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Cosmetic Surgery:

Cyst Removal

97.2% Patient Satisfaction based on 63 ratings

A cyst is a closed sac-like structure that can be filled with fluide, puss, tissue or other solid like material. Cyst removal is a cosmetic procedure where the a physican uses a needle or other surgical instrument to remove it.  

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Cyst Removal Reviews (50)

I am a former patient of Dr. Hing and have a very good relationship with him. I have been happy with the results.


Beyond words. Great staff great doctor.


Dr Hing is a very caring attentive dr! The nurses that prepped me for surgery were very friendly & humorous which called my nerves!!


I am highly satisfied.


Dr Beal was very personable. I felt comfortable from the start and had no worries about the procedure he was preforming. I am also thankful for the end result. My scar is very small and getting better everyday. . My surgery was easy and not overly involved. At my pre-op appointment Dr Beal did a great job explaining what he would do during the surgery and also ensuring that what I needed to have done was covered under my insurance. I was in and out of the hospital in just over an hour. My only problem was that it took almost 5 months to get my initial appointment.


Dr. Larson and staff did a good job of explaining the procedure and results to me and my daughter. The cyst is gone with minimal scarring that should improve over time.


The staff extended themselves. Over and above expectations! Spending time to explain items that I had difficulty with. And accommodating my disabilities. Dr. Hing is a fascinating person. Providing a very relaxed atmosphere, while instilling me with great confidence...The Staff working with him, in courteous precision. As good as it gets... unless you prefer snobby overpriced spas. And, I am confident they would be equally impressive , in the spa environment also. As a professional golfer; finger pain affected my grip. This pain frequently had an adverse influence on my performance. As well as using tools and utensils comfortably. Very pleased


Dr Andochick is a Great Surgeon and his staff is very professional. This is my second time in his office that I have been very pleased with my outcome I am able to wear sandals without them rubbing on the cyst and creating discomfort. .


The doctor took care of the problem and there were no side effects . I was very happy to finally have my problem taken care of. I no longer have a lump on my neck.


The cyst has returned and appears to be larger than it presented itself the first time. Dr. Hing told me that there was a possibility that this might occur. It is just a disappointment to have to deal with the scenario a second time.


As of now, it looks like the surgery was successful. The Staff was very professional and the procedure was completed in a short time/duration.


Highly successful procedure and friendliness of all the staff. Eliminated the worry about the cyst's evolving into a serious problem.


The office staff and Dr Romanelli are wonderful. Everyone in the office was very professional and pleasant. Dr Romanelli is very attentive and made sure I understood the procedure and was comfortable The office is also very clean and modern looking.


Martins team is THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


solved the problem. all went well staff professional and friendly


Dr was very informative, detailed all aspects of procedure and realistic end results. He was willing to stop and answer any questions, or if I was nervous he was kind and would wait for me to relax again. Very in tune to the unspoken cues of his patients- do you need a moment, are you alright, what can I do to help, if you sense any pain tell me immediately so I can stop and take care of it , and a friendly side. We discussed our dogs, and light personal interaction. Very nice man, staff and very comfortable with them. End results were incredible. Despite his advising me there may be some light scarring- there is none. A very good job, and equally appreciated. Very professional, and also personable. I was very comfortable with, and confident in the staff, the nurses, and the doctor. I was very happy with the end result- I have no scarring- and healed beautifully. This practice is definitely one I recommend to anyone needing facial surgery. Thank you all very much!


The communication with the practice was helpful and friendly and the surgeon was respectful and kind as well as professional. The surgery went quickly and the attendants created a relaxed atmosphere.I did not experience any pain afterwards and they were very clear about how to care for the area that was operated on. The scar on my faces is hardly visible. People who look for it are amazed.


I had a cyst removed from my neck. The DR's skill was amazing - the stitches should fade in no time. The staff was very patient as they answered my questions and gave me a clear idea of what to expect at each step of the way. All aspects of my appt were efficient. The check-in, nurse assistant, DR Parker and billing were all very quick and responsive to my questions. The office is very clean and they schedule appts so that there is not excessive wait time. Although this was a follow up for a cyst removal I also had a consultation with Krista for a recommendation for a "procedure" for facial redness. She knew what would work best, but I thought the analysis was going to be more extensive.


Heather is highly professional and knowledgeable. She is also very kind.


Dr. Hall took time to explain the procedure and what to expect. He listened and understood my concerns and vanity. The office is immaculate with a kind and friendly staff. It was handled professionally and was a 100% successful.