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Cosmetic Surgery:

Inverted Nipple Repair

85% Patient Satisfaction based on 8 ratings

An Inverted Nipple is caused by a short milk duct system and this causes the nipple to lay more flat. Fixing the nipple only takes a few hours and you go home same day.

based on 8 ratings
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Inverted Nipple Repair Reviews (7)

in my first visit I told him that I wanted to lift my breasts with the cone technique and that I would fix my inverted nipple grade 2 that only came out with stimulation and at the time of removing bandages my breasts had a slight rise not with the results that we talked about at the beginning because Dr. I do not consider it necessary to lift with the cone technique and now I have half raised breasts and my nipple left it worse because even with stimulation it came out and I operated again with unfavorable results since the nipple just comes out and is not proportional to the other nipple. very dissatisfied


The staff was incredibly friendly and helpful and the doctor was amazing and made me feel very comfortable. I can't imagine having had any other surgeron perform my surgery. The attentiveness of the aftercare. .


All the procedure was great but the nipples only were out for about a week then back to how they used to be inverted :(


Dr. Kenkel is one of the most gracious, kind, knowledgeable experts in his field. He is precisioned and pays a attention to detail. HE is a perfectionist and this is evident in his work. He is very gentle and informative. Dr. Kenkle has a passion for his work and it shows in all he touches. He is calm and friendly putting anyone who sees him, to ease. Dr. Kenkel is one of a kind and I recommend him often to friends. He's the very best in my book!


difficult problem was corrected with great results.


Wonderful people, wonderful atmosphere, wonderful results!


My most recent visit was a post surgery follow up & I had some filler & lip injections, but my answers to survey reflected my overall experience including recent surgery...I am still a work in progress & seeing improvement (patience with the healing process is key for me). The surgeon & staff are great!

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