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Fraxel Laser

91.4% Patient Satisfaction based on 357 ratings

Fraxel laser treatment works by directing light into the tissue to stimulate collagen growth. Fraxel laser treatments can help a range of issues from wrinkles, age spots, acne scars, surgical scares and many other issues.

based on 357 ratings
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Fraxel Laser Reviews (61)

[Single best thing is...] It makes me look younger.


[Single best thing is...] So far, less wrinkles. I know I still have swelling. I realize collagen still building. Sharon explained each step in detail... what to expect... rating my pain... I'm so glad she described the sandpaper feeling - so when I get home I'm not shocked. I am soooo glad I picked up the medications. I only needed them day one, but I am glad I took them. I am unsure what samples she gave me? I liked the white cream. Her verbal directions were awesome. The paperwork that I was sent home with - confusing.


My skin is getting clearer. [Single best thing is...] That I got to spend time in a comfortable place before the procedure.


Jackie was great, very kind, knowledgeable, thorough, made sure I was comfortable and understood every step of the way. Moreover my face looks better than ever.


Sharon always made herself available to listen to my concerns and made appointment's scheduling easy. She is a great professional, she listened to my problems and offered effective solutions. Lasting results.


Jacqueline was very cooperative and knowledgeable. She was very detail oriented also.


[Highly satisfied] Because it actually worked. I enjoyed the face mask after the procedure.


[Single best thing is...] That my scars are somewhat fading. It wasn't that bad.


Saw noticeable improvement. Wasn't sure what results I should expect as not much was said about the procedure up front.


Very informative, knowledgeable and super friendly. Skin texture and overall appearance is a vast improvement


I didn't realize that my crows feet (which I love) were going to be reduced as much as they were. I thought fraxel would provide a more superficial smoothing out of my skin's texture. But, having lighter crows feet around my eyes now instead of the deeper ones makes me look younger. So, I get the best of both worlds with some character to my face and a much younger look too! The staff and the results thus far. Jacqueline was very attentive and professional.


Griffin was so knowledgeable, professional. Understood my goals. She was great.


Love the results from my Fraxel treatment. My acne scars are less visible and the redness has improved. My skins texture has improved tremendously.


Dr. Kramer and his staff are amazing. They are very nice and helpful. They explain everything to you so there are no surprises. I have excellent results with every procedure.


Sharon's customer service was great, I'm just not pleased with the delivery of the procedure. I came in wanting to remove preexisting acne scarring and left with much more hyperpigmentation where it didn't previously exist. I came in with pre existing acne marks that I wanted to get removed or severely lightened. I came in with intentions of wanting a chemical peel but I was recommended a Fraxel laser for quicker results and that it would be more benificial for my skin concerns. The Fraxel burned and scared my chin and jaw area leaving hyperpigmentation, I came in to get a few acne scars removed and to help control my acne and left with much more hyperpigmentation on my chin and left side of my lower jaw. I left feeling even more insecure about my skin, almost three weeks out now and my skin it's still scared. Now I not only have to find a new esthetician to help removed my previous acne scarring but now as well as the hyperpigmentation caused by the Fraxel.


I had this procedure done before, but I feel they greatly improved every aspect of the surgery and pre- and post-op care. Everyone is a professional and yet speak to u on an equal level. I also appreciate the fact that everything is included in the price package. Good job!!


The staff is knowledgeable and kind. I felt confident going to in my procedure. I was given excellent post op instructions and was phoned the next morning. Thank you for an on time schedule, and what I thought was great care.


Sharon is so wonderful and extremely knowledgeable. Been working with her for years and love how comfortable she makes me feel.


Stains didn't disappear completely. That's why I have to do it ones more time

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