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Gender Reassignment Surgery

95.4% Patient Satisfaction based on 187 ratings

Gender Reassignment Surgery is where a patient undergoes numerous procedures in order to change their appearance and the function of their exisitng sexual organs in order to resemble the opposite sex.

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Gender Reassignment Surgery Reviews (113)

Great communication


My results . I had several complications and they office nurses where always very helpful and patient with me


After binding my chest for five years, I was sure that my top surgery results would be ruined. However, my chest looks amazing! As I begin working out regularly they will only improve. I no longer have to bind my chest and can take my shirt off as I please. This surgery changed my life. It has improved my confidence, comfort, and posture. . I loved the entire experience I had with Dr. Raphael. The staff treated me with respect and kindness. I never felt unwelcome and everything felt very personal to me, unlike some surgeons who can tend to act robotic towards their patients. Before my surgery, Dr. Raphael looked at my mom and girlfriend and said that I would be treated like I was one of their own. His confidence, charm, and amazing bedside manner comforted my terrified mother. The nurses made sure I got to see my surgeon at least once before pre op and post op, which shows how much they care. I'm now three months post op (as of tomorrow) and I'm so grateful for the amazing work of Raphael and his staff. I cannot get over what an amazing experience I had; it was my first surgery and i wasn't even nervous because of the staff. 10/10 and I have zero complaints. I would recommend ai4ps to anyone.


Dr. Bartlett is a very nice and respectful person and he listens to what you have to say. He is good at making his patients feel comfortable. The teams of nurses at the hospital, along with Dr. Bartlett, made me less nervous andore comfortable on my surgery day.


My experience from start to finish was amazing. Everyone was friendly, kind, professional and I always felt very comfortable and informed about each and every step in the process. Dr. B did an awesome job.


Dr Bartlett was absolutely wonderful to work with. His staff were caring and involved in all of my follow up care. The whole experience was everything I could have asked for. I don’t have to wear a binder anymore! It’a been wonderful to be able to walk around shirtless too.


The medical team at American Institute for Plastic Surgery is amazing. It is clear that everyone from the front desk to the surgical team truly care about all of their patients. This facility is a true asset and ally to all communities. This office has worked with me on several instances. I have never not felt safe, happy, or valued. I love the results that I have experienced! I love Dr. Raphael, Catherine, and Debbie, they always go above and beyond... in every way. I am very happy with my results.


The staff were friendly and respectful, which unfortunately is not common practice for other surgeons in Boston who perform gender affirming care to transgender and non-binary people. The outcome. I finally feel comfortable in my body, and am very pleased with the aesthetics of my new chest.


All of the nurses and staff were extremely kind to me on my surgery day which was really helpful in diminishing my anxiety and keeping myself and my family feeling positive during our wait time since we arrived early. The office nurses are also incredibly responsive with any questions I have :) This procedure is life-changing. The joy of ability to just throw on a tshirt without having to wear a chest binder anymore is inexplicable. I am so stoked.


Dr. Bartlett and his staff’s bedside manner was phenomenal. Never once did I feel uncomfortable with anything said or done by the staff. Being overweight I was worried about the results (just finding a surgeon in the area that didn’t require what would be a huge weightloss was a challenge), but I couldn’t be happier with how my chest looks.


Gender reassignment surgery is a life-altering experience. Dr. Bartlett and his whole staff team treated me with respect and care in advance of, day-of, and after my surgery (this portion is still ongoing as I write this). They gave me clear expectations of what my experience would be like, answered all of me and my partner's questions, and responded to all of our follow-up queries.Dr. Bartlett came highly recommended by both my physician and several other individuals I know in the trans community who've undergone chest reconstruction -- a rare combination of word-of-mouth overlap. I was pleased to feel like a human being at Dr. Bartlett's practice, rather than just a body to cut into and alter. Dr. Bartlett's cosmetic fee is pricey, there's no question about it. However, I'm writing this just over 2 months after my surgery, and I'm quite satisfied with the aesthetic result. My scar is already beginning to alter and fade in appearance and thickness, and I know that my money was well-spent on Dr. Bartlett's services. I look forward to healing fully over the next 10 months and seeing how my new chest shapes up as I undertake more exercise and muscle development.


Dr. Bartlett and his staff are incredibly genuine people. They cared about me and what I wanted. They were respectful. Throughout the months leading up to surgery, I knew I could email any of them with a question and receive an immediate response. From first contact to set up a consultation to post-op care, I’ve been happy with it all. I wouldn’t recommend anyone else.


All information was given to me was as specific as possible and staff were always available if I had questions or concerns. Everyone was very friendly and professional in the practice. The end result of my procedure was the best I could have hoped for and I was extremely happy with the overall experience.


The entire staff at the surgeon’s office were friendly and helpful. Any questions I had were answered promptly and thoroughly. I was very much at ease because of the amount of respect the hospital staff had for the surgeon. I’m finally me.


Dr. Bartlett was caring and kind throughout the entire experience. The office was more than willing to respond to my questions, and to soothe my anxieties pre-surgery. Everyone I encountered on my surgery day was so considerate and took their time to explain what was happening and what they were doing. I couldn't have asked for a better experience with my top surgery, and I have already recommended Dr. Bartlett to friends who are searching for top surgery surgeons.


Lots of information given in writing; welcoming staff; got prescriptions ahead of time; detailed and friendly surgeon; good understanding of what to expect. Excellent surgical results.


Friendly staff, clean facility, and skilled surgeon The nurse was really funny and sweet made me feel at ease.


Dr.Bartlett is amazingly kind and respectful as were all of his staff. I had a great experience with my surgery and am thrilled with the results. So grateful for the whole experience ans highly recommend to others.


Dr. Bartlett has many years of experience performing this specific surgery, but he also continues to keep up to date with new techniques and he pioneers the drainless method for a vastly more comfortable recovery. This combination of experience and continual self-improvement is ideal. You want the guy permanently altering your body to be a perfectionist. His aesthetic results are great, and he is careful to remove all the breast tissue so there won't be long-term health risks. (Some surgeons I researched don't!) Everyone on staff was respectful, considerate, and well-informed. He's got operating privileges with Beth Israel, which is the best hospital for trans folk. I'm so so so much happier now. My body is how it's supposed to be and I don't have to spend time and effort and sanity to fight it. The scars healed very well and don't restrict movement or have any physical drawbacks; they're nicely placed, and sensation is good. They are still a bit red, but that will fade with time and who the heck cares?


Pre-surgery I was given all of the information needed. Post-surgery, the nurse was excellent about answering my numerous questions. I am much more comfortable in my own body now. I used to wear a binder whenever I was awake, which was uncomfortable and sometimes borderline dangerous (like when exercising). I no longer have to do this in order to feel more at home in my own skin. I am very happy with the results and I am sure it will just get better as my scars start to settle.