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INFINI Fractional RF Skin Tightening

93.4% Patient Satisfaction based on 61 ratings

Infini RF is a minimally invasive treatment that reduces the appearance of wrinkles, scarring, and sagging skin. Infini RF is a handheld device with microneedles that sends radiofrequency energy to multiple layers of the skin to stimulates the body's natural collagen and healing processes.

based on 61 ratings
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INFINI Fractional RF Skin Tightening Reviews (28)

It's just the first treatment of three. It is diminishing my wrinkles.


[Single best thing is...] It did help tighten my neck. Julie David is artfully expert during what is a quite uncomfortable procedure. I know her fingers were really cold, but the blower was helping me with the pain. I am always impressed by her lovely combination of warm professionalism and skill.


I have not seen final results yet since those results are seen about 4 months post procedure. I am unhappy that I called to discuss procedure options with a staff member and they said that infini does not hurt at all. I have a very high pain tolerance and have had many microneedling procedures in the past and no discomfort with those. I understand this is a different type of microneedling procedure but when you are told that it is not painful then your expectations are that there is minimal discomfort associated with it. I have had threads, lip injections, cervical facet blocks, bone marrow aspiration for stem cell placement and close to 100 needle sticks for that with no anesthesia or sedation and tolerated those well. I have spoken with multiple people since that procedure and they all agree that infini hurts like the devil's environ. I was also told on the phone that my procedure would cost 2300 and was charged 3200 but was so upset about the procedure itself that I just wanted to get out of there.


Angela is friendly, experienced and highly competent. [Single best thing is...] The lift of skin around my jaw line.


Every step of my procedure was extremely professional. Angela was very transparent about how much pain would be involved, and gave me plenty of numbing cream ahead of time to prepare. The actual procedure was much shorter than I expected, and I did not experience too much pain. It was very tolerable. I love everyone at Dr. Parker's office, and look forward to my next visit for BBL!


Friendly and supportive staff, good results from the procedure. Improved skin appearance.


I've been a patient of Inland Cosmetic Surgery for many years. I've had several different procedures performed with several different professional staff members. The professionalism, sensitivity, caring, competent experiences I underwent is the prize of the medical profession. I cannot praise Inland Cosmetic Surgery enough. I highly recommend them.


Everyone was super nice. They made me feel so comfortable. I went for a consultation thinking about one procedure but after talking to Dr. Holland I decided on a procedure I had never heard of. They actually scheduled me for the first procedure the next day.


The Parker center schedule is always done perfectly , no extra waiting . Angela the RN is a true professional - sweet , caring and very knowledgeable. Highly recommend


Very professional staff. Improvement of skin texture, pores significantly smaller.


Everyone is kind and thoughtful of my needs and surroundings throughout the process


I've had it before and liked the results. Looking forward to same. Still waiting for results


Need the second infini/intracel procedure to determine how satisfied I am


Very satisfied and happy with the results. Visible improvement in skin tightening.


Tristan was very personable and friendly. She made sure that I was comfortable and that all my concerns were taken care of.


Dr. Holland was very knowledgeable and confident that she could help me. The staff was kind and friendly and made me feel very comfortable. They were very welcoming and the office space itself, was very calming, as I waited for my appointment. A satisfying and wonderful experience all around!


This treatment was much less painful and there was less swelling and faster recovery compared with my first treatment. This time Nora applied a liberal amount of numbing cream, which I think helped a lot. Tristan also recommended that I take the anxiety pill in addition to the pain pill this time and Nora instructed when to take the pills.


I love Tristan and I think the treatments are working. I'm not happy with the post op serum and would like to be reimbursed or given something else.


Not seeing anything huge. I was a huge fan of Fraxel, since you got rid of that I have struggled to get marked results from your others. Infiny is the strongest, but it is now Fraxel! Yes I know you do it in the OR but I am not interested in anything that intense all at once. I was made to feel very comfortable. The staff always acknowledges me personally weather they know me or not, which is top service in my book. Karen works hard to get results.