted Dr Washler for that surgery also. vision is no longer blurry in left eye. nice and clear


never felt ignored. caring professional atomsphere. being able to see distant objects without glasses


very satisfied efficient and well run practice clearer vision


Stress free. I felt very comfortable with everyone

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