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Cosmetic Surgery:

Gender Reassignment Surgery

95.8% Patient Satisfaction based on 210 ratings

Gender Reassignment Surgery is where a patient undergoes numerous procedures in order to change their appearance and the function of their exisitng sexual organs in order to resemble the opposite sex.

based on 210 ratings
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Gender Reassignment Surgery Reviews (128)

The staff was awesome and so helpful. Dr. Raphael was a nice guy who immediately made me feel at ease. On top of that I love my results! :) The freedom after healing from surgery was the best experience.


Dr. Peter Raphael is amazing in his work and he treats his patients like he actually cares.


I got everything I hoped for out of the surgery. No problems or complications. The doctors and nurses were so nice. I knew exactly what was happening and felt reassured. I love the results. I had gender reassignment chest reconstruction. Now I can breathe without restricting my chest. I can exercise freely, be topless, and overall happy about my own body. I feel normal and I am so thankful.


Amazing results! Very friendly and helpful people the entire way through (from consultations, to phone calls, through & after surgery)


I can't speak highly enough about my experience with Dr. Bartlett and his staff, as well as my surgery outcome. Everyone was wonderful, helpful and kind. I recommend him every chance I get. Top surgery is something I have wanted since I was 11. I'm 55, so that's a long time. It has changed everything.


I couldn't have asked for better results. Dr Dulin made me feel comfortable and I felt I could trust him to be my surgeon. I have already recommended him to a family member. If I needed/wanted another procedure, I would definitely be back to see Dr. Dulin at AI4PS. It has brought me more confidence. I am proud of my body now.


The Ai4PS is top notch, excellent and friendly staff, the nurses are caring and provided excellent care including comforting as it was needed, the whole process is scary no matter how much you prepare. Dr Harris , is incredible and has a excellent manor and bedside manor (I would know my dad was a Dr.). Dr Harris if friendly, patient, and highly skilled. His nurse Gayla was incredible, and understanding, they both spent the time to make sure I understood and was happy, and there were no issues. The post op recovery nurse Kristen (in the center, not sure of her name, pain meds muddle me), she was the best, and her caring comforting was needed and gladly delivered. What a wonder to have when you start waking up. And I don't remember the nurse that took care of me all nights name, but she was well, the best, and though still scared and confused and just trying to focus, she was always there to get, do and make sure I did what was needed.


The facility was immaculate in terms of cleanliness and atmosphere. It didn’t feel like a surgery center at all, it appeared more as a spa retreat or something of the sort due to how welcoming and inviting it was, which greatly reduced any stress I had prior to arrival. The staff’s mannerisms and respect were unrivaled, I felt like I was coming in and meeting my family with how they spoke to me. It was a very easy and quick experience, everything was explained and questions were answered in ways that I could easily understand. Dr. Raphael was also a pleasure to meet, he ensured that my comfort and happiness came first and always treated me with respect during my pre op appointment and just before surgery when he met with me. A big thank you to reception, the nurses, and everyone who assisted in my surgery. You guys rock.


The staff was amazing and so respectful. I was very nervous about my surgery but they made me feel at ease which made it easier to have done. I am very satisfied with my surgery. It truly changed my life. Thank you! [Single best thing is...] Confidence!! I can now walk around with out a shirt with so much confidence. I look in the mirror and see the body I was always supposed to have.


Very friendly and professional. Relatively easy process.


The surgery turned out great and Dr. Bartlett and his staff were exceptional.


It was friendly and respectful and effective! I can be me without all kinds of pain and added effort. Daily routine minimized. More confidence ect


The skill level of work was more than I could imagine. Dr. Bartlett put my mind at ease with the last few worries I had prior to surgery and I was beyond pleased with his work. Incision lines and nipple placement are perfect.


From the staff to the atmosphere to the office. Everything was above par for me. My results are fantastic. And I felt heard which was important. My life was changed drastically by how easy it is for me to go through every day life. My happiness has completely changed. I’ve never been so content in my own skin.


Everything went smoothly. My instructions were easy to follow. My results are beautiful. I’m completely comfortable in my skin now. It has helped tremendously with my mental health and my confidence has skyrocketed.


Great communication


My results . I had several complications and they office nurses where always very helpful and patient with me


After binding my chest for five years, I was sure that my top surgery results would be ruined. However, my chest looks amazing! As I begin working out regularly they will only improve. I no longer have to bind my chest and can take my shirt off as I please. This surgery changed my life. It has improved my confidence, comfort, and posture. . I loved the entire experience I had with Dr. Raphael. The staff treated me with respect and kindness. I never felt unwelcome and everything felt very personal to me, unlike some surgeons who can tend to act robotic towards their patients. Before my surgery, Dr. Raphael looked at my mom and girlfriend and said that I would be treated like I was one of their own. His confidence, charm, and amazing bedside manner comforted my terrified mother. The nurses made sure I got to see my surgeon at least once before pre op and post op, which shows how much they care. I'm now three months post op (as of tomorrow) and I'm so grateful for the amazing work of Raphael and his staff. I cannot get over what an amazing experience I had; it was my first surgery and i wasn't even nervous because of the staff. 10/10 and I have zero complaints. I would recommend ai4ps to anyone.


Dr. Bartlett is a very nice and respectful person and he listens to what you have to say. He is good at making his patients feel comfortable. The teams of nurses at the hospital, along with Dr. Bartlett, made me less nervous andore comfortable on my surgery day.


My experience from start to finish was amazing. Everyone was friendly, kind, professional and I always felt very comfortable and informed about each and every step in the process. Dr. B did an awesome job.