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JUVÉDERM® Ultra XC is a hyaluronic acid injectable gel designed for injection into areas of facial tissue where moderate to severe facial wrinkles and folds occur to temporarily add volume to the skin, especially around the nose and mouth.

based on 5232 ratings
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JUVÉDERM® Ultra XC Reviews (1373)

Marty was great at answering any question I had, helped to recommend exactly what and how much I would need, and explained every step of the process.


Everything is always amazingly done.


Abbe knew exactly what would look best for my lips and I appreciated her honesty about how it would look and how the process would feel. She was a delight to work with.


First, the communication with the office was excellent and so convenient. The nurse that got me settled in my room was super friendly. Kara came in and took such good care of me. She listened to what I wanted done and did better than I could ever imagined! She did so good I referred 3 of my friends to her!


Kaitlyn is the best. She listens to me. She also is conservative with treatment which I like and rather go slow. I'd rather go back a few times to look natural. I had an unfavorable result somewhere else and she has been getting me back to feeling like myself again.


Staff is always so pleasant and helpful. Kierstin is great - knowledgeable, takes her time and makes you feel comfortable.


I was pleased with the service provided by Lauren. She told me what to expect. She was skilled and experienced.


Sonya is always fantastic! And all of the staff are so sweet and helpful! I love going to this office.


I love the staff and I love Dr. Grover's procedures and how natural they are and I can't wait to go back to finish what he started. I love that he only does what he thinks you need and not what you think you need which is way more than what you need.


Abbe is the best! She is extremely informative and made me feel comfortable. She suggested an injectable she felt would give me better results, as I was unhappy with the results from a previous doctor I'd visited. I felt the information she provided was straightforward and she seemed to really want me to understand the differences in each product. I love the end results and will definitely be back!


I have been getting Restylane shots every 6 months for 15 years. People are always asking my age because I don't look my age. When I retired at 69, a teacher ask me if I was old enough to retire. People are talking a lot about how young I look. So, I say Thank you Doctor.


Lauren is amazing. Truly an artist and is always willing to give her honest opinion.


Dr. Crantford and his staff are incredibly professional and make the environment and experience so inviting. I have recommended him and his practice to so many of my friends in Charleston.


Dr. Grover has the aesthetic ability to maximize the benefit of fillers. Where and how he places them are completely natural looking.


My lips were not filled properly. I had to get the syringe in 2 sessions. After the first session I noticed a line across the middle of my top & bottom lip where it looked like all of the filler was placed around the border of my lip. I though maybe this would be fixed with my 2nd appt. I did mention it at the 2nd appt & was told it could take a month for the line to go away. So she used the rest of the syringe I had, I asked about filling the portion of my lip further back, plumping the "pillows" & she kind of snapped at me saying "what do you mean??". I told her it felt like the filler was only placed at the edge to the middle of my lip & not my full lip. She told me that was as far back as it needed to be done. So I just let it go, and again right after the swelling went down you could see the line of filler at the border both top & bottom lip when I smile. Looking like filler was placed in half of my lip only. A very distinctive line when I smile. I've been getting filler for about 4 years now; so I know this isn't normal. This was my first time getting filler at this location.


This was my first time getting lip injections and Kara made the experience wonderful. She listened to what I was hoping to achieve, have great recommendations, and was such a joy to deal with. I absolutely love the result and can't wait to return for more services.


Lauren is amazing and she always makes sure I am comfortable. She is amazing at her job and always makes me feel great.


Yes ! Dr. Sonya was so nice and very helpful. I'm very satisfied with my lips and will definitely be coming back in a few months for touch ups. Ive even told a few friends about it and they are considering going as well. Overall, I am happy with my experience.

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