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Cosmetic Surgery:

Gender Affirmation Surgery

95.6% Patient Satisfaction based on 396 ratings

Gender Affirmation Surgery is where a patient undergoes numerous procedures in order to change their appearance and the function of their existitng sexual organs in order to resemble the opposite sex.

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Gender Affirmation Surgery Reviews (259)

Everything has healed well with no complications and very little and rare pain.


I think the results are beautiful.


I could not be more pleased with the personal concern and manner I was treated. The quick response to my concerns and the professional and personal way I was treated is way past my expectations.


From the point of meeting the staff to do my consultation all the way to me being wheeled out after waking from surgery, Dr. Dulin and his staff were phenomenal. They responded quickly and made sure that my questions were thoroughly answered. I feel that they took the time to get to know me and cared about my safety and comfortability. [Single best thing is...] Waking up in the body that I always dreamed of.


All of the nurses and doctors were very kind and put me at ease when I was nervous about going under anesthesia. I was very satisfied with my results of my chest and I feel more like myself than I ever have in my life. I would highly recommend to anyone wanting this type of surgery. The first moment I saw the bandages come off a week post-op I was overjoyed to see how amazing it looked.


The team was amazing since the first time i walked in. LGBTQ friendly. I love the outcome of my results. They made me feel welcome and made sure I knew what to do with my whole surgery process.


Dr. Bartlett and all his staff were incredibly kind. Everyone was mindful of using my correct pronouns, which was especially important to me -- I have found that even some trans care specialists are not well-versed in nonbinary identity, but everyone at the office seemed very well-informed. Dr. Bartlett was clear and realistic about my surgery options -- I had previously thought I might be eligible for keyhole/peri, but learned that I was very much not a candidate for that. He was thoughtful and gentle in preparing me from a major procedure. His staff were diligent about helping me prepare, by setting me up with essential prescriptions and aftercare instructions well in advance. The procedure itself was seamless, even with all the COVID protocols in place. The healing process was remarkably quick and easy -- I barely needed the prescription painkillers. At three months post-surgery, I am very well healed up and absolutely thrilled with my results. I couldn't recommend this practice more highly.


Dr. Bartlett and his entire team are extremely thoughtful, professional, and helpful. I can't imagine having had a different surgeon. Every stage of the experience was positive, from my initial consultation to sorting out difficult insurance to the surgery itself all the way through post op care. I was always able to reach someone directly, and no matter how silly or small the question, everyone took their time to help me and furnish me with the information I needed. I had never had a surgery before and was so nervous going in, but Dr. Bartlett and his team (and the staff at Brigham & Women's) made sure everything went perfectly, even under the constraints of COVID-19. I felt totally safe and cared for and I could not be happier with my top surgery results (double incision). I'm only sad I didn't do know about Dr. Bartlett and his team sooner because this surgery changed my life and my results are truly incredible. I can't recommend this team enough. My deepest thanks to Dr. Bartlett, Courtney, Lisa, Sarah, and the entire team.


The whole surgical process was very straightforward and the staff were all very helpful. I felt very comfortable both in the main side as well as the surgical side of the office. Everyone was very affirming and kind.


Lack of communication between office personnel and surgeon caused me to get the nipples that are way to small.I told the pre op nurse I wanted nipped that I could pierce.My surgery looks and fels like it was done by 2 different surgeons because on left side the lipo was way overdone and is still concaved with the scar going much further back and a nerve stapled (said the post op nurse) the other side was fine.I was told be everyone (up to the morning before by the pre op nurse) that my surgery was to be in the morning.When the surgical nurse called me the evening before she said my surgery was in the afternoon.I had told my support that surgery was in the morning.They had rearranged their work schedule it was extremely stressful.Leslie was my admin person and messed up on my requirements because of my age even thou I emailed her to ask if there was anything special I needed to do because I'm 62.3 days before surgery she realized that I had to do a lot more before surgery.After paying cash in full instead of just my deposit, I found out that a cash discount had been offered.When I asked Leslie about it because I had been out of work since covid she said I had to ask up front.


Highly professional. Completely informed me of all risks. Made sure I was comfortable in my surroundings. The patient coordinator was absolutely amazing and Dr. Raphael respected my transition.


Dr. Raphael was quick and to the point. Him and his nurses were very thorough and comforting. They took away any anxiety I had and their team works so well together to educate and comfort the patient. The amount of inclusiveness and knowledge that came from the staff was incredibly helpful. Even during COVID procedures when I had to go alone I felt okay enough to follow through because of the staff.


Everyone was super kind and helpful. I had surgery rescheduled because of COVID and there was good communication throughout the process of rescheduling. I'm super happy with the results as well as the information and support I received post surgery. I am overall very happy with everything to do with my experience. I would absolutely recommend Dr. Bartlett to anyone looking to have top surgery. All of the people were so kind. I felt very comfortable asking questions and I got prompt and detailed responses whenever I emailed questions.


From the very first phone call to the minute after surgery, everyone at Dr. Bartlett's office was friendly and accommodating. During my consultation with Dr. Bartlett, it was clear to me that he was patient and understanding. He listened to my concerns and my requests, and would offer his guidance, and expertise to make sure that I get the best result for my procedure. I got top surgery August 11th, despite the COVID pandemic, the whole staff made sure the procedure was smooth. Even post-surgery, and my weekly/monthly check-ups, I felt so cared for. I highly recommend Dr. Bartlett and his team. I couldn't have asked for a better experience... thanks for changing my life. I'm currently 2 months post-op and my new chest has given me the confidence to live the life I've always wanted. If you're looking for a top surgeon in the Boston area... this is your man! The best thing about this whole experience is that the staff will constantly assure you that things are okay. They make sure to call you weeks before your surgery to make sure you're off any meds, and things you should be doing prior to surgery. They call you the night before to make sure you're all set, and they call you the morning of. They accommodate you from start to finish. They are professional, caring, and friendly in all aspects. They constantly check in and they make it known that you are important to them.


Got exactly what I was looking for. My chest looks masculine as ever. And I pass all the time as male now everywhere I go. [Single best thing is...] Feeling of being accepted.


The staff was very nice and professional. Dr. Dulin's results were impressive and beyond expectation even in early stages of healing.


Dr. Dulin and his team were so friendly and kind during the entire process from the consultation to all the follow up appointments. My surgery results are fantastic, and I am beyond happy with how my chest looks. Every single person I met or spoke with at the center was so warm and helpful. The healing process for top surgery was a breeze! I was nervous about what recovery would look like, but I was so pleasantly surprised by how easy and painless the recovery process was. Dr. Dulin’s surgical techniques allow for a drain-free healing process, which I think made all the difference in my post-op comfort and care.


I felt cared for and valued by Dr. Bartlett, his team, and Brigham and Women’s Faulkner hospital. My surgery went smoothly, and the hospital and Dr. Bartlett’s team regularly checked in on me throughout recovery.


The surgeons at AI4PS all seem highly professional, including Dr. Dulin. I couldn't have hoped for better results from somewhere else and was able to do so in the comfort of my own metroplex. Recovering from getting my wisdom teeth removed was worse than recovering from getting my breasts removed by Dr. Dulin. My results already look amazing just a few months out and I feel great. Aside from being able to get this done in my own city and recover at home, Dr. Dulin has been great to work with and was receptive to what I wanted out of the surgery up to the last few moments prior to being placed in the operating room. The surgery result itself is simply stunning and I could see my chest practically resembling a natal man's in a few years time if the (already very thin) scars fade. If you look at his other results from people with a variety of body types, they all look amazing. Dr. Dulin is truly an artist that specializes in the human body as a medium.


The surgery went well there was no drainage, almost no pain and the staff and doctor was professional while catering to my needs and making me feel comfortable. The best thing about this surgery was feeling reborn and the staff being respectful understanding and very professional. They really made me feel comfortable and that I could trust them.