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INFINI Fractional RF Skin Tightening

93.8% Patient Satisfaction based on 88 ratings

Infini RF is a minimally invasive treatment that reduces the appearance of wrinkles, scarring, and sagging skin. Infini RF is a handheld device with microneedles that sends radiofrequency energy to multiple layers of the skin to stimulates the body's natural collagen and healing processes.

based on 88 ratings
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INFINI Fractional RF Skin Tightening Reviews (41)

Karen is a wonderful professional, who made the experience more enjoyable and less anxiety producing than I expected. My skin appears fresh.


I like Leah very much and she is very professional.


She is very caring and informative and sensitive.


The aesthetician was thorough, friendly, informative, and took time to answer my questions. The treatment was not as painful as I expected and the interaction with the entire team was positive. [Single best thing is...] The time spent with me in my procedure. Nothing felt rushed.


Love Julie and love everyone at the practice. [Single best thing is...] Tightening.


Karen is professional and knowledgeable and very friendly. [Single best thing is...] My wrinkles are less noticeable and my complexion is smoother.


The person who numbed me for the procedure was very thorough and I was able to be numb for an hour which made the procedure more tolerable (2nd treatment). Katy Jo Gardner provided treatment with optimal results in mind. Infini is somewhat uncomfortable especially the more superficial the treatment is and but she kept reminding me to focus on the results. It's not easy in the moment but ultimately it is an investment and I'd like the best results possible. She did a thorough job of explaining post treatment care as well. The entire staff is top notch. I'm also appreciative of the extra efforts the clinic is doing to help control viral spread. Since the results take time to be realized, my single best thing was staff interaction.


Did not get expected results


Ashley was awesome, friendly and explained everything she was going to do. [Single best thing is...] It was fast. This time it did not hurt as bad as the last treatment because a stronger numbing medicine was used.


Made to feel comfortable. Karen is so kind and friendly. People notice a brighter, fresher appearance.


Working with Julie David is wonderful!! She's kind, compassionate and above all she's totally in touch with reality!! I'd follow her anywhere!!


I had very short down time and am happy with the results. [Single best thing is...] The office staff especially Tristian . She is very good at her job and always super sweet and answers all my questions


Angela was kind, quick and deliberate. A sagging jawline has been lifted and deep wrinkles on my cheek are less defined.


Friendly staff Joanna was very nice. Procedure hurt and she offered suggestions to make it less painful. She cared about my comfort.


[Highly satisfied with] the level of knowledge of the procedure, the highly focused patient pain management concern, the feeling I had of being a very important patient to them and not just one of many. [Single best thing is...] that I felt safe and secure that I was in very skilled and safe hands.


Joanna did an excellent job making me feel comfortable during my procedure. I am already seeing some tightening in my skin one month after my first procedure.


Have always been happy with the environment and the staff. Warm, friendly, professional.


It's just the first treatment of three. It is diminishing my wrinkles.


[Single best thing is...] It did help tighten my neck. Julie David is artfully expert during what is a quite uncomfortable procedure. I know her fingers were really cold, but the blower was helping me with the pain. I am always impressed by her lovely combination of warm professionalism and skill.


I have not seen final results yet since those results are seen about 4 months post procedure. I am unhappy that I called to discuss procedure options with a staff member and they said that infini does not hurt at all. I have a very high pain tolerance and have had many microneedling procedures in the past and no discomfort with those. I understand this is a different type of microneedling procedure but when you are told that it is not painful then your expectations are that there is minimal discomfort associated with it. I have had threads, lip injections, cervical facet blocks, bone marrow aspiration for stem cell placement and close to 100 needle sticks for that with no anesthesia or sedation and tolerated those well. I have spoken with multiple people since that procedure and they all agree that infini hurts like the devil's environ. I was also told on the phone that my procedure would cost 2300 and was charged 3200 but was so upset about the procedure itself that I just wanted to get out of there.