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Cosmetic Surgery:

Gender Affirmation Surgery

95.4% Patient Satisfaction based on 341 ratings

Gender Affirmation Surgery is where a patient undergoes numerous procedures in order to change their appearance and the function of their existitng sexual organs in order to resemble the opposite sex.

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Gender Affirmation Surgery Reviews (222)

I had no idea how much my gender dysphoria about my chest bothered me until I had the operation. I feel free in a way I would never have felt without the surgery. The recovery is going very smoothly and I've had no complications either.


Everything turned out great. I honestly walked in very nervous because it was my first surgery but everything was explained to me thoroughly and I was reassured about everything and it made me feel very comfortable. The whole surgery and recovery went well and was really painless, I can only hope any future surgeries go this well. [Single best thing is...] Everyone made me feel very comfortable


I felt adequately communicated with, and informed about my surgery. Dr. Dulin and his staff were friendly and professional. My surgery results are exactly what I expected and my healing time was quick.


Results were very good, and the staff made me comfortable every time I visited the surgery building.


The staff is very kind and helpful. They're always available to answer questions, and genuinely show that they care about you getting the best results. Definitely recommend. [Single best thing is...] They helped with all instructions and made the aftercare very easy


I sincerely brag about Bartlett and his staff to anybody that will listen to me talk about it. As somebody who works in health care (and in an operating room, no less) I couldn’t find a single flaw. As a matter of fact, I feel I may have learned a few things to take back to my OR. Everybody I came in contact with from day one knew what they were talking about and made what would have normally been a very vulnerable/scary experience such a cakewalk. The staff were informative and organized and it is so refreshing to be treated like a normal patient for once. I can tell that he not only truly cares for his staff (everybody seems so happy to be working there) but he and his staff truly cares for the patients coming through the doors as well. Could not be happier with my experience. The weeks leading up to the surgery I was contacted via phone call and email frequently. Reminders to stop taking my hormones two weeks before, and just a simple weekly checking in and seeing how I am post op. Having a nurse so involved in my care and emailing me so promptly felt so foreign ... it was so reassuring and I felt more taken care of than I ever have in any health care setting.


My recovery was really easy. I was in basically no discomfort the whole time, had no drains and didn’t need any of the post surgery prescriptions. I’ve been exceptionally pleased with my results and am basically back at full mobility.


Everyone from my first phone call to the office to the current emails regarding post-op appointments through COVID has been extremely helpful and respectful. Dr. Bartlett is very professional, the right amount of humorous and serious when he needs to be, and truthful and straight-forward with his explanations. Overall, it has been a great experience!


Amazing results! Super streamlined and transparent process. Great communication/bedside manner. Could not be happier with my experience. Great results.


Top surgery/chest wall reconstruction. Staff are friendly. Dr. Bartlett made me feel as comfortable as possible. My chest looks great! I feel more comfortable in my own body.


From our initial phone contact, to our greeting by Katie, our pre-op consult with Dr. Bartlett, through surgery & our follow up visit - everyone was incredibly helpful, knowledgeable & professional. What was an incredibly stressful step taken by our child/family was handled with wonderful care and assurance. Dr. Bartlett did an incredible job & our child's recovery went extremely well due to the care he took in the operating room. The Best Plastic Surgeon in our book! What made the surgical procedure incredible was the thorough pre-surgical workup, the dedication of the nursing staff, Dr. Bartlett's patient and thoughtful explanations and the fact that this incredibly complicated surgery was completed in 3.5 hours and our child was home in bed (1 hour drive away) 6 hours after entering surgery.


Everyone in the office was incredibly friendly and helpful from the day I booked my consultation through my post-op follow ups. Dr. Bartlett has great bedside manor and was kind and compassionate. I felt like I was in very good hands throughout the entire process. The best thing about the experience was how the staff all took time to make me feel valued and seen as a patient and person.


Dr Dulin had good communication. I emphasized my wants and concerns and he seem to take note. The nurses were really helpful. Everything seemed to move really quickly also which I wasn’t prepared for but I was prepared so that helped. The notes are Dulin heeded turned out as requested


They made the process easy for someone coming from out of town. The staff is friendly and respectful. Provided all the information to make recovery easy as possible. [Single best thing is...] The email consultations made it easy for an out of town patient.


The staff was amazing all the way through. His nurse, Lexi, was really great and explained things really well. I felt confident in how to do my at home care, and very happy with the staffs bedside manner. Dr. Dulin didn’t rush and made my feel heard in our pre op appointment. I woke up from surgery upset and they immediately brought my fiancé back to comfort me, which I really appreciated.


I wasnt really explained all of the risks of the surgery. I also wasn't properly informed how to take care of my wounds post surgey. At one point I was literally told get creative when I asked about proper compression after top surgery.


The staff was amazing and very easy to work with. I felt comfortable throughout the process and highly informed about everything. The whole process was very efficiently conducted and there was not a second where I felt like I had not been completely supported in how to move forward. Personally, the best part was having an image of the person I felt more connected with and actually reaching that image in real life. The freedom is indescribable. In terms of the process, the efficiency was the best thing for me.


Everyone on Dr. Raphael's team was super nice every single visit and amazing all the way around. Surgery day was super easy and relaxed and the team was super accommodating. Overall a really pleasant experience.


Dr. Dulin was great and the staff was very informative and helpful. Definitely made me comfortable about choosing him to do my surgery.


We were very satisfied with the result he was a very caring and easy-going professional and friendly doctor it took a very good interest in my case any fulfilled my dreams [Single best thing is...] I look great now