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Forever Young BBL Laser Treatment

91.4% Patient Satisfaction based on 857 ratings

The Forever Young BBL by Sciton is a laser treatment designed to improve the tone and texture of skin on the face, neck, chest, arms, and hands. 

based on 857 ratings
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Forever Young BBL Laser Treatment Reviews (247)

Anne and the entire staff were wonderful! [Single best thing is...] Anne was very thorough in her explanations and made me feel very comfortable.


The service from Katy Jo was excellent. I had to wait an hour for my service because the room was over booked.


I was able to do a consultation and a treatment the same day. Marina was very informative and got me really excited about cleaning up my skin. It was very gentle and I can already see my pigment darkening like she said it would before it flakes off.


The Rosacea and brown "age" spots are gone giving my face a clean youthful appearance. [Single best thing is...] The confidence that I gained with a youthful appearance ,being 67 yrs old !


Judy was attentive and exceptional with treatment procedures. [Single best thing is...] Attentive service and good results.


Results better than promised. Meredith was obviously an expert using the equipment. The treatment was very quick, the after effects exactly as described, and the results better than expected.


My skin looks clearer after the treatment. I have had three BBL treatments and I find that Lori is very knowledgeable and thorough. I had great results from the Forever Young treatment. I am coming back this month for another.


She was a bit more attentive than the last appointment.


Meredith is WONDERFUL. [Single best thing is...] Reduced scar visibility.


Sammy is a pro. She knows what she's doing and is thorough but efficient. I've never had a treatment at Aestheticare that hasn't worked. I always know I'm going to look like the best version of myself within a few days of a visit.


My skin looks and feels better! Lightening or removal of dark spots.


Tarah was amazing with information and setting expectations on the procedure.


I didn't feel like she was very personable. In the past I saw Lacinda and she was also so sweet and informative. Although, I knew what to expect because I have had BBL's before, there was limited info and zero chatter. She checked with me on my comfort level, but past that said nothing. It seemed a little rushed, from her calling me back to starting Forever Young BBL on my face, neck and chest I was out of the door in 45 min. Don't remember it been so quick before, but I could be wrong. Then when she went to have me check out she said "I'll see you in a month or so". HMMMM, for what? We never talked about anything, so then it felt like I was just a number. For $600 I would expect a more personal experience.


Love Amy! Shes super enjoyable and knowledgeable at every visit. [Single best thing is...] Seeing positive results!


Bonnie is great at explaining everything to me and everything she mentioned post-treatment happened, so I was prepared. She is always so delightful too in talking with her. She gets the human side of dealing with patients. I was actually going to have another procedure, but after my consultation, I went with another procedure. She talked through my concerns, what results I was really wanting, she even went into the "why" I was wanting to see change and that's how we came up with this plan. I always appreciate her advice. I am seeing much more even skin tone and kind of an overall glow. What I was desiring for my results is what I am seeing and all thanks to Bonnie for taking the time to listen to me and make a solid recommendation.


I did not get the results I was hoping for, still have many brown areas


This was my first of 6 treatments, my skin looked better than I thought the next day. Not as painful as expected, and brown spots flaked off after about a week.


Anna is unbelievably talented! I have had many different treatments and my skin looks amazing! Anna is so kind and sweet, I love my appointments!


Laura is pleasant, answers all of my questions, and explains the treatment as she works so there's no surprises. Feel like she was very thorough and careful. Got rid of sun spots with no pain!


Best results ever. Thanks Judy!

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