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FTM Mastectomy (Top Surgery)

97.6% Patient Satisfaction based on 40 ratings

FTM Mastectomy also referred to as Top Surgery is one of the mostly commonly preformed gender reassignment surgeries for transsexual men transitioning to a women.

based on 40 ratings
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FTM Mastectomy (Top Surgery) Reviews (31)

Dr. Raphael was very friendly and made me feel confident that I was in good hands. He always came into the room with a smile. I am very happy with my results.


I love my results.


The office staff was absolutely amazing and are always on time and spend time with you to answer any questions. The surgery went very smoothly and could not be happier with the outcome. The follow-up appointments along with the detailed material of what to expect was also very beneficial.


Dr. Raphael was the best surgeon I could have hoped for. I am thrilled with my results, and his bedside manner was superb. He was kind and made me feel comfortable at a very hard time, as did all of his staff. They were very quick to respond to emails, to answer any questions, and to make me feel at ease. I would and do recommend him to everyone.


i had done some research on the type of top surgery i wanted. Dr. Bartlett was on the top of the list in just about everyone I had talked too. After meeting with him I knew that he would be the best person and indeed my chest looks exactly as I had hoped for. My follow ups were great and I was well cared for. The best part was that in about 6 weeks I was back to doing everything I was before but with the chest I wanted.


The staff was super friendly, professional and understanding. My wife and I were extremely comfortable with everyone there. Dr. Raphael is an amazing doctor and artist. I am thrilled with my results. I have received many compliments about the naturalness of the results. A weight has literally been lifted off my chest. It was well worth the time and expense to fly out.


Professionalism of Dr. and nursing staff.


The staff and facility were great! Everything flowed smoothly. I love my results. Everything was better than expected.


I have pretty severe anxiety, but from the moment I stepped into the office for my pre op, I felt certain that this surgery center was going to take good care of me. Everyone, and I mean everyone, from the people at the front desks to my nurses to Dr. Dulin, was SO nice, comforting, and respectful of me as a transgender person and as someone with minimal surgical experiences under their belt. I have never felt as safe and welcome in a medical environment as I did here. Additionally, my procedure overall just went really well, and I really attribute that to my team and the help from my nurse, who made it easy to contact her with questions and for reassuring during the healing process.


As a transgender patient I was treated with respect. Everyone I spoke with seemed knowledgeable and experienced with trans patients, asked for my pronoun (they) and used it correctly. I can't imagine how it could have gone better, honestly. Very pleased with both my experience and the results of my surgery.


Helped relieve my gender dysphoria. Very friendly staff and excellent work.


The whole experience the staff was amazing


I am a transgender man who prior to surgery had very large breasts which caused me a great deal of dysphoria. My only stopgap was binding, which was ineffective, inconvenient, and painful. Now I have a beautiful flat masculine chest that feels much more natural to me. I'm completely relieved of my chest dysphoria. I have chest euphoria! Activities which were difficult or stressful before are now open to me to fully enjoy: exercise, swimming, wearing T-shirts. I can just live my life. It's impossible to overstate the relief and joy of having a body shape that matches my inner vision and expectation of myself. . I couldn't be happier with my result. Dr. Bartlett is a true artist. He is professional, respectful and made me feel at ease.


Every member of the staff made me feel important . Understood my needs and I felt like they were more like a family. Very happy with all the service I received. The staff was really nice made me comfortable


The outcome generally met my expectations, received good directions re recovery and healing. Only negative--I ave received no contact re my recovery since leaving the office.


This surgery meant the world to my son. . The Dr. & Staff were very professional in handling this with my son. They were very respectful. My only true disappointment is that Dr. Harris did not give my son a similar letter that Dr. Rafael does with his patients. Overall I will recommend this practice for anyone needing work done.


I love being able to be comfortable with who I really am. The staff were professional and respectfully.


The staff was the best. My results, I feel, were everything I could have hoped for, and could not have been achieved without such amazing people. Dr. Dulin is practiced, professional, and takes each persons body into account for each surgery. Thank you! I felt so cared for, respected, and safe. Every person, from check in to check out was wonderful. I had several questions after surgery during recovery, and Jessica, my nurse, was quick with responses and helpful, as well as patient and kind. She even made herself available from home! This surgery changed my life, and I could not have been in better hands. I will recommend to everyone!!!


I had top surgery, but my chest looks nothing like the procedures I've seen Dr.Dulin do on small to heavy weight people who have had top surgery. I'm disfigured, one side of my chest is higher than the other and I have a pouch in between my pecs that looks like a small third boob. It's not a pretty site. I've sent pictures. Dr dulin said he was. It satisfied with the surgery and that he would fix it. I go back to see him Jan 27th a day after my birthday and I'm praying that he does the right thing and fix me. I went in with great hope in him from looking at previous work he's done, but I came out disappointed and dissatisfied. I paid over 3500 dollars plus my insurance was charged over 15grand